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    Aokiji, a common man.

    December 17, 2011 by Stone Roger

    Where is he now? Is he captured by Marshal D. Teach (Blackbeard) since they hunt strong Devil Fruits and absorbs their power or he did joined Monkey D. Dragon's Revolutionary army? he kept silent for two whole years.How did he even lose to Akainu?

    Answer me with using your head!!

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  • Stone Roger

    so, are they brothers? Theyre about the same age, sorta, they both smile menacingly most of the time, theyre eyes are always mad looking, apparently they have the same intelligence, facial hair, haki, equal in strength, honor, the will of D. Its also another reason why Garp would help Ace. plus Luffy does look alot like roger in the past.

    What do you guys think?

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  • Stone Roger

    Note: The blog is repition (a perverte blog)

    PG 1

    Usopp:*fires more pop greens at the fishman pirates*Green Star: Devil
    Fishman Pirates:*some are squeezed and eaten by the huge plants*What the hell is this? Where is he getting these damn plants?
    Usopp:*looks up at Wadatsumi* I cant beleive Sanji and Jinbe are gonna fight that guy. Oh well better them than me.
    ???:*a huge impact is seen a yard away from him*Kya!!!!!

    PG 2
    Daruma:*coughing blood*Damn Kya!! Damn Kya!!
    Chopper:*in his brain point*As a doctor, I have to tell you that fighting me isn't good for your health. Just stop fighting already!
    Daruma:Dont patronize me you mini coral basterd!!
    Chopper:These are horns dammit!!!
    Daruma:*reaches behind his back*It was an accident, but maybe tha…

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  • Stone Roger
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  • Stone Roger

    "pirates will feast on meat, but a hero will divide it amongst the people, I WANT THAT MEAT!!!!"words of a true pirate king and no matter how you spell it out, luffy's logic always comes back to him being right.

    I absolutely love Luffy's logic when it comes to comparing a hero vs a pirate. He doesn't even know that he's considered a hero for most of his pirate career. He was just doing what he felt needed to get done. I love that he's that simple.I have to admit I thought he'd take out more guys with his haki than he did. Still though, 50,000 people is a lot.I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

    Let me give out my opinion on this chapter:Good

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