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Utan Sonar is Shoujou's ship, and is a large vessel with an orangutan figurehead.[1]

Ship Design and Apperance

The main feature seems to be the giant trees that serve as masts. In addition, the sides of the ship have many doors with ladders that lead to the water to aid the Utan Divers in their work. The vessel also has one large paddle, on either side of the ship, that holds the special chambers where the Utan Divers actually work.


  • "Utan" may come from "orangutan", which comes from the Malay words "orang" (man) and "(h)utan" (forest); meaning "man of the forest", which is the phrase on the main sail.
  • The phrase "mori no hito" (森のヒト) written on the main sail in English characters, under Shoujou's Jolly Roger, roughly translates as "man of the forest".


  1. One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements, page 260: the ship's name was revealed in this databook.

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