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Dr. Vegapunk was the leading scientist of the SSG in the employment of the Marines. His work included discovering the secrets and uses of seastone, the secrets of how Devil Fruit powers work, the co-discovery of the Lineage Factor and its applications, the creation of the Pacifista and Seraphim, and various other scientific achievements that are said to be at least 500 years ahead of current technology.[10][11] He hailed from the technologically advanced Karakuri Island[5][12] and resided on Egghead, where his laboratory is located.[6]

Before being employed under the World Government, Vegapunk had been the director of an outlaw scientific research team known as MADS, where he worked alongside other notable scientists such as Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge, Queen, and Buckingham Stussy. The team was eventually arrested, and Vegapunk was later integrated into the Marines as its head scientist after MADS' dissolution.[4] However, once the World Government learned he was researching the Void Century, they dispatched CP0 and conspired with his own satellite York to eliminate him, which resulted in the monumental Egghead Incident.[13] [14]

Vegapunk would end up being killed by his old friend, Admiral Kizaru, during the ensuing Buster Call on Egghead.[15] Foreseeing this, however, Vegapunk left behind an important message regarding a catastrophic global future event to be broadcasted around the world in the event of his death. [16]

First mentioned during the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, Vegapunk was a major background character throughout the series until his proper introduction during the Egghead Arc, becoming a major ally to the Straw Hat Pirates alongside his satellites and playing a central role during its ongoings.

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What are some of the scientific achievements of Dr. Vegapunk in One Piece? toggle section
Dr. Vegapunk, the scientific genius in One Piece, has made numerous significant contributions. His inventions have had a profound impact on various arcs like Thriller Bark, Sabaody Archipelago, Marineford, Punk Hazard, Whole Cake Island, Wano Country, and Egghead. He's known for his technological advancements for the World Government. His medical expertise is unrivaled, with immense talents in medical biology, including the applications of the Lineage Factor, which gave him great insights into biology and genetics. His work is so influential that even fellow scientist Franky admires him.
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What is the role of Dr. Vegapunk in the SSG and the Marines? toggle section
Dr. Vegapunk plays a pivotal role in the SSG and the Marines as the leader of their scientific research and development team, known as the 'Science Unit'. He is responsible for most of the special technology found in the hands of the Marines, including the innovative use of Seastone lining. Vegapunk's genius has led to him being in charge of several advanced Marine and government facilities, such as Punk Hazard and Egghead. His bodyguard, Sentomaru, acts as the captain of the Science Unit.
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What is the significance of seastone in Dr. Vegapunk's research? toggle section
Seastone plays a pivotal role in Dr. Vegapunk's research. As the leading scientist for the Marines and the World Government, he has conducted the most advanced research on Seastone. His innovations include using Seastone in various inventions and devices, notably among the Marines. One of his significant achievements is the use of Seastone on ship hulls to ward off Sea Kings, enabling safe passage through infested areas like the Calm Belt. Additionally, Vegapunk's team uses Seastone lining on Marine technology, enhancing their capabilities. The full extent of Seastone's properties is still being explored, making it a crucial element in Vegapunk's ongoing research.
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What is the Lineage Factor that Dr. Vegapunk co-discovered? toggle section
The Lineage Factor is a fascinating discovery co-made by Dr. Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge. It's the blueprint of life itself, found in all living organisms. This discovery has allowed Dr. Vegapunk to make significant strides in his research, including the creation of artificial lifeforms and the manipulation of Devil Fruit powers. It's also been used in cloning and in creating mindless, emotionless living weapons. Dr. Vegapunk's work with the Lineage Factor is so advanced, it's said to be 500 years ahead of current technology!
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What does Dr. Vegapunk look like in the One Piece series? toggle section
Dr. Vegapunk, the renowned scientist from the One Piece series, is an intriguing character with a unique appearance. He is a relatively tall elderly man, slightly shorter than Jinbe. His body is slender, and he has distinctive red cheeks. Vegapunk's head is elongated and neatly sliced, supported by a shaft that resembles the top of an apple-core and its leaf. His forehead is remarkably wide and his tongue is notably long. This eccentric look perfectly complements his brilliant, yet mysterious persona.
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At some point in the past, due to being occupied with his inventions, Vegapunk managed to split his being into six different people, referred to as satellites (サテライト, sateraito?, kanji literally meaning "cats") or "offshoots" (分身, bunshin?), which share Vegapunk's brain via Punk Records. These satellites all identify as Dr. Vegapunk and will introduce themselves as such, but also possess their own names and number designations to distinguish them, making them effectively six unique people. The satellites are also distinguished by embodying a particular aspect of Vegapunk's personality.[17] Although they all have similar thought patterns,[18] they use different first person pronouns and speech patterns. His true body was called the "Stella".[7] The method Vegapunk used in order to split his being into six different entities is still unknown.

During the Egghead Incident, Shaka and Pythagoras were killed;[19] Shaka by fellow satellite York, and Pythagoras by S-Snake. When Stella was killed, the remaining satellites remained alive and appeared to be unaffected.[20] However, Atlas would later sacrifice herself to ensure the Straw Hats escape from Egghead.[21]

Punk-01 Punk-02 Punk-03 Punk-04 Punk-05 Punk-06
Name Shaka (Deceased) Lilith Edison (Unknown status)? Pythagoras (Deceased) Atlas (Deceased) York
Image Shaka Portrait Lilith Portrait Edison Portrait Pythagoras Portrait Atlas Portrait York Portrait
Aspect Good Evil Thinking Wisdom Violence Greed
First Person watashi (私) washi (わし) wai (わい) boku (ボク) ore (おれ) atai (あたい)


Vegapunk was a relatively tall elderly man, having stood just under Jinbe in height (without his brain), with slender limbs and red cheeks. He had a noticeably elongated but neatly sliced head and had a shaft driven in to support a structure resembling the top of an apple-core and its leaf. His forehead was remarkably wide while his eyes were close to his potato nose. His tongue was incredibly long, reaching all the way to his groin, and was always sticking out of his mouth. He had a bald head on top, but had spiky white hair on the sides, as well as a thick mustache. He wore a short white coat with SSG on the back, a pink shirt with red polka dots, purple pants, and purple DOM shoes. Before he cut out his brain, the size of his head had supposedly reached the height of giants.[3][22]

When he was 43 years old, Vegapunk had an enlarged head accounting for much of his height, and his hair was brown and covered most of his head. He wore a leather jacket, a white shirt, a belt, black pants, and dress shoes.

Three years ago, Vegapunk created Punk Records and transferred his enlarged brain there to significantly shrink his head.[23]

When he was part of MADS, his head was much smaller with a bandage on the left side and lacked the mustache. He wore a Hawaiian shirt and goggles.[24]

During Kuma's explanation on his Pacifista modification, he seemed to be wearing yellow gloves and a striped shirt with a white lab coat.


Vegapunk Color Scheme
Vegapunk's color scheme.
Vegapunk Anime Concept Art
Vegapunk's anime concept art.
Vegapunk's MADS Appearance
Vegapunk's appearance while in MADS.
Vegapunk's Second MADS Appearance
Vegapunk's later appearance while in MADS.
Vegapunk Dress Coat
Vegapunk's formal outfit when meeting the Five Elders.
Vegapunk At Age 39
Vegapunk at age 39.
Nomi Nomi no Mi Infobox
Vegapunk at age 43.
Vegapunk At Age 61
Vegapunk at age 61.
Vegapunk's Experiment Outfit
Vegapunk during an experiment with Kuma.
Vegapunk At Age 62
Vegapunk at age 62.
Vegapunk in Kuma's Explanation
Vegapunk as depicted during Kuma's explanation.
Child Vegapunk
Vegapunk turned into a child.


He's an odd man, but true to his desires, and trustworthy.
— Monkey D. Dragon on Vegapunk.[25]

In his youth, Vegapunk was a generous person who cared very much for the inhabitants of his island, willing to help them with his inventions. He is considered the island's pride and joy, and the residents are still hoping for his return.

Each of Vegapunk's six satellites possesses a dominant personality trait that is presumably present in Vegapunk in general. While he has strong morals and a sense of justice and pride as a scientist (Shaka), he also possesses malevolent traits and an inclination to steal from others in order to fund his research (Lilith) and can be prone to greed and desire (York); there is considerable conflict and reasoning between these two sides. He appears to be quite thoughtful and wise (Edison and Pythagoras) but can be prone to getting angry at other people's inability to properly replicate and utilize his technological developments, to the point of lashing out violently (Atlas).[7]

Despite his many traits, Vegapunk was ultimately a man of great compassion with a strong sense of morality. Much like Dragon, he also despised and lamented the political corruption of the world under the World Govenrment's tyranny, but chose to turn a blind eye to it, using the resources they provided him to further his research for the sake of peace and prosperity for humanity. Due to his compassion, Vegapunk secretly programmed all the Pacifistas to make Bonney the highest authority to prevent a possible tragedy where Bonney whom Kuma gave his life to protect ended up getting killed by a fully modified Kuma or his clones by the World Government.

