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Not to be confused with Chaka.

Shaka, also designated as Punk-01 (PUNK-01パンク ワン, Panku-Wan?), was one of the six satellites of Dr. Vegapunk, embodying his aspect of "good".[1]

He was a major ally of the Straw Hat Pirates during the Egghead Arc until his death, having been assassinated by his fellow satellite York while attempting to save the original Vegapunk.


Shaka is an average-sized man, standing at about the same height as Sanji. His head is covered by a futuristic metal helmet bearing the number 01 over the face. He wears a very long dark blue coat with yellow patterns; the jacket has the words "Vegapunk 01" written at the bottom, "Caution" written on the left sleeve and two light blue horizontal stripes on the right side. He also wears a pair of very large black DOM shoes that run all the way up to where his jacket ends, leaving little to no skin exposed.[2]


Shaka Color Scheme
Shaka's color scheme in the manga.
Shaka Anime Concept Art
Shaka's anime concept art.
Shaka Helmet Back
The back of Shaka's helmet.


Being designated the "good" satellite of Vegapunk, Shaka was extremely reasonable, collected and thoughtful. During Lilith's confrontation with the Straw Hat Pirates, Shaka was shown to be extremely observant of the crew's mannerisms and abilities, and quickly conveyed to Lilith that she had blundered. Shaka did not approve of Lilith looting and pillaging from others, saying such actions are detrimental to a scientist's pride.[1]

Although not as antagonistic as Lilith, Shaka was very cautious and careful when facing potential dangers. Even when asking the Straw Hat Pirates for assistance in helping Vegapunk escape, he still immobilized them with DOM shoes until he grew confident enough to trust them.[2]

He was loyal to the Stella; the original Vegapunk, believing that it is their duties as his Satellites to ensure his safety, even if at the cost of their lives.[3]



While Vegapunk's satellites all refer to themselves as Vegapunk, they each exemplify only one part of Vegapunk's personality and all have their own wills and desires. Therefore, they are effectively six unique people.


Because they are directly contrasting counterparts, Shaka and Lilith tended to argue frequently. Shaka usually disapproved of Lilith's impulsive tendencies and voiced his concerns about them in an attempt to rein her in from making complicated situations worse.

Shaka's virtuous, contained personality overall tended to greatly annoy Lilith, who often mocked his fellow satellite for his "goody-goody" attitude. Lilith also hated when Shaka started acting as her superior by ordering her around, angrily replying for him to knock it off.

Lilith mourned Shaka after his death due to York's betrayal.


While Shaka's relationship with York can be presumed to have been cordial, he was betrayed and killed by her in a surprise attack.


Monkey D. Dragon[]

Shaka is in contact with the Revolutionary Army leader Monkey D. Dragon for unknown reasons. When Shaka predicted that his death was imminent, he called Dragon to inform him of this fact.[4]

Abilities and Powers[]

Being a satellite of Vegapunk, Shaka has likely been a contributor to the genius scientist’s numerous technological developments. Shaka appears to be able to share senses with other satellites, allowing them to know what was going on with Lilith while she was out at sea.[1]

Shaka's analytical skills are a boon in combat situations, as they were able to prevent Lilith from foolishly attacking the Straw Hats by quickly pointing out the crew’s capabilities and strategic mindset.[1]



During a visit to Mary Geoise, either in person or as a memory of Vegapunk, Shaka experienced the cruelty of the World Nobles.[5]

Final Saga[]

Egghead Arc[]

When Lilith went out to the nearby sea to attack and pillage the Straw Hat Pirates, Shaka called her to question her actions. Shaka stated that Lilith had blundered when confronting the Emperor's crew, as the pirates were capable of instantly attacking her and thus had the advantage despite Lilith surrounding them with the Sea Beast Weapons. Shaka then told Lilith to bring the Straw Hats to them, expressing an interest in the crew.[1] Shaka then contacted Monkey D. Dragon, informing him of his imminent death and wanting Dragon to hear him out.[4]

Afterwards, Shaka found Nami, Usopp, Nico Robin, Franky, and Sanji in the laboratory battling S-Shark and told the Seraph to stand down. He asked the Straw Hats what they thought of the island's technology and revealed that it was actually not futuristic, as a similarly advanced society once existed 900 years ago.[2] Shaka then took the entire group inside the laboratory and began talking about the Void Century and its history as well as the Ohara Incident and its aftermath. He then found himself in lengthy conversations with Robin about Ohara's value and danger towards the World Government, theorizing with her why Ohara was destroyed and how it was related to the Void Century. He also mentioned that everyone holding this knowledge was given a metaphorical death sentence by the World Government, much to the shock of the group. He then continued by explaining Professor Clover's background as well as his relationship with both Clover and Dragon and the immediate aftermath of what happened after Ohara was destroyed. When he explained that he visited Ohara shortly after the incident happened, he mentioned giants recovering all the books that were saved and bringing them to Elbaf. He then mentioned a giant covered in bandages who led the group and, on Robin's question, confirmed that it was Jaguar D. Saul. He concluded by confirming that he had read every book retrieved from Ohara, therefore had all the world's mysteries stored inside his brain and continued on researching the world's mysteries on Egghead. He then wanted to show the group something else.[6]

