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I am a huge fan of Urouge, along with Law and Kid. However, lets focus on Urouge for now, who has gotten the least amount of exposure. When he was first introduced he had the lowest bounty at 108,000,000 from the other Super Rookies. This could make people think that he was one of the weakest from the group; however, I always thought that he would actually be one of the strongest from the group. He is the oldest from the group, plus he hailed from a sky island. His bounty could also be this low because of him possibly having a laid back personality. Thus the marines do not see him as huge threat. Meaning that his activity in the blue seas could be fairly recent, thus his bounty might not accurately reflect his strength. I think this is further demonstrated by the fact that he beat Snack, a person who has a bounty of 600,000,000 and was still strong enough to survive an encounter with Cracker right after. I am not going to speculate on his bounty, though I bet it will be over 400,000,000 after the timeskip. However, I would like to hear your opinions on how strong you think he actually is? I think he is trong enough to fight against guys like Kid and Law (if Urouge has Haki). I think he could probably fight on par with some of the lower tier Vice Admirals too.

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