Vegapunk's Dream

Vegapunk shares his ultimate goal of providing free energy to everybody.

Unlike his former fellow MADS scientists Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge and Queen, Vegapunk was far more moral about what he would do in pursuit of scientific achievements. He refused to involve children in the gigantification process despite repeated failures and vetoed the creation or release of the H2S poison gas weapon for fear of it harming innocent people.[1] He also preferred to focus on developing peaceful inventions contrary to the dangerous creation of his former colleagues and was against the idea of converting people into cyborgs like Kuma that included striping their own free will, memories, and emotions comparing this to murder. Likewise, Vegapunk also despised unethical human experimentation and was outraged to learn it was Saturn's experiments that led to the manifestation of the Sapphire Scales on Ginny and Bonney.

Vegapunk has a strongly idealistic and humanitarian side, proudly pronouncing his plans to use his future world-spanning inventions to help humanity and stop ongoing conflicts such as wars, even choosing to work for the World Government out of belief he could do more good for people by doing so. Unfortunately, certain people, like Jewelry Bonney, fail to see that side of Vegapunk as she was under the belief that he has no qualms with committing sacrifices and atrocities, personal or otherwise, in his air for greater knowledge and progress. This infamous perception is wrong, as Vegapunk tragically cried when he carried out the order given by Saturn and opposed installing a self-destruct mechanism in Kuma, suggesting applying a device that would give him "two personalities" to give Kuma the opportunity to reunite with his daughter.[26] When Saturn ordered a Buster Call on Egghead, Vegapunk desperately pleaded with the Elder and Kizaru to reconsider, as destroying Egghead means destroying all the scientific progress made there, which would be a bigger loss to humanity than him personally.[27]

He seemed to have an interest for dragons, as he created two of them on Punk Hazard,[28][29] and an artificial Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into one.[30] However, due to his serious perfectionism, he deemed the fruit a failure since its dragon form was not the same color as the dragon form bestowed by the real Devil Fruit it was based on.[31]

Vegapunk Removes Kuma Humanity

With a heavy heart, Vegapunk prepares to pull the switch that will take away Kuma's free will.

Given his nature as a scientist, Vegapunk has a natural interest in theories and the nature of science itself. He would elaborate on the works of other scientists if he found them interesting. When he heard that a certain scholar in the West Blue theorized that the human body loses 21 grams if they die, which was the weight of the soul, Vegapunk got so intrigued that he wanted to see it for himself, doing experiments on his thoughts and observing. In addition to the benefits of being an acclaimed scientist, Vegapunk was smart enough aware of the dangers of his job, especially regarding the Ohara Incident and the Void Century. Vegapunk considers it a scientist's nature to want to peek at answers, even knowing he had uncovered too much of the past to be kept alive. He knew that CP0 was sent to assassinate him and prevent him from continuing his research.

Vegapunk took his survival seriously and will not hesitate to ask for help when necessary. He requested Luffy to get him off Egghead and away from the World Government when they moved to assassinate him, despite just meeting the young Emperor. He does not mind dragging others allies into helping him without considering their circumstances first. However, this doesn't mean Vegapunk is a coward who would abandon others to save his own skin and feel no guilt about what happens to others because of his action. In fact, Vegapunk was willing to put himself in the line of danger to save Bonney after she was knocked down to the Fabiriophase, despite being the Marines main target.

While Vegapunk was a man of science, he was not above believing in things outside of science. He expressed interest in the Sun God Nika and did not deny the possibility of gods being real. After Kuma miraculous appearance on Egghead in time to save his daughter Bonney from Saturn, despite there being no logical way for the former Warlord to being to move or even know about his daughter's situation, Vegapunk was so confused by it, but he decided to chalk it up to 'love' and the Buccaneer race's special power.

Vegapunk was also cautious as he knew the Five Elders would attempt to stop his pre-recorded message broadcast. He fooled them by using a Den Den Mushi as a decoy by disguising it as the Broadcast Den Den Mushi.

Vegapunk shown he was remorseful of the World Government using the Mother Flame to power up the Ancient Weapon to destroy Lulusia Kingdom when he bows down to apologies everyone who is watching his message recording.

He had a verbal tic in which he adds "Quasar" (クエーサー, Kuēsā?) to his requests for help.[32]



Vegapunks at work

Vegapunk, Edison and Atlas work together to crack York's code.

While Vegapunk's satellites all refer to themselves as Vegapunk, they each exemplify only one portion of Vegapunk's personality, and all have their own wills and desires and are therefore effectively six unique people. While this normally isn't an issue as Vegapunk was supposed to synchronize his brain with all of his satellites via Punk Records, York decided to betray Vegapunk and her fellow satellites in an effort to become a World Noble. Once her treachery was revealed, she was effectively treated as an enemy by Vegapunk and the other satellites.

Vegapunk seems to be on good terms with all of his Satellites (minus York), as he pre-recorded a message together with Shaka and Pythagoras about the truth of the world all while they converse about scientific ideas and Vegapunk shared a coffee with them, even all of them jokingly spending the time when Vegapunk burned his tongue on the coffee, with Pythagoras worried and Shaka knowing it had that effect.

World Government[]

Vegapunk was once arrested by the World Government for his dangerous experiments in relation to research conducted into the Lineage Factor and cloning.[4] Despite this run in with the bureaucracy, he was employed as their chief scientist in the Marines. He would go onto becoming the leader of the SSG.

Despite being of great help in drastically increasing the Marines' military might with his inventions of the Pacifista and Seraphim, among presumably other things, the World Government has elected to kill him, which CP0 is currently on a mission to do, due to the fear he might perceive too much about the truth.[7] Their fear was proven correct, as Vegapunk had studied all the books the scholars of Ohara had saved during the Ohara Incident and learned about the Ancient Kingdom. Understanding what the higher-ups would do were they to discover this, Vegapunk chose to keep it a secret, never revealing to them that Ohara had success in protecting their prized books. Vegapunk does not seem to view the World Government in a positive light, admitting to the Straw Hats he completely used all of the funding given for his inventions and only joining them to further his own research endeavors.

Having seen the horrid ways of the World Nobles, Vegapunk was disgusted by them and was shocked that York would want to become one of them.[33]

Vegapunk cared about the staff that worked on Egghead. He never told any of them about his research into the Void Century so they wouldn't be treated as criminals should the World Government find out. He was horrified and outraged that Saturn ordered the ship carrying all the escape staff to be destroyed on the possibility that someone on board knew something.[34]

Jaygarcia Saturn[]
Vegapunk And Saturn Argue

Vegapunk fearlessly argues with Saturn.

Vegapunk seemed to display a particularly antagonistic relationship with Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. While they originally met on positive terms when Vegapunk was welcomed to Mary Geoise for winning the Ibel Peace Prize, that was where their cordiality ended, when Vegapunk witnessed the deplorable behavior of the World Nobles. Vegapunk and Saturn had argued on at least 2 separate occasions on the subject of the unethical nature of Kuma's conversion into a human weapon. The two seemed to have a mutual disrespect for one another, with Vegapunk fearlessly arguing with Saturn, whilst Saturn rejected Vegapunk's concerns and reminded him of his place. Saturn would eventually order Vegapunk's death for studying the Void Century, and went to Egghead, where he confronted Vegapunk personally.[35] When those meet in-person, they were hostile. Vegapunk was even more infuriated when he learned about Saturn’s actions that made Kuma’s life to be tragic for ruining his loved ones’ life. When realizing Kuma's self-destruction mechanism is not working, Saturn demanded Vegapunk is this his doing, which he confirmed because he didn't install it to Kuma. Saturn now dubbed Vegapunk as a traitor. When Saturn questioned Vegapunk on how Kuma was still able to retain free will and attack him, Vegapunk cheekily told him the "power of love" was the answer. When Saturn learned of Vegapunk's secret betrayal of programming the Kuma-formed Pacifista to obey Jewelry Bonney above all others, he furiously stabbed Vegapunk.


When Sentomaru was a young boy, Vegapunk saved him, thus Sentomaru considers Vegapunk's safety as a personal debt. However, Vegapunk does mention this debt as a way to pressure Sentomaru into swaying his loyalty from the Marines to him.[36] Since then, Sentomaru served as his bodyguard, before becoming a Marine officer in between the timeskip. Shaka trusts his abilities and allegiance enough to put three Seraphim under his command when CP0 invaded Egghead.[37] Vegapunk was deeply saddened to see Sentomaru struck down in order to help him escape, openly crying after Kizaru defeated him.[38]

Sentomaru called Vegapunk "Old Man Punk".


