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  • Torquil

    1.     I heard somewhere that vegapunk will aid the SH crew but i dont think that this will happen as vegapunk is a marine scientist (Anti-pirates)... 


    • what r ur thoughts on this?


    • this is just the blog version of the forum i made

    plz do give ur thoughts 

    18:25, February 22, 2013 (UTC)  

    also i am confused bout Zoros 9 swords style (asuma i think)... i was just wondering how zoro manages to morph >9-3=6 swords and 6 hands out of the thin air (minus 3 because he always carries 3 swords). what do u think about this?

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  • Torquil

    I was just curious about weather or not luffy is going to get a gear 4....I read this on some other website>>>

    Gear 4(Durability/Defense): As Luffy is rubber and already able to withstand physical attacks but against swords or cutting power, he'll still get cut. Luffy can also lessen the damage from Haki attacks with this. Also, G2+G3+Haki won't be enough when fighting against top notch guys in the future. I believe he'll need Gear 4 as well. Basically, Luffy will need to go Gear 2 and pump out even more blood to get started, normally Gear 2 should increase his speed but he's only pumping more blood for momentary time period, where he increases his blood flow and speeds up his molecules. His heart will beat faster than ever and he'll then qu…

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