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One Piece Chapter 675 Prediction Title: Poison Performance

Scene: Ceasar’s Laboratory

Vergo: (Eating a burger) Finally…*chomp* *chomp*…Ceasar’s ready.

Smoker: You really don’t care about any of your men…after spending all those years! Vergo: Hm…no.

Luffy: Hey, Smokie, what’s going on?

Smoker: Ceasar’s about to display his weapon on my men outside…your crew might get caught up in it too.

Luffy: Wait! I won’t let him touch my nakama! Tell him to stop!

Monet: Ufufufu…

Scene: In the Background

Chopper: Oh no..! Zoro, Sanji, Brook…Nami, Usopp, and the kids….and the samurai! They’re all outside! I hope they’re ok…

Scene: Ceasar on Airship with the Kids

Ceasar: Brokers…observe the bait on the ground who will be used to demonstrate this weapon!

*Screen moves towards G5 Marines on ground*

Ceasar: In a few moments, once the weapon arrives, they will be obliterated and you shall feast your eyes on this great power! Shurororororo!!

Ceasar: Ah! The weapon has arrived!

*Panels showing the brokers surprised as they see Smiley coming down*

Ceasar: Watch! Watch closely!

*Pages showing smiley drench the G5 Marines in poison as they writhe and decay*

Ceasar: Shurorororo! Who’s interested?! Who liked this performance!? This is Smiley!!

Scene: Brokers across the New World

Afro Man: Cap’n, you interested?

Shaded Figure: Zehahahaha! We don’t need anymore poison, Shiryu! We already took the ex-Warden’s Devil Fruit! This weapon is nothing to me! We’re outta the deal!


Kidd: Not bad…not bad. I wonder who’s gonna take the deal…


Swordsman: Captain Kaido?

Kaido: No.


Big Mam: This will go well with my Devil Fruit…start the deal Tamago!

Tamago: Y-ye-yees—yes!

Scene: Ceasar’s Laboratory

Vergo: (meat sticking to cheek) I like it.

Smoker: (Thinking to self) This is bad…I have to find a way to get back all this to the Marines…this weapon…Vergo’s betrayal…!

Luffy: Did you guys hurt my nakama!

Monet: Ufufufu…maybe…maybe no— *Flying slash comes through cutting the cage in half*

Zoro: So that’s where you guys were.

*Shows Sanji, Kinemon, Brook, and then Zoro holding Nami and Usopp*

Franky: SUUPPPER!!


Scene: Shaded Place Doflamingo: you want to join me..?! Only the strong will survive in this new era! Are you prepared!?!

Hawkins: I already understand my fate.

-Chapter Ends-