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Cipher Pol is another faction of the World Government that might turn the events in the future arcs in the series. It is another balancing faction that could help us to identify the secrets of the World Government perhaps the void century. This agency acts as a secret organization responsible for the investigation, assassinations, and espionage for the World Governemnt1.

There are official Cipher Pol chapters that can be identified numerically from CP1 to CP8, the infamous CP9 and CP0 has extensive duties to which they are licensed to kill any citizen that poses threat to the World Government. In other words, they are secret police that act on their justice CP0 on the other hand is a direct servant of World Nobles. Hence, the latter two CP chapters are significantly working for the political side as we have seen the series both factions are making underground transactions with Warlords and Yonko’s.

Spandam was a former member of CP5 and CP9 and now works under CP0. It seems that his underrated character has a very unique ability to push his way through to the highest faction along with Kaku and Rob Lucci since the Water 7 and Enies Lobby Arc. Spandam, though coward and clumsy agent seem to be a smartass individual when it comes to politics and knowledge about the world remember when he initiated to study Pluton (Ancient Weapon) and use it to the military force and was favored by the World Government leading him to direct the CP9. So let us wait for him to crack some pots and get his ass kicked by the Straw Hats.

Let us focus on how intriguing this organization could be by listing back their appearances in the series and how will this affect future events.

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