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Yountoryuu Yountoryuu 1 August 2015

Chapter 796 Prediction

Title: Four Emperors

P. 1

The Strawhats on Dressrosa are in the underground trading port. 

  • Bartolomeo: O-o-ofcourse we don't mind! We'll sail you anywhere you want Luffy-senpai!!

Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Robin, Franky, Law, Kin'emon & Kanjurou board the Barto Club ship.

  • Rebecca: Thank you so much Lucy! You've brought us back our country.
  • Kyros: Thank you, Luffyland. Zoroland. Fraland. Thank you all. 
  • Riku: We are so grateful. If there's anything we can do for you, please tell.
  • Luffy: Don't worry about it old man! Thanks for the meat! 

The Riku family bow their heads, along with their bystanders. Such include Tank Lepanto and the Dwarf Army.

  • Rebecca: Thank you for keeping your promise Lucy!
  • Luffy: It's Lu-
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Yountoryuu Yountoryuu 4 December 2013

Youn: Chapter 731 Prediction

Hi, it's been awhile. I never felt like doing one again, until last chapter. God, it was good. So here goes, I'm might be rusty so my apologies in advance.

Chapter 731

Cover: As long as the Caribou coverstory ends, I'm ok w/ it.

Title: King of ...

P. 1

  • Sanji: Brook! Prepare a Coup de Burst!

Kicking a cannonball down into the water, Sanji takes a hit from his cigarette.

Chopper in his human form and catches a cannonball, slinging it back behind him and throwing his arm forwards, throwing it back.

  • Chopper: There are almost close to 15 cannons on this side of their ship! We can't keep holding them back!

Momonosuke looks up, at a cannonball heading right for him.

P. 2

Two halfs of a cannonball fly behind him as he looks at his sword.

  • Nami: Momosuke! Are yo…

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Yountoryuu Yountoryuu 19 November 2013

Speculation: Thunder Soldier of Rage = Kyros

I don't if this speculation has been tossed around at all, but I have a hunch Kyros has turned into a toy, our beloved Thunder Soldier of Rage. Now you might think this could be any toy by now.

Kyros' page says the following:

Kyros was a legendary gladiator.[1]

A great bronze statue of him is held at the Corrida Colosseum. Even though Kyros fought at the Corrida Colosseum only 20 years ago, no one in Dressrosa knows if he actually existed.

No one knows if he actually existed -> everyone has forgotten him. This would mean he definitely turned into a toy. That part is clear as day.

Now for my reasoning as of him being TSOR:

20 years ago TSOR must have been a young adult (old enough to have Rebecca, young enough to be Riku's son(-in-law), so he must've …

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Yountoryuu Yountoryuu 15 April 2013

Chapter 706 Prediction

Coverpage: Caribou sneaks up behind Scotch with another robot/cyborg already sinking inside his swamp.

Title: Block B

P. 1

  • Nico Robin: They're turning around.
  • Law: I noticed. Let's get going. 
  • Usopp: WHAAT?! I'm not going over that bridge, baka! 
  • Law: Suit yourself, rather be bait for the goverment than the fighting fish?
  • Usopp: My I-can't-become-bait disease is acting up again...
  • Law: Yeah... Hurry up.

The four make their way to the steps of the Iron Bridge.

P. 2

  • CP0 A1: I've seen her face. Demon Child Nico Robin. 
  • CPO A2: Let's not waste our time, she's not the objective. We're here to investigate in Trafalgar Law, none other. 
  • CPO A1: At least we're sure the Strawhat crew is on the island. 
  • CPO A3: He's in alliance with Strawhat Luffy, we can be posi…
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Yountoryuu Yountoryuu 1 February 2013

Chapter 698 Prediction

  • Coverpage: Caribou slips away from the marines onto a boat. The elderly women of the town barricade the marines.
  • Title: News.

P. 1

-Law hangs up on Doflamingo, turning to the party and walking up to Smoker.-

  • Law: He'll give in, being alive is way more important than being a Shichibukai.
  • Smoker: What plan do you have in store now?
  • Law: My crew is waiting for me on Green Bit. 

- Sanji and Zoro meet up with the two.-

  • Smoker: As far as I know, Akainu's planning on taking down all Blackbeard's islands. Green Bit is on the maps so get out quickly. Or don't, your call. I don't care. 
  • G5 1: Smookaaaa-san! Let's get these kids hoooomeeee!

- Smoker turns away, nods towards Law and flies towards his ship.-

  • Sanji: Let's get going, Trafalgar.

P. 2

  • Franky: Which way…

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