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I just wanted to thank you for uploading Randolph's and Governor's pics,I searched the net for hours and couldn't find any.

User:New Babylon


User talk:‎ - many racist comments, creating pages with it on or editing ones to express it. I don't know whats going on with banning right now, there was an issue on it not so long ago, was it resolved? One-Winged Hawk 17:05, 25 November 2007 (UTC)


Hi,just wanted to thank you for the upload.

User:New Babylon

Den Den Mushi Edit

You complained to me about wanting to merging the Den Den Mushi page but can't because you think I might get mad at you. Like I told you I had not touched on the merging plan since the creation of the Thriller Bark Creatures and the Dial pages but since it seems that you did not care, I just merged all the Den Den Mushi types into one page. Happy now?

Oh, and if you want to merge any pages, go ahead and do it. If you want me to merge it then ask me and I'll do it and next time if I see some merging I don't like, I'm discussing it in a talk page first.

Since One Piece is not super-big as Star Wars yet, we'll have to just find another way or just be patient because One Piece is a weekly comic and it's very slow. Page 2,000 will still take long to reach into. Joekido 12:13, 2 December 2007 (UTC)

Next Merging Plan Edit

Ok, once again you not seems to care, I decided to ask you; what is the next merging plan? Is there any pages that you would like me to merge? If you ask me I will do it, this is not a game.

Joekido 07:09, 6 December 2007 (UTC)

2 spam page Edit

Just to let you know, there are 2 spam pages that needed to be deleted:

Joekido 21:56, 14 December 2007 (UTC)

SBS Question Edit

Still that "Hiruluk" painting is something that could appear in a future SBS Question corner, right. I mean it really lokked like him right?

Hey, Mugiwara_Franky! I'm Skeleton_Brook! I'm a new member of the site and just thought I'd say hello!

Shabondy Edit

If you look at the chapter 496 spoiler in APfourms, you'll see that everyone went to Shabondy just like I said they would.

Joekido 09:54, 9 April 2008 (UTC)

Indeed.Mugiwara Franky 09:58, 9 April 2008 (UTC)

One Request Edit

Hi, Mugiwara Franky. I'm new user here. By the way, could you tell me the link to get Monsters mangascan. I can't find it in Google. Thank you.

Thank you for your info. By the way, how to download from null? How to use the bot? Thank you.

Ohhhh.... Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help. Thank you. By the way, do you know the link of Mugiwara Theater Mangascan?? I only have the Jinginai Time and the Space Time. I've try to download the other from a site, but the link seems to be broken. I really needs your help. Thank you.

New Pork guy Edit

Well thanks for protecting my pages. However I believe this is someone from a site called I had a lot of problems over there, mostly because they had to shut off lurkers. I tried to enter the site but I had to show how cool I'am but my attempt was a mess, frist I get wisecrack and then I get emotional because they were using my picture for their comedy icon. Some people there find me stupid and a cry-baby, some of them came here and used what I wrote to present in that site as a fact of why they should not let me in. Now these New Pork members must've decided to give me a hard time here.

They were suppose to let me in their site, but when I try to be funny, they go all "WTF!! Idiot! Ban him!!". I say things like "westle with crocodiles, move a mountain" just to bring in humor but all I get was a thousands of falling rocks on me. And I try to get them to stop using my face picture for their custom icon because I don't believe my face should be treated that way. I did act nice but they just kept treating me like a baby. I wanted to be famous but I never wanted to be a popular mocking icon. It's like asking for a bread and all I get was rocks. I ask for water and all I get was poision. I ask for the world to admire me and go "oooohhhhh" and all I get was getting spit on, kicked, puched, mocked and stunned. I should never be pityious, they kept treating me like a "poor boy" instend of a "cool guy". This is why there was so much problems here back in October, 2006. I tried to get people to treat me like a cool guy who's here to help and all I get was someone telling me I was a pain in the ass.

Now someone from NPC wants to pity me and mock me which I don't deserve this. This what happens when I get too proud, stubborn and rebellious; this happens and I don't want NPC guys running around here just to attack me, they'er no better then me and I'm not any better ethier so can you keep my pages protected premently? It needs to stay that way until these guys from NPC realize it's pointless and silly.

