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  • The ASL Pirates

    My Take on WCI

    September 28, 2016 by The ASL Pirates

    So far this arc has been pretty good! I can't wait to see the rest of this falshback and hopefully see Sanji beat the crap out of his family! Basically I want to share my theory for how the rest of this arc will shape up and see what you guys think. I don't necessarily think it will be exactly like this but I think some of my ideas are possible. Its not super detailed its more of like a rough outline of some of the plot points.

    First off the main antagonist. A lot of people are debating who will be the main bad guys this arc. Will it be Big Mom or the Vinsmokes? While it would be cool for Luffy to take down a yonko this arc he is nowhere near ready. Kaido has been hyped up constantly since the fishman island arc and every thing points to Lu…

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  • The ASL Pirates

    Upcoming Events

    March 18, 2016 by The ASL Pirates

    So as the crew is splitting up once again and it SEEMS as if the fight with Kaido is upcoming I have to sit back and think about all the plot points that Oda has brought up in the latest chapters.

    The groups that we know:

    Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Brook, Pekoms are going to Whole Cake

    The Samurai, Law, and probably Robin are going to Wano

    The Nekomamushi and the minks are going to look for Marco

    Outliers: Usopp, Zoro, Franky

    I think that Usopp, Zoro and Franky are most likely going to Wano with Law but they could do whatever.

    But before anyone leaves they have to deal with Jack. As much as I would LOVE to see Zoro go 1v1 he would be crushed easily by Jack so I'm under the impression that the minks will use the 'Trump Card' that Inu referenced, and wi…

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    Revolutionary Leaders

    February 29, 2016 by The ASL Pirates
    1. I had a thought earlier today..... the minks and wano are Seperate' from the WG right? So do you think that they would be part of the rev army?

    When Dragon mentioned gathering all the leaders a guy said that they were 'weird'. I mean minks look pretty weird and neko has a pretty weird personality to boot. Even the samurai are strange to people like the strawhats so they could also be accounted in that statement.

    Another thing I noticed was when neko and inu were on the cross Pedro said 'the world was waiting on them'. If they are removed from the world than why would he say that? 

    I think it's a possibility that they are rev army leaders and Pedro was saying that they will help the rev army with whatever raizo has to do with wano and Jack.


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  • The ASL Pirates

    Traveling Back

    July 20, 2015 by The ASL Pirates

    I was thinking about this today and decided I was going to make a blog that will most likely not be all that great, but whatever. 

    If Luffy is to become a yonko in the future, which is kinda necesary, then he is going to have to have islands. Now so far in the New World Luffy has saved 2 islands and visited a 3rd. Since one of those was 'uninhabited' and now is uninhabitable I won't count that one. Assuming that Luffy will keep his promise to Big Mom and that Riku and them will be under Luffy's protection in the near future that is 2 islands that he protects. The 3rd IMO is going to be Wano but that is just something that I think.

    The thing is is if Luffy takes down Big Mom won't he have to travel back to FI to 'claim' it as his own? To me F…

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  • The ASL Pirates

    So I think most of us noticed that Capone is on a Big Mom ship. If not

    The translation was kinda wierd and i don't really know 100% what he was trying to say but it goes along the lines of "Looks like our friends are more active than we thought, lets bring Ceaser home." 

    So this could mean a number of things

    1: He is allied with Big Mom. There are several situations that are possible

    • He is readying to attack Sanji and the swirleyhats
    • Ceaser somehow got captured in the fight and the Swirleyhats escaped 
    • The SH escaped and Capone is chasing them

    2: He has previously made a secret allinance with Law and is going to save the swirleyhats from Big Mom after they were captured. Meaing they lost.

    Personnally i would want the…

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