Vegapunk was acquainted with Borsalino in his younger days as a Marine cadet, while on a mission to a village to deal with a bear problem they encountered a child Sentomaru who defeated the bears and requested to be Vegapunk's bodyguard and to be trained by Borsalino. The three of them became close as Borsalino agreed to use his Devil Fruit ability for Vegapunk to study for a future project and to entertain Sentomaru. As the years went by and with Borsalino eventually becoming an admiral, their relationship soured, with Vegapunk being more apprehensive towards him after he brought a Marine fleet to surround his island under orders, with Vegapunk claiming he hates this side of Borsalino the most, even bluntly telling him to shut up when he defended the suggestion of turning Kuma into a human weapon. Despite this they were still on relatively good enough terms that he was seen eating and partying with Vegapunk and Sentomaru while Kuma and Bonney where at his lab. Three and a half years later, the World Government deemed Vegapunk a threat and had sent Kizaru to kill him, to which he obliged with some reservations. Vegapunk, fully aware of how strong Kizaru is, held fear of and panicked when he managed to break into the Labophase to confront him. Kizaru has admitted to Vegapunk that having to kill an old friend isn't easy for him. Vegapunk had voiced his disgust at Kizaru labelling him a sad man, to which the Admiral does not deny and wishes he brought darker sunglasses. Tragically, Kizaru would be the one to deal the final strike that led to Vegapunk's death, ultimately showing their former friendship was not enough to convince Kizaru to turn away from his mission.


Vegapunk seemed to be amicable to the newly promoted Admiral. He revealed a new invention to Fujitora that could lead to the abolishment of the Seven Warlords of the Sea system.


Caesar Clown[]

Despite once being colleagues, Vegapunk and Caesar Clown had a bitter rivalry based on levels of recognition and ethics. When Caesar's erratic behavior got out of hand, Vegapunk decided to dismiss Caesar from his position. Caesar was also considered second best to Vegapunk. Because of this, Caesar held a grudge against him.[39][1] Vegapunk also looked down on some of Caesar's achievements, such as considering the SMILEs to be unacceptable.[24]

Bartholomew Kuma[]

Kuma & Vegapunk

Vegapunk and Kuma.

Vegapunk met Bartholomew Kuma when he came looking for a cure for his daughter's disease. After learning he was a Buccaneer, Vegapunk offered to cure Bonney for free in exchange for participating in his cloning project,[40] but he keeps this a secret from whoever would be interested in that information. When Jaygarcia Saturn gave Vegapunk orders to erase all of Kumas free will and memories he was visibly angered by these demands and initially attempted to refuse them, only relenting because Kuma accepted these terms in an effort to protect Bonney, moving the doctor to tears. Over the next two years Vegapunk and Kuma grew closer as friends while he conducted several experiments on him, including one where the latter was requested to materialize his memories through his own Devil Fruit abilities for Vegapunk to study. While Kuma at first refused, he eventually complied and allowed Vegapunk access to his now tangible memories. Vegapunk, out of respect, kept Kuma's memories locked up inside a high-security room within his laboratory.[41]

Your death is a nuisance.. to every person who's ever known and loved you!!! Listen to me, Kuma... and listen good! YOU ARE A HERO!!! TO BONNEY!!! AND TO US ALL!!![42]

When the time came to remove Kuma's free will, Vegapunk tried to reason with Saturn to allow him bare minimum will power causing the elder to refuse telling the scientist to remove all of his will on top of applying a self-destruct switch into him. Kuma hearing this asked Vegapunk to pass on a message to his daughter, telling her to have a happy tenth birthday, and to grant him his final wish as a human being, which was to program Kuma to protect the Thousand Sunny until the Straw Hats returned.[43] Before completing the operation, Vegapunk told Kuma he was a hero for his efforts to Bonney and many others for his sacrifices throughout his life completely breaking down in tears as he pulled the switch to erase Kuma's will.[26] When Kuma arrived in time to save Bonney from Saturn, he was left confused on how that was possible as it defied logic and reasoning due to his memories being erased and the shutdown switch that was activated by Saturn, coming to the conclusion it must be due to his Buccaneer heritage. Seeing Kuma is unable to move due to his injuries, Vegapunk ordered Atlas to carry him. His undying respect for Kuma's bond with Bonney led him to secretly programmed Kuma's Pacifista clones to make Bonney the highest authority to prevent a possible tragedy where Bonney whom Kuma sacrifice everything to protect is killed by the Pacifista.

Straw Hat Pirates[]

Vegapunk seemed to have an interest in the Straw Hat Pirates because he learned from Kuma prior to losing his humanity about Luffy being Dragon's son and having similarities to Nika, as he saw no issue with granting the latter his final wish as a human to protect the group's ship, the Thousand Sunny, until a member of the crew returned for it. He fulfilled Kuma's last wish and programmed him to protect the ship for two entire years, despite his long-established history and connection to the Marines and to the World Government as a whole. One of his "satellites", Shaka even expressed an interest in meeting them after they appeared on the island of Egghead.[7] Also, at least one part of his other interest in the Straw Hats stems from Nico Robin and her past as the only survivor of the Ohara Incident, as Shaka was seen discussing the full scale as well as the aftermath of the Ohara Incident with Robin, revealing crucial information about the survival of the former Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saul, the safekeeping of all books of Ohara, his own study of every single book and thus his extended knowledge about the Void Century. Though he acknowledged them as pirates, he was shown to have enough trust in the Straw Hats to discuss and reveal important information about the Void Century as well as his own knowledge about it to the group, even ignoring their refusal to listen to such jeopardizing information. He was also not shy of indulging into his own past, which included his relationship with Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy's father and leader of the Revolutionary Army, much to the surprise of the Straw Hats.

Later, when he saw Luffy's awakened form for the first time, he was stunned about its existence, questioning the Straw Hats if they knew what that form was. He would then explain to them what he knew about this form as being the Sun God Nika, once again leaving them surprised. He even went as far as sharing his theories about why Devil Fruits were created with the Straw Hats, showing he had enough trust in them to share what he knew about human's most desires, as he was putting it.

When the Stella Vegapunk later encountered Luffy's group, he immediately recognized Luffy as the son of Monkey D. Dragon and asked him to take him away from Egghead. Vegapunk would explain his ultimate goal as well his background to the group, putting enough trust into them though he had just met them. He would even fall into funny interactions with Luffy about his extraordinary knowledge and Luffy's seemingly disinterest in such matters. His trust would go to such lengths as that he was considering Luffy and the Straw Hats the only people capable of taking him away from Egghead and keeping him safe from the World Government's clutches, a mutual feeling that was shared by Luffy who agreed to take Vegapunk with them. Vegapunk's faith in Luffy's abilities is strengthen by him being the Sun God Nika, believing even a Buster Call is a trivial problem for him.

Franky, being a fellow scientist with a passion for creativity, is a huge admirer of Vegapunk since reading his notes on Baldimore and is increasingly impressed upon meeting the scientist (and his satellites) in person. Nami and Usopp, however, are more wary of him despite their impression on his genius, due to his inventions being a potential threat towards them and pirates in general. Nami vehemently objected bringing Vegapunk and his satellites with them on their ship because she does not want to deal the potential problems of doing so, despite the many advantages of having the world's smartest person as an ally. Robin is grateful to Vegapunk for protecting Ohara's legacy and revealing to her that her old friend she thought was dead was actually alive. Chopper is greatly impressed by many of Vegapunk's inventions, especially his medical purpose ones.

When Vegapunk went missing, Luffy and Chopper were searching for him, as the crew would not leave Egghead without him. Luffy and his allies freed Vegapunk from his captured and detained York. Later, when Vegapunk tragically died, Sanji would carry (unknowingly) his already dead body with him, not leaving him behind and still hoping Vegapunk would get up, all while protecting him from any harm incoming.

Luffy called Vegapunk as "Old Man Apple" and like Sentomaru, he also called Vegapunk as "Old Man Punk".

Monkey D. Dragon[]

Vegapunk had a cordial relationship with Monkey D. Dragon, the Revolutionary. Though Vegapunk shares Dragon's contempt with the World Government's corruption, he did not join the Revolutionary Army when Dragon invited him, as he deemed the army to be poor. Regardless, the two shared their respect for Clover and worked to ensure the famous archaeologist's death will not be in vain.[3] Also, those two do keep in contact with each other as it was Dragon who recommended the scientist to Kuma, who was looking for a cure for Jewelry Bonney.


Vegapunk was a friend of the famous archaeologist, Professor Clover, and one of the few people to know his true name.[44] He was devastated when the Government launched a Buster Call and propaganda against Ohara for their research of the Void Century, and paid tribute to the lives lost there by placing flowers. Despite his earlier hesitation on the subject,[44] Vegapunk also went to Elbaf to read the library of books that the New Giant Warrior Pirates retrieved and saved, intending to continue Clover's research and legacy.[3]

Jewelry Bonney[]

Bonney Hugs Vegapunk

Bonney forgiving Vegapunk

Vegapunk knew Bonney since she was a child. However, Bonney held a grudge against him for turning her father Kuma into a mindless cyborg, and upon meeting him, she threatened to kill him and demanded that he change her father back to normal, it was then unknown that Vegapunk would act in rebellion against Saturn by turning Kuma into a cyborg without conscience. Vegapunk has shown to understand the reason why Bonney held a grudge against him and wished to do something for her. After learning the truth, her resentment toward Vegapunk was redirected to Saturn.

