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At the end of the series, when most of the "old pirates" are retired/dead/out of the picture and the new generation is able to move up to their titles, who will get what? What I'm talking about is how for the marines, there's hope that captain Koby will eventually reach the rank of admiral (maybe epilogue?) or at least vice admiral by the end of the series. What's going to happen on the pirate's side though?

Get ready for a lot of assumptions. We need to make a few to have this conversation.

  1. Luffy becomes pirate king and is not considered eligable for yonko because he's above them. 
  2. Black beard is taken out of the picture by the end of the series (killed by luffy, imprisoned, who knows)
  3. Kaido and Big Mom both either retire or are also taken out
  4. Shanks... I really don't want to write him off, but the whole idea of this blog is that all these people will retire eventually.
  5. There will be four open seats for yonko since the title of yonko has become a familiar construct in pirate society and nobody wants to get rid of it.
  6. Crews will stay together, meaning the SH crew stays with Luffy. No zoro for best yonko or anything.I'd make exceptions for crews that need to be broken up (yonko) by previous assumptions.

So boom, there's the playing field. Now who's in the picture (so far) that would be a good contender? I'm assuming that luffy is pirate king, and enough time has passed that all these old names are gone. So whoever is getting these yonko seats should be around Luffy's age. 

My personal contenders for Yonko would be:

  • Kid (Huge potential, good upward momentum)
  • Law (Same story as kid)
  • Katakuri (Possibly too old, definitely strong enough though)
  • Enel (needs to get over his god complex and learn some haki)
  • Jinbei? (Maybe he's too old??)
  • Kuzan (probably too old, he's my wild card though, will he go full pirate?)
  • Bege (possibly fills in the black market needs left open by BM/Kaido, but needs to power up significantly)
  • Buggy-sama lol
  • Bellamy (I'd really like to see him bounce back from this slump and become a better pirate)

That's MY list of who I think are good contenders for the seat of yonko in 20-30 years. Who would you put on your short list and why?

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