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Kaido's Identity

Have you ever wondered what Kaido truly is? And why does he want to end his life so badly? These are only a few questions we are going to answer with the current updates that jive with the fan theories which are very exciting to discuss.

The first question is why does Kaido want to end his life so badly? We could be creative to interpret his peculiar characteristics for some reason. All Yonko’s are broke like any ruler and all of them have a different disorder I think. First is Edward Newgate / Whitebeard is very protective of his sons and daughters, Shanks is a drunkard, Big Mom has an eating disorder, and Kaido is a depressed dragon. So for some reason, Kaido himself cannot put on his sleeves together and seeks to end his life as soon as he could get a chance. The best way for him to do it is to fight against Whitebeard, the strongest man on earth, or wage another war of the best.

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