Joekido 07:33, 10 May 2008 (UTC)

Blaming the worng guy Edit

Right now I had a terrible day outside the internet and don't feel like making a long comment so I'll just drop this and go home.

Joekido 03:45, 14 May 2008 (UTC)

Belly image Edit

Hello, I'm a contributor of the Italian Wikipedia and I really like the One Piece Encyclopedia.

You are the one who created the image Image:Berry Symbol.gif...I would like to upload it on I allowed to do it? thank you (I'm sorry for my bad English)-- 12:51, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

Hello Edit

Can I please do the most update in the site today? I was going to update everything on chapter 500 but you are sure faster then I am.

Joekido 08:28, 23 May 2008 (UTC)

Are you excited about this chapter? Judging by the list of edits it appears that you are. Pardon my rudeness, it's almost 3 in the morning here and I was going to do most update before anyone would but I never thought someone is faster then me.

Joekido 08:47, 23 May 2008 (UTC)

All yoursEdit

[[Talk:Trivia Pages]]

Yeah... This one is yours to handle.

I'm just so dumbfounded... I'm not sure if I'm writing because I'm still alive, or because my fingers are still twitching. O_O One-Winged Hawk 20:52, 1 June 2008 (UTC)

About Ryuuma Edit

Hey, I don't even know if I'm doing this right, as I just started using the one piece wikia :/ I chose to change it to a manga image that I personally edited since the last manga image of Ryuuma that was used wasn't clean enough. Also, it has a larger resolution than the one taken from the anime and is much more clear. Even though, I get what you mean with the colors. The main problem I noticed about the image taken from the anime is the fact that it's not that sharp. Can you capture the same frame from a higher resolution video? I didn't have that raw in HD, so in the end i decided to use the manga. If you feel that that the current colored one is ok, sorry, I won't re-edit it to the manga one. Realdraickin

I don't know if I should point it out, but at wikipedia because of copy right issues, they prefer crappy quality over good stuff. I don't know, it doesn't matter so much for our purposes. I'm not replying as such to Rd's message as such, just noting something down thats related. One-Winged Hawk 15:24, 10 June 2008 (UTC)

Main PageEdit

Hi, I'm Wendy, a helper with wikia. As described at Wikia's New Style, there are going to be some necessary changes to the ad layout on the main page. In order to accomodate this, most of the main page needs to be recast in a two-column format.

I've made a first draft using the new layout at User:Merrystar/Sandbox. I tried to use all of your existing main page elements and only tweak the layout slightly from single-column to two-columns. Once the changes are put in place on the main page, a new, 300px-wide ad will appear on the upper right and the content will slide down on that side.

Please let me know on my talk page what you think about the new layout, and if there's anything you'd like to change on it. -- Wendy (talk) 04:47, 26 June 2008 (UTC)

Hi again. I talked to Angel Emfrbl, who was ok with the change. So I went ahead and moved the page to the live mainpage. Thanks for responding so quickly, and you can always leave me a message if any problems come up or you have any questions. -- Wendy (talk) 18:48, 27 June 2008 (UTC)

Default SkinEdit

Hey -- you probably noticed, but the default skin on this wiki switched to monaco, in connection with the new ads. You can still view the wiki privately as monobook by setting it in your preferences but anons will see monaco. I should have made that explicit before, and I'm sorry that I didn't! -- Wendy (talk) 21:13, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

Goro goro and AmpEdit

Amp is not the same as voltage. Although Voltage is painful, Amp is what kills people in electrocutions. They are different!


