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Victoria Punk[2] is the Kid Pirates’ ship.

Ship Design and Appearance

Victoria Punk is an orange ship with a skeleton-themed design reminiscent of heavy metal band stages. It has a large yellow dinosaur skull as its figurehead, dinosaur ribs along its underside, and two masts. The front mast has a large black sail with a flame design brandishing the Kid Pirates' jolly roger and a smaller orange sail above it. The front mast also has a lookout and a jolly roger flag at the top. The back mast has a smaller orange sail.[2] Their deck continues the theme of heavy metal, with a bizarre skull behind the figurehead, resembling some heavy metal bands' stages.[1]


Summit War Saga

Marineford Arc

At the end of the War of Marineford, the Kid Pirates sailed Victoria Punk in the sea surrounding Marineford, alongside the rest of the Eleven Supernovas (minus Luffy, Zoro, and Law).[1]

Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Arc

Victoria Punk was docked alongside Stay Tune and Grudge Dolph on the coast of the Kid Pirates' hideout island as Kid, Apoo, and Hawkins formed their alliance.[3] It is unknown what happened to the ship after Kaidou landed on the island and fought the crews.

Four Emperors Saga

Wano Country Arc

During the day of the Fire Festival, Victoria Punk entered the battle with the Beasts Pirates.[4]


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