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Welcome[edit source]


Hello, and welcome to the One Piece Encyclopedia! Thanks for your edit to Chapter 88! Sff9 (talk) 20:38, October 17, 2013 (UTC)

Please create a user name and sign in. It's an easy way to keep track of your contributions and helps you communicate with the rest of the community.

Yo![edit source]

Make an account already!!Vaztalk 11:04,12/28/2013

He's this guy... can't you tell from his edits? Zodiaque             11:08, December 28, 2013 (UTC)
^ It's recommended to throw away socks after a year 11:35, December 28, 2013 (UTC)
Oohhhh......Vaztalk 11:42,12/28/2013

SeeCat[edit source]

Please stop adding the SeeCat template to articles where it is not needed. The characters gallery eliminates the need to link the category. JustSomeDude...  Talk | 20:54, January 4, 2014 (UTC)

Also stop adding the [[Category:Alabasta Characters]] to characters who didn't actually show up in the Alabasta Arc. Videogamep Talk 22:39, January 4, 2014 (UTC)

JSD already warned you about adding the SeeCat template where it isn't needed. If you keep doing it, you may get banned again. Videogamep Talk 21:04, January 5, 2014 (UTC)

Stop[edit source]

Oi stop what you're doing on chapters' character sections! Vaztalk 17:01,4/11/2014

Seriously, Just Stop[edit source]

Please stop editing the character sections in the chapter pages, especially for the whole {{L}} thing (most pointless template ever to exist), removing the corresponding episodes (why would you remove them in the first place), and basically fucking up the sections (seriously, man, you're just flat out fucking them all over). Practically all of your edits are wrong, and it's a pain in the ass for the rest of the editors to undo your mistakes. So either learn from your mistakes and actually do correct edits (just ask us for help if you don't know, it's that simple) or just stop, because really they are such a pain.  Jademing  Talk   21:42, May 7, 2014 (UTC)

For the love of God, stop editing in Visual Editor mode. It fucks up the references and adds pointless spaces.

It's recommended to throw away socks after a year 11:59, June 28, 2014 (UTC)

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