Bear King has only appeared in Movie 2. Yet you wrote he was in Movie 10 also.. Care to enlighten me as to where that info comes from MF, because I myself am puzzled. --One-Winged Hawk 17:15, 13 July 2008 (UTC)

I myself have this movie subbed in english. I found this on youtube as a quick reference a spanish sub for those posters. I am very puzzled by now. I've reread all info on movie 10 and for the love of God I can't find this sparkling bit of info you wrote. --One-Winged Hawk 17:26, 13 July 2008 (UTC)
Okay now I'm really puzzled... I've seen the intro of Chopper's retelling story, which is actaully movie 9 not 10. Okay MF, I need to see the wanted posters now because even a google search, a forum search of both K-F fans-subs and AP produced nothing. --One-Winged Hawk 17:59, 13 July 2008 (UTC)
Turn to face the nearest wall, bang your head against it! Lol. Don't confuse us all again like that! X-D --One-Winged Hawk 06:50, 14 July 2008 (UTC)

Getting out of hand!Edit

Okay I've had enough MF. Its on the issue of retelling the story of events on EVERY page! Lets confine it to just chapter and episode pages. I've raised this issue once and now someone has also raised it in concern with Luffy's page. I agree, its gettign to the point that it really would be quicker to read the manga rather then that page.

I'm not asking for everything to be removed completely but rather a few paragraphs summing up his part in the story rather then the ecessive retelling. The retelling draws everyone away from the chapter writing, look what happened when I was writing them myself... More people put effort into retelling then helping me with the chapters, even though I was begging for aid that went ignored.

Its time we adressed this issue... I'm also looking at what other pages can be removed that draw out retelling. Like Nami Vs the soap woman from CP9. --One-Winged Hawk 17:43, 19 July 2008 (UTC)

The manga chapters alone... It would be better if we either assigned one arc to one person to do or found two or three people who were willing to souly edit those pages. But seriously, put all the SHs on priorty at least to get those pages cut down. What they just need to say is that Luffy and co beat up a bunch of guys. I know the page you showed me works, but only because HOW they've done it. What we have is something that isn't working. Its mostly because if you retell the whole story in great details, you get into this excessive mess. At least keep it to something that won't put the reader off from reading it...
Say just "During the East Blue saga, Luffy's first adventure, he met and befriended Coby. Luffy defeated Alvida who had forced onto her crew when.. " rather then explain what happened. The other pages outside of the SHs do it this way and for the most part, they work. But Luffy's page just doesn't work. :-/ --One-Winged Hawk 22:09, 19 July 2008 (UTC)


Next time I'll discuss it. I was trying to move "Mermen" to "Merfolk" but misspelled it as "Mermfolk". Plumber

Merman was my bad in the first place. That was habbit caused by the 4Kids dub. I actaully was calling them merfolk when I wrote that page in forums but called them "Mermen" because at the time I was trying to think how to explain the name difference. Call it a slip up from dyslexia... This is a common problem I have of calling the same thing by two different names that just kicks in every now and again. Its one of my rare dyslexia based mistakes. Needless I never got round to correct it and forgot about it. :-/ --One-Winged Hawk 17:53, 19 July 2008 (UTC)

" Erasing Histories" Edit

I'd like it very much if people made an effort to discuss with me the history pages, I've left messages on both pages trying to spark discussion on this matter. People only revert without talking to me. The only reply I've received was in approval. The fact is that plot summaries do not belong on character pages, and some pages are unreadable because of their length. By all means, respond to one of my attempted discussions. - 21:05, 19 July 2008 (UTC)

Jinbei "Abilities and Power" Edit

Hey, I removed a section of Jinbei's "Abilities and Power" and you reverted it back. I thought I left a note in there, but I probably should have been more clear. I don't typically edit pages, but I kept seeing people bring this little tidbit up into discussion despite it not really existing in the manga. The part in question is: "While the extent of his abilities has yet to be seen, Sengoku himself commented about how the Fishman's great power would be a mighty asset for the marines in the upcoming battle against the Whitebeard Pirates." Now, Ulrilra's translation had Sengoku saying "I thought we would have Jinbei's power on our side" or some such, but cnet's and Stephen's had no such comment. I personally stick with Stephen's for strict direct translations. I mean, the guy has translated EVERY SINGLE chapter of One Piece. Ulrilra doesn't translate as often, far as I can tell, and we have 2 vs. 1 here. Given that, can you please take that sentence out again? Doesn't belong.

Cnet's: "And to think, I had expected him to be the most cooperative of them all in this matter."

Stephen's: "I had thought that of anyone, he would be the most cooperative."

~~ Brennen.exe

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