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The Ute Ute no Mi is a non-canon Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to turn anything into a gun, making them a Firing Human (発砲人間 Happō Ningen?). It was eaten by Bad One Gracie.[1][2]


  • "Ute" (撃て?), mainly used in the context of firearm usage, is Japanese for "shoot!/(open) fire!", as the imperative conjugation of "utsu" (撃つ?).

Strengths and Weaknesses

The fruit's main strength is turning anything around the user into a gun or cannon. Any object such as a block of wood, a coffee mug, or a saber can be transform into a firearm. Because Gracie was able to awaken the ability, it could turn surrounding areas or surfaces into firearms as well, including the sea, walls, and an entire island.

The main weakness of the fruit is that it permanently turns the user's hands into guns. Otherwise, the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses apply.[1]


Gracie uses his abilities to produce guns and cannons and fire ammunition from them in bursts. He was also able to awaken the fruit's abilities.[1]


  • Great Rifle (グレート・ライフル Gurēto Raifuru?): Gracie spawns guns out of the sea and fires indiscriminate bullets.[1]
  • Great Cannon (グレート・大砲 Gurēto Taihō?): Gracie spawns a cannon from a nearby wall and fires a large blast at his opponent.[1]
  • Great Four-Way Firing (グレート・四方発砲 Gurēto Yomo Happō?): Using his awakened abilities, Gracie covers an entire area with cannons and bombards his opponents with gunfire from above.[1]


  • This fruit, granting the ability to transform things into a type of weaponry, is similar to the Buki Buki no Mi (which allows one to transform into any form of man-made weaponry, not just firearms) and the Supa Supa no Mi (which allows one to transform body parts into the specific weapon type of blades).


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