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Uzuki Tempura was a samurai who, as a member of the Uzuki Family, served as the most recent daimyo of the Udon region[2] until he was imprisoned and killed by Kaidou 20 years ago.[1]


Tempura was a tall man with a thin, curved head resembling his namesake tempura in shape. He had dark hair gathered into a topknot, long and pronunced eyebrows, and a thin, neatly trimmed mustache that ran down to his chin. He wore a long bead necklace which reached down to his chest, as well as a kimono and long cape.[1]


Like his fellow daimyo Shimotsuki Ushimaru and Fugetsu Omusubi who were imprisoned with him, Tempura was a very honorable warrior. He refused to battle over food due to hunger, being more than willing to give it to Kaidou's daughter Yamato. Loyal to the Kozuki Family unto death, Tempura refused to submit to either Kurozumi Orochi or Kaidou and so went to his grave battling the latter and helping his daughter Yamato to survive for the sake of the prophesied battle in 20 years.[1]

Abilities and Powers

As daimyo of Udon, Tempura had control over its citizens and affairs, being directly subordinate to the shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki.[2]


Tempura appeared to be a powerful samurai. Wielding a single katana, he was shown to be able to cut through a large rock alongside Ushimaru and Omusubi to gain freedom from the cave they were imprisoned in. However, they ultimately proved to be no match for Kaidou, losing to him and his forces on two occasions and dying in the second battle.[3][1]


Tempura governed over Udon as its daimyo until 20 years ago, when Kurozumi Orochi, who had recently usurped the shogunate from the Kozuki Family and had its heir Kozuki Oden executed, gathered all the daimyo and gave them the choice to submit to him or die. The daimyo all refused and staged a rebellion, but were defeated by Orochi's ally, the pirate Kaidou, and his crew the Beasts Pirates. Tempura, Shimotsuki Ushimaru, and Fugetsu Omusubi were captured during the battle and imprisoned in a cave on Onigashima until their spirits broke and they submitted to Kaidou.[3][1]

Sometime later on, Kaidou had his young daughter, Yamato, imprisoned in the same cave for claiming to be Oden. He decided to play a cruel game by leaving the four prisoners only one bowl of food, as well as swords for them to use to fight over it. However, the samurai immediately gave the food to Yamato, refusing to take it according to the samurai code. The three daimyo were friendly to Yamato, and when she revealed she wanted to read Oden's logbook which was in her possession, the trio immediately began to help her as they themselves were interested in its contents. Ten days passed, and with Kaidou seeming to have left the four of them to die, the samurai decided to break out and mount a final assault against the pirate and thus allow Yamato to be freed. They used the swords Kaidou had left them to cut through the large stone blocking the entrance, and went to confront the pirate. However, they presumably met their doom during this conflict.[1]


  • Tempura is a popular Japanese fried seafood dish, making this another instance of Wano's administration possessing names themed after Japanese food.


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