From the lab's control room, Shaka showed the group the interactions and conversations Luffy's group was having with the real Vegapunk. When Shaka was informed about CP0's arrival at Egghead, he ordered to let them deliver S-Bear and leave Egghead immediately, but told the other Satellites to prepare for fighting CP0.[7] Shaka heard Rob Lucci's question about the various Cipher Pol agents disappearing from Egghead, but the Satellites denied any knowledge and still refused CP0 entry. When CP0 ignored the order and infiltrated the island, Shaka ordered the researchers and workers to evacuate and Atlas to return to the lab. He also had three Seraphim—S-Shark, S-Hawk, and S-Snake—mobilized and put under Sentomaru's command.[8] As they watched Luffy fight Lucci, Shaka noted that Lucci had awakened his Zoan Devil Fruit but had maintained his personality. Vegapunk then joined the group in the control room and explained his theory about Devil Fruits.[9]

Once all of the Straw Hats and the Satellites were safely up in the Labophase, CP0 began cutting off all escape routes from the island. When Lilith suggested fighting CP0 directly, Shaka countered that the Satellites should be willing to sacrifice themselves in order to ensure Stella's safe escape. With Sentomaru incapacitated, Vegapunk decided to contact their secret ally on the island, Stussy. Shaka then agreed that Lilith should escort Vegapunk to the Vegaforce-01. However, the Frontier Dome suddenly deactivated, and although Shaka and Pythagoras managed to restore it, CP0 had infiltrated the Labophase and were attacking the Thousand Sunny.[10] As CP0 approached the lab, Shaka noted that the four Seraphim had taken the initiative and followed the agents up, so he ordered Lilith and Edison, who had left to back up Zoro and Brook, to assume command of the Seraphim. Before the Satellites could arrive, Lucci ordered the Seraphim to destroy the lab. As the Seraphim began attacking, Stussy neutralized Kaku and Lucci;[11] however, she reported that she could not override Lucci's command to the Seraphim. The Straw Hats were amazed that Vegapunk had a spy in the World Government's top intelligence agency, but Shaka admitted that it had not been intentional. After Edison successfully stopped the Seraphim, Stussy bound Kaku and Lucci, and Shaka offered to take her with them, which she accepted.[12]

When Luffy was unable to find Jewelry Bonney and Vegapunk, Shaka pointed out that the monitors could see her in Room Nikyu but could not see Vegapunk anywhere. Shaka then reported that they had lost control of the Frontier Dome, so he suggested that the others search for Stella while he worked on restoring control of the dome.[13] After an explosion went off in Building C, Shaka lost contact with Pythagoras, who had been searching in the area, and watched in shock as the location's Cameko was destroyed. Luffy and Shaka then noticed that they were losing communication with the others and Cameko-feeds across the labs. S-Bear and S-Hawk then came to the control room and attacked Zoro, Lucci, and Kaku. Shaka ordered them to stop, but when they ignored him and continued attacking, Luffy moved Shaka to safety. Shaka reasoned that someone like Vegapunk must have given the Seraphim an order and that the whole situation was orchestrated to kill all of them.[14] When Lucci and Kaku insisted on being set free so they could help fight the Seraphim, Shaka questioned what CP0's mission was, and Lucci freely admitted that they sought to assassinate Vegapunk and the Satellites. Shaka also reasoned that Lucci planned to pay back Stussy for her betrayal, which Lucci confirmed. Despite the danger, Shaka willingly put the decision in Luffy's hands but reiterated that Luffy needed to protect Stella, and Luffy decided to free the agents.[15]

Shaka Shot

Shaka is killed after finding Stella.

As the four struggled to fight the two Seraphim, Zoro compared their resiliency to King, and Shaka was surprised to learn that the Beasts Pirates had a lunarian member. After confirming to the others that the Seraphim had been augmented with lunarian blood, Shaka went off on his own to locate Stella. In the old Devil Fruit Reasearch Lab on the basement floor, Shaka discovered the missing Cipher Pol agents and Stella; however, before he could free them, Shaka was killed by a shot in the head by York.[16][17]


  • Shaka's name may be based on the Japanese name for Gautama Buddha, the historical Buddha.
    • Shaka's name may also be based on 1246 Chaka, the name of an asteroid located within the Solar System's asteroid belt. The asteroid's name is based on that of Shaka, the founder and ruler of the former Zulu Kingdom.
  • The helmet that Shaka wears is similar to that of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, one half of the French techno pop musician duo Daft Punk.


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