Vegapunk greatly cared about Bonney's safety, putting her life and safety above his own. He especially worried about what would happen if Bonney, being a pirate, end up encountering a Pacifista or worse, her own father Kuma. Not wanting to see Bonney getting killed by a clone of her beloved father or Kuma killing his beloved daughter, Vegapunk secretly gave Bonney the highest authority over the Pacifista.


Stussy is the first successful clone that Vegapunk and MADS managed to create.[45] She was loyal to Vegapunk, and despite serving as a spy in the World Government for him for over two decades, she was awaiting for his orders to help him even if it meant betraying CP0.[46][47] She mentions to have visited Egghead in the past.[48] Stussy would protect Vegapunk from Rob Lucci, using herself as a human shield.[49]

Abilities and Powers[]

Being held in regard by most of the world as the world's smartest man, Vegapunk had contributed to numerous technological developments and was seen as one of the most notable figures in the world. Vegapunk was notable for having formerly led MADS, a rogue research team involved in several scientific discoveries and development of weapons. After this, he began working for the World Government and became one of their scientists, holding a very high position within the organization as one of their leading scientific authorities for several years. Vegapunk was in charge of a number of highly advanced Marine and government facilities, such as Punk Hazard and Egghead. He was the leader of the Marines' scientific research and development team, The "Science Unit" (科学部隊, Kagaku Butai?) which is responsible for most of the special technology found in the hands of Marines, including, for example, the use of Seastone lining on Marine battleships, which allows those to cross the Calm Belt without disturbing the resident Sea Kings. Another major achievement of this unit consists of the Pacifista project.

In addition to the normal Science Unit of the Marines, Vegapunk was in charge of the SSG, the special science division, which provided advanced technology and weaponry for the World Government, including not only the Pacifista, but also the Seraphim, which the Government hoped would be able to replace the Seven Warlords system as one of the current Three Great Powers. As the lead Scientist of both units, Vegapunk was in charge of every other scientist and researcher on the island of Egghead, with this authority being shared with his Satellites, who split his workload and responsibilities equally with him in order for him to focus on new innovations. As the creator of the Pacifista and Seraphim, Vegapunk has command over all of them, and is able to give them orders of any kind as a result, with his authority being the third highest, being shared with his satellites and being overruled only by the Five Elders themselves, who lead the World Government, and Jewelry Bonney, who he secretly put her as the highest authority.

After the discovery of his research into the Void Century, Vegapunk was stripped of his authority within the World Government and Marines and was considered to be a security risk for the organization, so much so that the Five Elders ordered his assassination despite his importance and worth to the World Government.

Scientific Expertise[]

While it is unclear when Vegapunk started using his satellites to split his workload, he himself is famed as the greatest scientific genius the world has ever known, having tremendous knowledge and unmatched understanding in all fields of science, from cell biology to military technology, at the beginning of his work on Karakuri Island as noted by Franky. His scientific expertise is said to be at least 500 years ahead of his contemporaries.[11] It seems that even in his youth, the scientist was a prodigy already considered a genius, but lacked the skills, funds, and materials to develop his inventions, although that did not stop him from theorizing the creation of Pacifista cyborgs, including their laser weapons back then. This is proven by the fact that Franky was able to recreate the technologies by studying the blueprints Vegapunk left behind on his home island. Regardless, the creations and blueprints that he has left behind are considered invaluable, and any damage inflicted to them is considered a crime.[50] The lasers that are installed into the Pacifista were apparently supposed to be so advanced, that only Vegapunk knew how to create them. It was also stated that the dragons found on Punk Hazard were Vegapunk's own creations.

Vegapunk had a deep knowledge and understanding of Devil Fruits, having studied many old texts about them. He was the only known person beside The Five Elders to realize the true nature of Luffy's Devil Fruit after witnessing his awakened form. He discovered exactly how Devil Fruit powers are transferred over to a user, and he was also the scientist behind the method of adding Devil Fruit powers into inanimate objects, such as swords and guns.[51] By using this method, he was able to create a unique blood for his latest creation, the Seraphim, by extracting the Lineage Factor of a Paramecia User, synthesizing it, creating the so-called "Green Blood". He even went as far as having developed a theory about how Devil Fruits came into existence from his knowledge, theorizing that Devil Fruits are the embodiment of what humans desire and could become, which is also the reason why the sea, which he calls "the mother of nature" rejects any Devil Fruit user and makes them unable to swim, as such behavior is loathed by the sea and it considers these wishes to transcend the world people wish to live in as "abnormalities".[36]

Medical Expertise[]

Vegapunk was an unrivaled medical genius, aided by his immense talents in medical biology including the applications of the Lineage Factor, which gave him great insights into biology and genetics, to the point of being able to perfectly create Cyborgs with partially or fully integrated bodies, create clones, and even out right produce artificial life. He was the one who modified Bartholomew Kuma into a cyborg,[11] and he has produced many Pacifista replicas of him as well, granting them some of the abilities of Kizaru's Devil Fruit in the process.[52] These replicas bleed actual blood, like Kuma himself. However, they lack Kuma's own Devil Fruit abilities. After the two-year timeskip, Sentomaru revealed that the latest Pacifista had been further modified;[53] these were later revealed to be the Seraphim, replicas of the Seven Warlords of the Sea in their youth, albeit with Lunarian traits.[54] As noted by Chopper, Vegapunk also pioneer organ culture, the science of cultivation of either whole organs or parts of organs in vitro. Vegapunk also developed stem cell therapy which he used to cure Bonney of Sapphire Scales which is considered incurable by his contemporary doctors.

Perhaps Vegapunk's greatest medical feat is surgically removing his own giant head and part of his brain without killing himself.

Engineering Expertise[]

Vegapunk was a tremendously talented inventor, engineer and mechanic whose genius has allowed him to specialize and produce the creation of multiple inventions and technology so advanced, that it's been stated that it would take the rest of the world 500 years to keep up with him and his inventions. His skill is great enough to be able to develop a number of cutting-edge technologies, such as Cyborgs and Robots. In his early years, he was responsible for turning his homeland of Karakuri Island into a technological marvel, with the island being known as the "Future Island" for its tech and was responsible for turning a majority of the wildlife on the island into a Cyborg workforce to help build a lot of the tech that the island was known for. As the leading scientist of the World Government and Marines, Vegapunk was responsible for the creation of a lot of the technological advancements that they actively deploy, namely Seastone-covered battleships and equipment, and also various weapons from traditional military weaponry, to living weapons like the Pacifista and the Seraphim. Just like with Karakuri Island, Vegapunk turned the island of Egghead into a "Future Island" with a wide variety of advanced technology stemming from climate altering tech, to holograms and mechanized wildlife, to machines that automatically produce clothing and food, to even a state of the art lab facility built on top of artificially created Sea and Island clouds with advanced security. Like his early blueprints and creations, Vegapunk's many inventions on Egghead are immensely invaluable, with the destruction of any of them being a considerable loss for the World Government.[7]


Via his research, he discovered ways of allowing Marine ships to pass through the Calm Belts without fear of a Sea King attack, by covering the bottom of the ships with Seastone.


Continuing Clover's research to honor his memory, Vegapunk has read and fully memorized every single book that had been rescued from Ohara. He was able to uncover many secrets from the Void Century and read the Poneglyphs which led the Five Elders to order his assassination for knowing too much.

Devil Fruit[]

Further information: Nomi Nomi no Mi

Vegapunk ate the Nomi Nomi no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allowed his brain to store an indefinite amount of information and eidetically recall everything he has ever learned. It also caused his brain and head to expand continuously as he acquires new knowledge.[55] While Vegapunk was already a natural genius, the Nomi Nomi no Mi absolutely enhanced his mental efficiency and aptitude for learning and research such as his scientific genius which is unparalleled compared to the rest of the world, making futuristic breakthrough in science and technology by at least five hundred years.


Due to splitting himself up into six people, Vegapunk was able to be many times more productive as his satellites are capable of working independently at the same time. The fact that each of his satellites can also be equipped with weapons, vehicles, and technology also made Vegapunk drastically more difficult to handle in combat. The satellites are capable of communicating with each other via an earpiece and may also share senses as Shaka was able to see what was around Lilith while the two of them were in different locations.[7] Necessary bodily functions can be assigned to one satellite, allowing the others to forgo them. Currently, York is tasked with eating, sleeping, urinating, and defecating on behalf of the rest of the satellites.[56] One of the only downsides to Vegapunk splitting himself up into six people, is that the satellites have just as much free will and independent thought as the original Vegapunk, and are more than capable of thinking and doing things for their own self interests. York secretly had the ambition to become a Celestial Dragon, was not only prepared to betray her fellow Vegapunks, but even orchestrate multiple events and leak information directly to the World Government about Vegapunk's research, all in order to have Vegapunk and the other Satellites killed so the World Government would grant her wish of becoming a Celestial Dragon.

