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Hey everyone~!

Time for me to do another blue moonly edition of a blog!

Today I announce you...


([1] <---first [2] <---second)

All credits goes to Tuckyd and LPK.

So for anyone to lazy to click the link I'll just explain it here >_>

The Great Editor Event is an event in which you, the slutty users, will post their editwhore stats on this blog by copy-pasting this code here onto your comments.


After let's say in about a week, we'll compare and make a blog about who won what category (top 5 list) of editwhoring!


  • Most articles (biggest editwhore)
  • Most files (Step forward, Levi.)
  • Most user talk (AKA the most loquacious)
  • Most blog comments (Most important)
  • Most blog edits (Most slutty)
  • Mos- oh wait that's all

Good luck, wikia minions ~_~

P.S. It's absolutely NOT the idea to edit a lot (ex: writing tons of useless messages to people to have more talk page edits *looks at SHL*) to get a higher place >_>

Results: User_blog:The_Humaniod_Typhoon/Editor_Event_Results!