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Pythagoras, also designated as Punk-04 (PUNK-04パンク フォー, Panku-Fō?), was one of the six satellites of Dr. Vegapunk, embodying his aspect of "wisdom".[2]

He is an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates during the Egghead Arc until his death, caused by one of his creations: S-Snake.[3]


Pythagoras was a large mechanical being. His head was a sphere with a turn-key protruding from the top and a space in the front containing his eyes which always appeared drowsy; his head could detach from the main body and move independently with a set of retractable arms and legs. Pythagoras' main body was metallic, with the top part being red and the bottom cream. His designation, Punk-04, was printed on his left breast and the kanji for "wisdom" (?) was printed on the center of its chest. His arms, hands, and legs were composed of bendable metal rods.[1]


Pythagoras Color Scheme
Pythagoras' color scheme in the manga.
Pythagoras Anime Concept Art
Pythagoras' anime concept art.
Pythagoras Detached
Pythagoras' detachable head.


Being Vegapunk's "wisdom" satellite, Pythagoras has shown to be calm and highly interested in observing the performances of Vegapunk's inventions. He is devoted to recording data from these tests and examining the potential scientific implications and can grow very excited when situations arise that provide exceptional data.[1]

Pythagoras also tends to resort to peaceful solutions, as he was trying to reason with the CP0 agents that were sent to kill Vegapunk and his satellites, trying to create excuses for them not to land on Egghead. He even advised Lilith not to make things worse when she got angry at their repeated requests for permission to dock, knowing impulsive reactions could lead to them just coming to the island anyway.[4] In addition, he also tended to keep good relations between the satellites as he was consistently trying to mediate between Lilith and Shaka, when they were arguing about CP0's breach into the Labophase and if they should respond peacefully or violently. But even outside of conflicts, Pythagoras always tries to keep his fellow satellites safe. When Vegapunk was recording a message about the truth of the world alongside Shaka and Pythagoras, Pythagoras was always worries about Vegapunk burning his tongue on a Vegacoffee and scolding Shaka for purposefully letting it happen, seemingly being seriously worried about Vegapunk burning his tongue.

Abilities and Powers[]

Being a satellite of Vegapunk, Pythagoras has been a contributor to the genius scientist's numerous technological developments.[2] Pythagoras is extremely intelligent, being capable of drawing a large number of theories and conclusions just by witnessing Vegapunk's inventions in action; when observing one of the Seraphim in combat, Pythagoras quickly made observations regarding potential Lineage Factor traits. It also seems to be part of Pythagoras' duties to compile and analyze data.[1]



During a visit to Mary Geoise, either in person or as a memory of Vegapunk, Pythagoras experienced the cruelty of the World Nobles.[5]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

When some of the Straw Hat Pirates entered Vegapunk's laboratory, they were attacked by the Seraphim S-Shark and Pythagoras watched S-Shark's performance, constantly analyzing and evaluating the Seraphim's performance as well as the battle's progress, alongside Lilith and Edison before Shaka arrived to stop it.[1]

When CP0 requested permission to dock at Egghead, Pythagoras promptly went to Shaka, fearing that the World Government agents would find out about the pirates on their island and as a possible result, the following punishment by the World Government. Lilith offered to simply hand over the pirates, but Shaka ordered the agents to be denied landing and prepare for battle because the government agents would not simply accept the refusal.[6] Pythagoras tried to reason with the group, stating that their delivery of S-Bear would be appreciated but they could not let them dock, knowing fully well that they were there to kill them, even advising Lilith not to make things work by provoking them. He later watched the Sea Beast Weapons devour their ship, concluding they must have used the Seraphim's powers to reach the island.[4]

After CP0 had been subdued, Pythagoras went to look for the missing Vegapunk Stella on Shaka's orders. While he was searching for the Stella, Pythagoras was approached from behind by S-Snake, and an explosion went off in the laboratory,[7] which he survived by detaching his head from his body. He then met up with Usopp, Franky, Lilith, and York who went there to investigate the explosion. Usopp aimed at him, so Pythagoras explained to them that he is his head. Before he can say that S-Snake is an enemy, he witnessed her turn York into stone. S-Snake then fires a beam at them, throwing them off the platform. Lilith held Pythagoras and used her DOM shoes to land safely. Pythagoras panicked when Lilith was unable to contact Shaka.[8]

S-Snake Kills Pythagoras

S-Snake crushes Pythagoras, resulting in his death.

The four managed to get back on the platform. Pythagoras praised Lilith for weakening S-Snake using a Bubble Gun. In response, S-Snake fires another beam at them, but they managed to dodge it.[9] After S-Snake petrified the three, Pythagoras got mad and asked her why she did it and who ordered her, but she just stepped on his head and caused it to explode, killing him.[10]


  • Pythagoras's name may be based on Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher widely known because of the Pythagorean theorem which was named after him.
    • Pythagoras's name may also be based on Pythagoras, the name of one of the Earth moon's craters named after the real-world philosopher. This trait is shared with fellow satellites Edison and Atlas.
  • Pythagoras' design is based off Robocon from the Japanese television series Ganbare!! Robocon.[11]


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