Scientific Achievements[]

The following is a list of the research projects done under the name Vegapunk, and it is unknown for some of them whether it was Vegapunk himself or one of the satellites that is responsible for them.

Name Image Description Creator
Biology and Geology
Seastone ship hull Seastone Ship Utilizing Seastone on ships to ward off Sea Kings, enabling passage through infested areas such as the Calm Belt.[51][57] Unknown
Island-wide climate control Island Wide Climate Control This was first attempted on Karakuri Island with a large geothermal heating system, but it was never completed and later destroyed by Franky.[50] It was later accomplished successfully on Egghead; Vegapunk intends on developing it further to potentially achieve weather control.[7] Vegapunk
Manufactured Island and Sea Clouds Egghead Levels Normally, these clouds cannot exist at Blue Sea level, however on Egghead, Vegapunk developed an island-wide air conditioning system that controls and regulates Egghead's climate and modifies the density of pyrobloin and moisture in the condensation nuclei, thus re-creating sea clouds and island clouds from the sky islands.[58] Vegapunk
Lineage Factor Research Lineage Factor Infobox Discovering the existence of the Lineage Factor (along with Vinsmoke Judge) and successfully manipulating it for biological experiments.[4] Vegapunk
Cloning Research Soldier Stock Depot With the study of the Lineage Factor came the knowledge of Cloning.[4] Vegapunk has used his cloning research for a number of projects, including the Pacifista and Seraphim, creating mindless, emotionless living weapons in the process.[59] Vegapunk
Artificial lifeform creation Dragon Number Thirteen Anime Infobox He has used it to successfully create at least two artificial lifeforms: Dragon Number Thirteen and a smaller dragon.[28][29] Unknown
Gigantification Research Gigantification Silhouettes He has attempted to use it to turn people into giants but has been unsuccessful so far. Unknown
GP Flowers (GPフラワー, Jī-Pī Furawā?) GP Flowers Flowers that bloom out of gunpowder. This achievement earned him the Ibel Peace Prize (イベル平和賞, Iberu Heiwa Shō?). These flowers were later utilized as ammunition for rifles and other weapons, as seen when SWORD member Hibari used a sniper filled with GP Flower bullets. Vegapunk
Synthetic Diamonds (人工ダイヤ, Jinkō Daiya?) Synthetic Diamonds Artificial diamonds created for industrial purposes.[60] Unknown
Organoid (人工臓器オルガノイド, Oruganoido?) Living Organoids Lab-grown organs, meant to be for the future of medicine.[60] Unknown
Devil Fruits Research
Creating living weapons Vegapunk's Research Enabling inanimate objects to "eat" fruits and gain their powers.[61] Vegapunk
Replicating Devil Fruit powers Kuma Fires A Laser Beam Artificially replicate Devil Fruit powers for other weapons (namely, developing lasers by researching the mechanics of the Pika Pika no Mi).[52] Vegapunk
The science of Devil Fruits Artificial Devil Fruit Infobox He discovered that Devil Fruits alter the Lineage Factors of their consumers,[61][62] and utilized Kaidou's Lineage Factor to create an artificial replica of the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu. It was labeled a failure,[30] solely due the incorrect coloration of Momonosuke's Dragon form,[31] and so its consumer has managed to manifest many of the same abilities. Vegapunk
Green Blood Green Blood Infobox A substance created from the Lineage Factor of Paramecia-type Devil Fruit users, in order to replicate those fruits abilities. Vegapunk
Vegaforce-01 Vegaforce-01 Infobox Created and pilots an enormous mecha called the Vegaforce-01.[2] Lilith
Cyborgs modifications Cyborgs Infobox Modifying numerous people and animals into cyborgs, including creatures as powerful as Sea Beasts, and developing methods to repress free will and turn those modified into unthinking servants.[11] Vegapunk
Pacifista Project Pacifista Army Creating the Pacifista, dozens of extremely powerful modified clones of Bartholomew Kuma, as well as Kuma himself, with advanced weaponry built into their bodies. Vegapunk
Seraphim Project Seraphim Infobox Creating Pacifista units known as the Seraphim, with lunarian traits and to resemblance the Warlords in their youth.[54] Vegapunk[63] and Satellites[64]
Sea Beast Weapons Sea Beast Weapons Infobox Weaponizing Sea Beasts and marine lifeforms. This project has been running into issues with the cyborgs' primal instincts overriding their programming.[2] Lilith
Beam Saber (ビームサーベル, Bīmu Sāberu?) Beam Saber InactiveBeam Saber A device capable of emitting a beam of light that acts as a blade. One is discovered in a junkyard and picked up Jewelry Bonney.[65] It was described as a failure by Vegapunk, and the light has the negative side effect of emitting such a bright light to attract countless insects.[66] Unknown
Bubble Gun (バブルガン, Baburu Gan?)[67] Bubble Gun A pistol that shoots giant bubbles. The bubbles are made of sea energy and thus weaken any Devil Fruit user who touches or are encased by them. They also don’t pop as easily as regular bubbles. A rifle variant is also possessed by Lilith. Lilith
Mother Flame Mother Flame Power Plant An alternate energy source created by Vegapunk, which Imu and the Five Elders used to empower an Ancient Weapon to wipe out Lulusia Kingdom. Vegapunk
Vegatank-08 Vegatank-08 A spherical vehicle used to travel on Egghead. The wheels are made of Island Clouds, so it can drive up and down vertical surfaces without falling, and the cockpit is a selectively-permeable resin bubble that can be entered and exited with sufficient force. Unknown
Various Vegapunk's Old Blueprints Many blueprints of unmade creations (destroyed).[50] Vegapunk
Gas-proof suits Punk Hazard Hazmat Men Suits that enable the wearer to work in areas with airborne toxins.[68] Unknown
Satellites Satellites Splitting himself using unknown means to additional six individuals.[7] Vegapunk
Cooking Machine Cooking Machine A machine which can make a wide variety of food from an unknown substance on demand. Intended for mass production, which has yet to happen due to a lack of sufficiently skilled technicians.[7] Atlas
Holograms Hologram Lifelike holograms of various lifeforms able to interact with their surroundings.[7] Atlas
Light-Pressure Gloves (光圧グローブ, Kōatsu Gurōbu?) Light-Pressure Gloves Grant the ability to interact with light particles as though they were solid, tangible matter. Enables interaction with holograms as though they were real.[7] Atlas
Jetpacks Atlas's Jetpacks Allows to wearer to propelled themselves upwards.[7] Atlas
Recycle-Wan Recycle-Wan Eats Litter A mechanical dog-like creature that eats scraps and litter. As its name suggests, it is used for recycling.[69] Unknown
Trancos (更衣室トランコス, Torankosu?, literally meaning "changing room")[58] Clothing Machine A machine which can provide various clothes from futuristic battle attire to casual clothing.[69] Unknown
Non-Solid Gate Solid Gate Solid gates that become non-solid when someone passes through.[70] Unknown
DOM Shoes (DOMドムシューズ, Domu Shūzu?) DOM Shoes Shoes that can be adjusted to fit any wearer by pulling a lever. Despite their bulky appearance, they are very light.[71] They can be magnetized to the floor of Egghead and moved remotely,[72] or propel the wearer into the air by pushing a button.[73] Unknown
Warping Warping The technological capacity to warp through space. It can teleport Vegapunk from the Fabiriophase to the Labophase,[74] but has been seen to malfunction when warping through solid objects.[75] Vegapunk
Vacuum Rocket Vacuum Rocket A sealed capsule similar to a rollercoaster car, which is sucked through a winding glass pneumatic tube to transport riders between the Fabiriophase and Labophase at high speeds. The full ride takes about half a minute.[76] Unknown
Bubble Shield (バブルシールド, Baburu Shīrudo?) Bubble Shield A resin bubble that is strong enough to block and reflect back bazooka-fire. The Pacifistas Mark III have been outfitted with them.[77] Vegapunk
Transmission Den Den Mushi Livestream Den Den Mushi A Den Den Mushi with the ability to broadcast across the world.[78][79] Vegapunk[80]



Early Life[]

Vegapunk was born 65 years ago in the Future Country Baldimore on Karakuri Island. As a child, he designed and built several devices in his lab, including robotic animals. He also had hundreds of other ideas, ranging from weapons to experimenting with cellular structures. He once tried to create an in-ground heating system for the island's people using modified animals as his labor force. Unfortunately, Vegapunk lacked the tools and the funds needed to complete his project, but he was able to touch the people's hearts.[81]

At some point, Vegapunk ate the Nomi Nomi no Mi, which caused his brain and head to expand continuously as he acquired new knowledge.[55]

MADS Members

Vegapunk as part of MADS.

