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Vehicles are physical craft created or appropriated for the purpose of transportation from one place to another.


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Ships are the most common vehicle seen in the world due to its large oceanic makeup. With occasional exceptions, anyone wishing to get from one island to another must ride a ship. Ships can range from small rowboats and rafts to massive dreadnoughts that rival even islands in size. The island of Thriller Bark was converted into a massive ship, and Water 7's administration plans to do the same to their island city in the future. The Germa Kingdom is located entirely on a fleet of large ships that can link together. Pirate ships are commonly seen on the seas in the Great Age of Pirates, and the Marines command a massive fleet of ships to oppose them.

Most ships are piloted through the water by rowing or sailing, with a few advanced ships being powered by engines. In Skypiea, another form of power known as the Breath Dial is used; after taking in a sufficient amount of wind, it can release the wind on command to help ships move across the sea, and works in both the White Sea and the Blue Sea. They are often used to power Wavers, a craft that is predominantly used in the Sky Islands which resembles a scooter.[1] Submarines also exist, like the Polar Tang and Shark Submerge III, that enable riders to travel underwater.

Thousand Sunny Infobox.png
A pirate ship.
Marine Ships Infobox.png
A fleet of Marine ships.
Thriller Bark Infobox.png
Thriller Bark, an island converted into a ship.
Waver Infobox.png
A waver.
Polar Tang Infobox.png
The Heart Pirates' submarine, the Polar Tang.


People riding a Yagara Bull down Water 7's canals.

Animal steeds are a common form of land transportation in much of the world that lacks advanced transportation technology, and some steeds are capable of swimming or flying. Certain animal species have been largely domesticated by people to carry them, and overall a large variety of animals have been used for transportation once tamed.

Some slaves are known to act as steeds for the World Nobles as part of the subhuman treatment they receive from their masters.

Examples of Steeds


Kuzan riding the Ao Chari.

Bikes are rarely seen vehicles. They can be either powered manually with pedals, or have advanced motors that enable fast movement.

Examples of Bikes


Further information: Sea Train

The Sea Train Puffing Tom.

The only known train in the world is the Sea Train, a trio of steam-powered boxcar trains that run on a set of rails which float freely in the ocean, lurking centimeters below its surface. The Sea Train was conceived and built by the shipwright Tom of Water 7's Galley-La Company, who designed it to connect Water 7 with several neighboring islands including the World Government judicial island Enies Lobby.[2]

Examples of Trains

  • Puffing Tom: The sea train designed by Tom. Used for commercial purposes.
  • Rocketman: A prototypical sea train designed by Tom. It could only travel at dangerously high speeds, lacked brakes and had no reliable steering function, making it essentially a runaway train.
  • Puffing Ice: The sea train designed by the Galley-La Company after the timeskip.


Weatheria balloon ships.

There are few non-sentient forms of aerial transportation that have been seen so far, with just about every known flying machine being powered by a Devil Fruit.

Examples of Aircraft

Fujitora has been seen using his Zushi Zushi no Mi abilities to pilot a Marine battleship through the air.[3] The Automata from Karakuri Island used balloons with strings to fly up from the world to the Moon.[4]

Miscellaneous Vehicles

  • The Drum Ropeway is an aerial tram-way that connects the various villages of Drum Island to the Drum Castle atop the Drum Rockies.
  • Shooters are dial-powered skates used by the Shandia and Enel's God's Army, allowing both forces to travel through Sea Clouds on foot. Jet Boards are a variation that can be surfed on, but otherwise utilize the same mechanisms.
  • Bon Chari are special bubbles that are outfitted for people to ride on the Sabaody Archipelago. People ride them by operating pedals that make a propeller spin and push the craft forward. They are only found on Sabaody, as the bubbles pop outside of its environment.
  • The Brachio Tank V is a tank built by Franky on Karakuri Island. It is a large vehicle that moves on treads and possesses a powerful cannon to use in battle.
  • Bondolas are lifts that utilize bubble technology similar to the Bon Chari. They are located on both halves of the Red Port and serve to transport people between the port and Mary Geoise, atop the Red Line.


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