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SWORD Undercovers

One Piece gets more exciting because of the mind-blowing twist with characters and events which we are all waiting every week for its new chapters. Since the big reveal of an undercover organization in Chapter 956, the “SWORD”, it keeps on bugging me on what would be its role in the series. SWORD is the secret faction in the Marines and its current objective is unkown. But we all know its current members were Koby and X-drake.

Its objective is not yet revealed to spur speculations on what would it be but I have a feeling that this organization will change the course of the event in the current arc perhaps in the succeeding. The conversation between Koby and X-drake in chapter 956 revolved around the current turmoil in Wano and the abolition of the warlord system. From this, we could deduce that this organization is well aware of what is happening in the new world.

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