Vegapunk later led the illegal research team, MADS and worked alongside Vinsmoke Judge, Caesar Clown, Queen, and Buckingham Stussy. While the other scientists focused on creating weapons, Vegapunk pursued peace-promoting products, like the GP Flowers which earned him the Ibel Peace Prize.[82] This led to the Five Elders inviting Vegapunk to meet them in Mary Geoise.[83] During this time, Vegapunk also discovered the Lineage Factor,[4] and the MADS team successfully created a clone of Stussy.[45] When the World Government deemed research into the Lineage Factor as a threat, they forced MADS to disband but allowed Vegapunk and most of the other scientists to continue working for them.[4]

Service to the World Government[]

After going to work for the World Government, Vegapunk became famous for his Devil Fruit research and for discovering that Seastone can counteract the effects of Devil Fruit on the user.[10] He also visited Mary Geoise at some point, alongside his Satellites. While Vegapunk and most of his Satellites saw the World Nobles' cruelty as horrendous and looked down on them for it, little did they knew at the time that York secretly desired to become a Celestial Dragon herself, even if it meant betraying her peers.[33]

Around 33 years ago, when Kaidou was captured by the Marines, Vegapunk was able to extract a sample of his Lineage Factor to replicate his Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu Devil Fruit, although the results were noted to be unsatisfactory. The World Government wanted him to give the fruit to them, but Vegapunk considered it a failure and refused, leaving it on the island of Punk Hazard.[84] Sometime later, Kaidou escaped Vegapunk's facility together with Alber, a lunarian who had also been captured and undergone experimentation.[85]

At some point, Vegapunk became acquainted with Borsalino, and while on a trip to deal with a bear attack, encountered a boy named Sentomaru, who had already defeated the bears. Sentomaru revealed he was kicked out of his village and requested a job to Vegapunk. Vegapunk acknowledged the boy's strength and agreed to hire him as his personal bodyguard.[86] Later on, Borsalino agreed to let Vegapunk study the ability of his Pika Pika no Mi for a future project.[87]

26 years ago, Vegapunk met with Claíomh D. Clover at the entrance to Punk Hazard, with Clover requesting Vegapunk's assistance in researching the Void Century. Due to the heavy risk presented from such a task, Vegapunk denied helping. Upon hearing of the death of Clover's brother as a result of his name, Vegapunk remained adamant with his initial decision, although he agreed to remain silent on the matter.[44]

Vegapunk Visits Elbaf

Vegapunk visits Elbaf and its library of books salvaged from Ohara.

22 years ago, Vegapunk would receive news of the Ohara Incident at his lab in Punk Hazard, taking note of Robin's Wanted Poster.[44] Several months later, Vegapunk took a trip to Ohara to pay his respects to the late Professor Clover. He came across the lake in the center of the island filled with books, and the realization that this was the final stand made by Ohara's scholars brought him to tears. Vegapunk noticed a group of giants pulling the books from the lake before being approached by Monkey D. Dragon, who had also come to pay his respects. Dragon explained to him that the giants were from Elbaf, and that they knew the value of the books. Dragon lamented Vegapunk's refusal to join the Freedom Fighters due to lack of resources, but Vegapunk explained that he felt his abilities were put to better use with the World Government. Though he wished to take the books with him back to Punk Hazard, Vegapunk feared that his superiors would hear about the survival of Ohara's library, and so he entrusted them to the giants. Vegapunk later took a secret visit to Elbaf to read all of the rescued books in order to carry on the work of researching them. There, he met Jaguar D. Saul, who had led the giants in salvaging the books.[88]

Vegapunk Dismisses Caesar

Vegapunk tells Caesar that he is dismissed.

Four years prior to the current storyline, Vegapunk was leading chemical weapons tests in his lab on Punk Hazard. His former colleague, Caesar Clown, created an extremely powerful chemical weapon. When Vegapunk attempted to dismiss Caesar for his reckless behavior, Caesar retaliated by detonating that weapon, turning Punk Hazard into a wasteland.[1] The island was closed off after this incident and a dragon that Vegapunk had created was also abandoned. Since Vegapunk had been leading the experiments, he was blamed for the incident.[89]

Kuma and Bonney meet Vegapunk

Vegapunk meets Kuma and Bonney.

Shortly after this event, Vegapunk was transferred to a new facility on Egghead, still under employment of the World Government. At the suggestion of Dragon, Bartholomew Kuma decided to take his daughter Jewelry Bonney to see him in an attempt to cure her Sapphire Scales disease. Vegapunk was surprised by Kuma's sudden appearance, but quickly moved past it. When Kuma asked Vegapunk if he could cure Bonney's disease, Vegapunk confirmed he could indeed cure her, and explained that he would perform a stem cell transplant. Vegapunk was then shocked to learn that Kuma was a Buccaneer after checking his blood, although he had not enough samples to answer Kuma's questions about his heritage. After discovering this fact, Vegapunk offered to waive the expenses for Bonney's transplant, as long as he was allowed to clone Kuma. Kuma was shocked at the offer, but accepted it nonetheless, as Bonney's safety was his top priority, leading to the creation of the Pacifista human weapons.[40][11]

During his time with Kuma, Vegapunk was visited by Borsalino (promoted to admiral under the pseudonym of Kizaru), which put him on edge as he knew he was there with a Marine fleet to which Kizaru defended himself claiming he was just doing his job. Carrying a Den Den Mushi with Jaygarcia Saturn on the line, he was not fond of his dealings with Kuma or him being used as the model for the Pacifista project; however, he relented on the condition that certain demands be made. The demands were that Kuma must become a Warlord of the Sea, that he must become a human weapon for the government, and that his memories must be erased for total control. These conditions outraged Vegapunk and he argued that these conditions would effective Kuma; however, Kuma agreed with these conditions as it would be the only way he could save Bonney, bringing Vegapunk to tears and leaving Kizaru distraught.

Saturn Negotiating With Kuma

Vegapunk overhears Saturn's demands for Kuma's modifications and Bonney's cure.

Saturn asked Vegapunk how long it would take to cure the Sapphire Scales, to which he stated would be up to half a year and another full year for her to be able to go outside. Hearing this, Saturn decided to make Bonney a hostage and placed her under government watch, until Kuma's free will was completely erased. This angered Vegapunk again, arguing that both Kuma and Bonney would never be able to see each other again. Saturn brushed this off, saying that if this order is violated, Bonney would be made into a slave. While Kuma and Bonney went through with testing, Vegapunk began writing down his weapon ideas with even more ideas flowing through his head, wishing that there were five of him to keep up with his ideas. As the months went on, Vegapunk became close with Kuma and Bonney, eating pizza and partying with them, alongside Kizaru and Sentomaru, when they had the time. Six months later, Vegapunk happily told Bonney that in one more year she would be able to go out into the sunlight and told Bonney she could come back to the lab after she was cured, with Kuma thanking him.[35]

About a year afterwards, Vegapunk had his large head surgically cut off and his brain removed and stored into Punk Records and replaced the top of his head with an apple top head. While Kuma underwent his modifications, Stussy commented on Vegapunk's brain removal, while also pondering on if Kuma's fate of being a human with no will would be worse than a clone with a will, to which he replied that she was human. Kuma questioned what would happen if he lost his free will; Vegapunk answered that it would mean losing human emotions and memories, but ensured Kuma that he would have at least one more year to retain bare minimum of consciousness.[23]

Following the incident at Enies Lobby, Vegapunk was at Egghead talking with Kuma about the Pacifista's augmentation going well and asked Kuma if he was aware of the boy who declared war on the World Government, causing Kuma to reveal to Vegapunk that he was Dragon's son. Vegapunk was surprised by this news and mused with Kuma over the similarities Luffy's powers had to Nika. During this time, he enlisted Kuma's help in researching memories since the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi's ability could make them tangible.[41] With his research on Kizaru's Devil Fruit powers, Vegapunk managed to replicate them and manufacture functional and tangible laser beams that cause damage, becoming the only person in the world with the technological prowess.[52] His attempts to replicate Paramecia Devil Fruits resulted in the creation of Green Blood.[90] Prior to the Summit War of Marineford, when the time came for Vegapunk to perform the final operation on Kuma, he argued with Saturn on implanting a self-destruct switch on Kuma and attempted to reason with Saturn on allowing bare minimum consciousness for him before the operation, but the elder refused. Kuma had overheard this and finished his original agreement with Vegapunk to use the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi's ability to create a copy of his memories to study, Vegapunk then tearfully proceeded with the operation of removing the last of Kuma's free will while various doctors and Sentomaru prayed for him.[91][26] However, upon Kuma's request, Vegapunk programmed the mission to protect the Thousand Sunny into Kuma's memory banks.[43]

Three months prior to the Egghead Incident, CP5 investigated Vegapunk for researching the Void Century.[92]

Prior to the Levely, Admiral Fujitora met with Vegapunk, and the scientist revealed the Seraphim,[93] which were the culmination of Vegapunk's research into cloning, cyborgs, Devil Fruits, and lunarians.[63]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

While Vegapunk was working on a warping experiment, it backfired, and he got stuck inside the Iron Giant's armor. Luffy headed his way to help Vegapunk and freed him. Vegapunk then thanked him and recognized him as Dragon's son, knowing he would come to Egghead. However, he ended up flying too high in the air due to his boots and begged for help once more.[3]

Bonney threatens Vegapunk

Vegapunk is threatened by Bonney.

