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The establishment of Shichibukai is important to the government because as we know it, it "balances" the "Three Great Powers". However, at this point of time in the series, its members flunctuated down to five. With Law's entry, it gave me an idea that maybe he was not the only Supernova that filled up for the title.

Of course, the Supernovas have the best chances. With "Captain" Eustass Kidd, "Massacre Soldier" Killer, "Magician" Basil Hawkins, and "Roar of the Sea" Scratchmen Apoo finally appearing in the PH arc, they were out of the choices. Well, of course "Strawhat" Monkey D. Luffy and "Pirate Hunter" Zorro ain't included, too. So, we're down to the following:

1. "Red Flag" X Drake

  • Chance - Well, X Drake was a former Marine admiral and I think he might "reconciled" with the World Government. In terms of power, I think his encounter with Kaido's subordinate continued until he met the Yonko himself and allied himself with Kaido. With Kaido's help, he made a huge reputation enough to be recognized by the Marines and consider him the title of a Shichibukai.
  • Possible Animal Theme - Dinosaur, of course.

2. " Big Eater" Jewelrey Bonney

  • Chance - No comment. I can't really think Bonney would go as a Shichibukai (she might rival with Boa Hancock, you know?) She's not powerful enough for Teach to offer her into his crew, why would the World Government take her into the Shichibukai? Well, it is still possible that after Akainu's arrest, they might give her the offer.
  • Possible Animal Theme - Ahh, bear? As in teddy bear?

3. "Gang" Capone Bege

  • Chance - His human fortress powers is kinda cool, right. Remember that big black thing floating above the Firetank ship? I kinda think it might be Enel's Maxim or Shiki's Floating Island.
  • Possible Animal Theme - Horse?

4. "Mad Monk" Urouge

  • Chance - Although his angel wings goes well with his kind attitude,Urouge seems to be a fighter himself. I guess during the timeskip, he has truly gone mad and boom?! joined the Shichibukai.
  • Possible Animal Theme - Bird? Uhm, dove?

Whatya think?