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Heyo, IT'S STAW :O..I think I haven't made a blog since like May/June last year so yah, here I am, to talk about the breaks One Piece takes. First off, after two great chapters, One Piece is on break next week, again, heck, didn't Oda get a break again like...two weeks ago? Even though Oda is a really devoted mangaka, recently he's been getting way too many breaks, he has got like 7 this year alone...and it's start of April... Weekly Shounen Jump has really let Oda do whatever he wants with his series apparently and while that is good for many things concerning the plot development and and and...I wish they would limit the breaks he takes a little. I don't mind a lot since he's a great mangaka but this many breaks annoy me, like everyone else I suppose. Inb4 Oda goes Togashi :D Welp, this was my opinion I guess, discuss below :P

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