Vegapunk later explained to the group his background, his satellites and the meaning behind Punk Records. as well as his ultimate goal to have a database everybody had access to. He was, though, confronted by an extremely angry Bonney, who demanded Vegapunk explain his reasons for turning her father into a cyborg, even threatening him with a beam saber she had found earlier. However, the saber attracted a horde of insects, and after she passed out, Vegapunk admitted to Luffy, Chopper, and Jinbe that he did not blame Bonney for hating him, well understanding of her resentment. However, he then added he had something he had wanted to give to her.[94]

Vegapunk then excitedly explained to the group his ultimate goal of providing free energy for everybody around the world, mentioning the existence of an "ancient energy" that he believed was the Iron Giant's power source. However, because of his studies about said energy, he was fully aware he had uncovered too much of the past and that the Government wanted him dead, requesting Luffy to take him out to the sea with him and his crew. After Luffy agreed, Vegapunk told them to get to the Labophase, vanishing seconds later himself.[95]

It turned out Vegapunk had warped himself into the Labophase, appearing in the Observation Room where the other Satellites and the Straw Hats were observing Luffy's fight against Lucci. He then clarified the true nature of Luffy's Devil Fruit, mentioning that there was no such thing as a "Gomu Gomu no Mi". He marvelously observed Luffy's Gear 5 form and explained to the Straw Hats that this form resembled a god from the ancient texts, who was supposed to be a warrior of liberation who would bring smiles to people, called Nika. Hearing that the Straw Hats never heard of this name, he explained to them that this name had been erased from history, but would always exist as long as people wished for him, concluding that all things were brought into the world with hope, including Devil Fruits. He then shared his theory about the existence of Devil Fruits with the Straw Hats, theorizing that every Devil Fruit was a possibility for human evolution that someone had desired beforehand. He concluded his theory by explaining that those with powers would exist in different dimensions dreamed up by someone else before them, leaving every single Straw Hat speechless at this theory.[36]

Vegapunk then went on to explain to the Straw Hats how he was able to replicate Devil Fruits into Artificial Fruits, divulging that he could only so far recreate Zoan Devil Fruits, distancing himself from Caesar's SMILE fruits by saying his process was vastly different and more acceptable than his. He then revealed that he had found a way of replicating Paramecia Devil Fruits by synthesizing the blood from a Paramecia User's Lineage Factor. Vegapunk concluded his explanation by stating that the Seraphim are the culmination of all his ideas, referring to them as "The Strongest Form of Humanity".[96]

When Luffy's group later arrived at the Labophase, Vegapunk was chased by a furious Bonney who demanded that he reverse the Pacifista modifications and turn her father back to normal, ignoring his pleas to listen to him. However, Vegapunk confessed that the process was irreversible, but he had a good reason for it.[97] Bonney, cunningly, turned herself into a child to divert Vegapunk's focus and, in a second of his carelessness, turned into a future version of herself and struck at him with Distortion Future. Vegapunk evaded her assault but was then successfully hit with Toshi Tsuki, turning him into a little child, unable to escape her grasp. She then once again demanded to know why Vegapunk took Kuma's personality from him, but Vegapunk once again replied he could not tell her due to a promise with Kuma. Bonney, however, was unsatisfied by this answer and angrily slammed the child-turned Vegapunk on the ground before turning her attention to a mysterious door. Vegapunk warned Bonney not to touch the bubble she had found there, but Bonney dismissed his words, throwing him off the room.[98]

Vegapunk Imprisoned in Labophase

Vegapunk imprisoned alongside the captured Cipher Pol agents.

Vegapunk was then abducted[99] and imprisoned deep within the Labophase along with the other Cipher Pol agents who had disappeared after their visits to Egghead. He confessed to a CP5 member he had no idea they were locked up down here for so long, and also realized that their imprisonment was connected to his research into the Poneglyphs, which had been leaked to the World Government.[100] Shaka eventually found Vegapunk, but was then shot in the head by York, leaving Vegapunk surprised.[101] Vegapunk became furious and asked her if she was the one who imprisoned the Cipher Pol agents, but York replied that she wanted to be a World Noble. Vegapunk became confused and asked York why she would want to be like them. York laughed in response, further adding that the world only needed one Vegapunk.[33]

At some point, Vegapunk was freed from captivity and reunited with Bonney near the PAW room. She then gifted her a sapphire necklace, apparently from Kuma, and clarified to her about his role in Kuma's transformation into a human weapon. Having learned the truth of what had happened, Bonney apologized to Vegapunk and happily accepted his gift.

Vegapunk then returned to the Control Room with Bonney, where the Straw Hats and CP0 had gathered together after foiling York's plans.[102] Upon hearing from Stussy that the Marines had surrounded Egghead, Vegapunk asked Nami about her Log Pose while setting up a plan to escape to Elbaf. He planned to use the Vegaforce-01 to fly the Thousand Sunny over the Marine blockade and assigned Lilith to be the robot's pilot. When he mentioned that the robot would fall outside of Egghead's airspace, Franky assured him that a Coup de Burst from the Thousand Sunny would guarantee an escape from the Marines. Since York had put a password on the Frontier Dome preventing anyone from escaping, however, Vegapunk, along with Edison and Atlas, began to crack her code.[103]

Stussy Saves Vegapunk

Stussy protects Vegapunk.

While continuing to work on cracking the code, Vegapunk was alerted by Usopp that the Marines were beginning their assault. Vegapunk was confused by this, proclaiming that the island's defenses were nigh impenetrable. Upon realization that it was actually Kizaru on the island, Vegapunk felt terrible about Sentomaru having to fight him, and said it was alright for him to flee if he could not bring himself to do it. Sentomaru's defeat caused Vegapunk to break into tears, although he refused to give up on trying to get the barrier down. A moment later, as soon as Kizaru arrived in the Labophase, Rob Lucci attempted to kill Vegapunk amidst the confusion. Stussy, who noticed just in time, quickly stepped in front of Vegapunk and took the attack in his place, promptly collapsing to the ground, but saving Vegapunk's life.[104]

Her sacrifice later enabled Vegapunk to successfully crack the password and disable the Frontier Dome's defense system, celebrating alongside Atlas and Edison for doing so. Having done that, Vegapunk then contacted Franky, asking if the Vegaforce-01 had been brought into position, not knowing it had gotten destroyed by Kizaru. Much to everyone's horror, including Vegapunk, Kizaru later appeared in the Control Room to fulfill his mission, but before he could execute it, Kizaru was grabbed by a giant Luffy, much to Vegapunk's surprise.[105] When Atlas said she was going to leave to regain control of the Pacifista, Vegapunk wanted to come with her to save Bonney after finding out she was alive, despite being told that the Marines were after him. He contacted Franky and Sanji of the situation and the two decided to help him. Vegapunk and Atlas then left the Control Room in the Vegatank-08 to go rescue Bonney, with Vegapunk saying he would not leave her to die.[106]

Vegapunk entrusted Sanji to rescue Bonney before the tank could reach the Fabiriophase, and the group was successful in recovering her. As the group headed back up to the Labophase, they witnessed Jaygarcia Saturn's arrival. Kizaru then destroyed the clouds the Vegatank-08 was riding on, which sent it crashing onto the ground. Upon landing, Vegapunk's group was cornered by Saturn.[107] After Bonney tried to attack Saturn and was caught by him, Vegapunk's group tried to rescue her. However, they found themselves unable to move, which Vegapunk speculated was because of Saturn's Devil Fruit ability. They were forced to watch as the Marines raised their weapons to execute Bonney.[108] As Vegapunk was still unable to move, Saturn revealed to Bonney he was the one responsible for giving her and her mother Ginny Sapphire Scales due to a failed experiment. Vegapunk grew furious with Saturn for being the cause of tearing Kuma's family apart and hiding the disease under the guise of a bargaining deal, but Saturn dismissed this claiming he did not bother with the feelings of those beneath him.

When a Marine in the area notified Saturn that Kuma himself had arrived at the island, Vegapunk grew shocked as to why.[109] After Kuma punched Saturn, Vegapunk thought to himself on how this was possible as the self-destruct switch he was forced to implant in Kuma would instead shut down his entire body, coming to the conclusion that it must have been a specific aspect of the Buccaneers. Saturn then questioned Vegapunk on how Kuma could move as he had activated the self-destruct command days ago, but Vegapunk did not elaborate further beyond claiming that it was the "power of love". Vegapunk then ordered Atlas to carry Kuma back to the Labophase, but Kizaru intervened. Disappointed about Kizaru's role in all this, Vegapunk spared no kind words to his "friend".[110]

Vegapunk Watches Egghead Destruction

Vegapunk witnesses the destruction of his work.

