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One Piece and Romance of the Three Kingdoms Parallelism Theory

HUGE SPOILER ALERT! To those One Piece fan who does not want to know the probable fates of the three brothers stop reading this. If you want to get ahead of the story this might help you to alleviate tragic feels when things happen.

These past months I was able to contemplate my inner thoughts the similarity of Romance of the Three Kingdoms (ROTK) and One Piece (OP). Btw ROTK is a game based on the rich history of ancient China from 169 AD up until 280 AD it also had a different adaptation of games from different gaming platforms and most of it was produced by KOEI.

Apparently, upon playing the ROTK XIII a gut feel suddenly instructed my nerve when the scene of the “Oath of the Peach Garden” appeared. The same scenery was told in OP during the major flashback of Luffy, Ace, and Sabo in Episode 496 in anime and Chapter 585 in the manga. 

Let us try to understand the similarity detail by detail

1. They swore as brothers.

2. The oath takes in a place with many trees. 

3. They both drink something as a symbol of brotherhood (wine for ROTK and sake for OP courtesy of Dadan)

Make sense? We all know that Oda is a master of allusion, foreshadowing, and symbolism perhaps the symbols would also reflect the characters involved in the two scenes. This content will walk you through this and establish a theory on what will happen on OP’s three brothers vis a vis with the original three brothers.

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