After hearing about the oncoming destruction of Egghead from a Buster Call, Vegapunk begged Saturn and Kizaru to call it off, as destroying Egghead would cause severe scientific setbacks. Despite his pleas, his concerns were met with contempt from Saturn, and silence from Kizaru. Saturn then elected to inform Vegapunk that he had ordered the destruction of a vessel carrying Egghead researchers. Vegapunk was horrified at the news, and angrily told Saturn that said researchers had nothing to do with his Void Century research. Saturn once again rejected Vegapunk's concerns, instead telling him that it was his own fault that the current events were transpiring. Moments later, the Buster Call began, and Vegapunk silently watched as his years of research on Egghead were reduced to rubble via bombardment. To make matters worse, Kizaru prevented Vegapunk's allies from escaping while Saturn ordered the Pacifista to shoot them down. Vegapunk watched and remembered dwelling on this specific scenario, citing that the Pacifista may be clones of Kuma, but none of them cared about Bonney or Kuma's friends.[111]

Saturn Stabs Vegapunk

Saturn impales Vegapunk.

Knowing that he could not let the very idea of Kuma attacking Bonney become a reality, Vegapunk quickly ordered Atlas to inform Bonney of her special status in the command hierarchy. Upon learning of this, Bonney ordered the Pacifista to help them all escape Egghead, to which they responded by attacking the Marines. Vegapunk thought about his life decisions while this was occurring, acknowledging that giving Bonney the highest position in the command hierarchy was his single selfish decision in his employment by the World Government. He knew that this would have severe consequences, which came in the form of Saturn stabbing him through the back with one of his legs. Vegapunk collapsed to the ground, and moments later, Bonney came to his side to beg him to leave with them. While this was happening, Luffy arrived back fully reenergized and in his Gear 5 form. Vegapunk weakly told Bonney that Luffy was Nika, the very being that she, Kuma, and many others had been waiting for for hundreds of years.[112] As Vegapunk laid on the ground from his injuries, Bonney told Luffy to avenge him by punching out Saturn, which he followed through on. Bonney then begged for Vegapunk to escape with her along with Atlas and Franky, but Vegapunk revealed to her that his injuries were nearly fatal and made it impossible for him to be moved without risking a worsening condition. Kizaru responded by attempting to shoot a laser at both Bonney and Vegapunk, but it was countered away by Sanji.[113]

Borsalino Stabs Vegapunk

Kizaru delivers a lethal blow to Vegapunk.

Vegapunk relented on being forced to reveal Bonney's control over the Pacifista, and begged the Straw Hats to take care of her. While this happened, Luffy ordered Sanji to take Vegapunk away from the chaotic area as Saturn returned, now transformed into his full beast form. As they made their escape, Sanji was kicked away by Kizaru, who then dealt Vegapunk a lethal blow. As his heartbeat flatlined, a pre-recorded message activated within his Lab where he announced to the world that he was going to tell them a certain truth.[114]


Meanwhile, Sanji kept ahold of Vegapunk's corpse as he and the other Straw Hats headed to the Giant Warrior Pirates' ship in order to escape the island.[115] In the recording, after waiting for a period of 10 minutes to allow his listeners to prepare, Vegapunk began his message with a shocking revelation: the world was on the verge of sinking into the sea.[116] Knowing that many would doubt his claims, Vegapunk proved his assertions through a data-based prediction involving a global earthquake that had just happened that very same day. Believing that he was in fact right about that event, Vegapunk admitted to the world that he had committed the crime of researching the Poneglyphs, having used Ohara's research as the basis for his studies. Vegapunk then started talking about the Void Century, highlighting a certain figure in particular that he claimed was the first ever pirate in history: an individual known as Joy Boy.

Citing the real purpose of the Poneglyphs, Vegapunk spoke about Joy Boy and his role in the Great War.[117] Vegapunk revealed that Joy Boy's defeat ended the Void Century, but that the ramifications of the conflict led to the sea levels rising by 200 meters. Vegapunk concluded that the rise of the water could not be of a natural cause, as it would take several centuries for this to happen, so he concluded that the disaster was man-made. In fact, Vegapunk theorized that the Ancient Weapons caused the world of 800 years ago to sink into the ocean, but that they still exist to this day. Leading off this, Vegapunk claimed that the war, which started 800 years ago, never ended.[118]

Vegapunk Apologizes For Mother Flame

Vegapunk apologizes for the deadly misuse of his inventions.

Vegapunk then shifted to an apology to the World for the creation of the Mother Flame. Although he described it as something that would prove beneficial to everyone, he took full responsibility when a small part was stolen and used to power the Ancient Weapon that destroyed the Lulusia Kingdom. Vegapunk revealed that Joy Boy was the one who attempted to ensure the Ancient Weapons would remain and questioned the reasoning behind it. Vegapunk went on to state that the only ones who knew the full truth behind the Void Century were the Roger Pirates and questioned the reasoning behind their inaction to reveal it.[119] Vegapunk then was about to explain about the Will of D. when Topman Warcury struck the Iron Giant which was protecting the Den Den Mushi, effectively cutting off the broadcast.

However, this disrupting message was temporary as the Iron Giant recovered allowing the broadcast message to resume. With the Broadcast now resuming, Vegapunk's initial message and warning regarding the Will of D. went mostly unfinished due to the disruption, as the broadcast continued with Vegapunk quoting his old friend Clover about how the voices of the past will be heard, and stating that even though history is written by the winners and the losers sometimes disappear, their voices and sacrifices will eventually reach the world and be told. As Vegapunk states his hopes about his message reaching the world, he talks about how foolish it is to hear about the 900 year old war from just one side, and states that he wished he had more time to study what happened. Despite this he goes on to say that 25 years ago, Gol D. Roger successfully journeyed around the world, and that he and his crew were able to hear the "purest" voices of the past, and concluded that ultimately they all must of reached the same conclusion regarding the future of the world as he had.[44]

Translation and Dub Issues[]

In the original Japanese, the names of Vegapunk's satellites are written with kanji which have meanings that correspond with the aspects they embody. For example, Lilith's name is written as リリス, with a kanji character that means "evil" while the furigana gives the reading Ririsu or "Lilith". In the VIZ translation, these meanings are presented similarly to epithets, such as "Lilith the Evil" and "Shaka the Good".


Einstein tongue

Albert Einstein, the man who Vegapunk seems to be visually inspired by.

  • Vegapunk's appearance with gray hair, a mustache and a large tongue may be inspired by Albert Einstein, particularly the iconic photo of Einstein sticking his tongue out, albeit in a more exaggerated manner.
    • His epithet as being the world's smartest man could also be taken off of Einstein, who was said to be one of the greatest scientists ever to exist due to his many contributions and theories in science.
    • His brain being cut out of his head alludes to Einstein's brain being removed after his death for research.
  • The apple-like lid over Vegapunk's head may be a reference to Isaac Newton and the popular myth of an apple falling on his head, leading to the discovery of gravity.
    • Furthermore, his apple-like head may also be a reference to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil from the Bible, in which many media and sources depicted its fruit as an apple.
    • It could also be a reference to the fact in many pieces of media young students would usually give their teacher an apple as a sign of respect.
  • Vegapunk's goal of providing the world with free energy could be a reference to Nikola Tesla, who also wanted to provide free energy to the world.
  • Vegapunk seems to be somewhat themed around astronomical objects, as his main body is known as the "Stella" (Latin for "star") while his being is split into six additional people known as "satellites". The "Vega-" portion of his name may be derived from Vega, the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra. In addition, his verbal tic contains the word "quasar".
  • The reason Vegapunk's satellites are referred to using the kanji for "cat" is because Kaku uses the Japanese idiom "Neko no te mo kari tai" (猫の手も借りたい?) which literally means "I would want to borrow even a hand of a cat" and is commonly used to express that one is extremely busy.
  • The "Ibel Peace Prize" Vegapunk is shown being awarded in his past as a MADS scientist is based on the real life Nobel Peace Prize.
    • The "GP Flowers" scientific achievement that bestowed Vegapunk this award is likely a reference to the famous Flower Power photograph taken during the March on the Pentagon, an event symbolic to the end of the Vietnam War.
  • Before he cut off the top of his head, Vegapunk used to wash his enlarged head by dipping it in a pool of scrubfish.[120]
  • One of Vegapunk's inventions, the DOM Shoes, is a reference to the MS-09 Dom mobile suit, as well as its many variants and successors, from the Gundam franchise. Both the mobile suits and the DOM Shoes share their signature capability to hover/"fly".


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