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Vira is a small country somewhere in the Grand Line. The government was eventually overthrown by the Revolutionary Army.[3]

General Information

Vira is a small country in comparison to Arabasta.[1][2]

Around four hundred years ago, in 1122, it was described as a sunny town.[4]


Four hundred years ago, Mont Blanc Noland arrived at Vira when it was still a small town.[2] He then departed from there on June 21, 1122.[4]

Over the past few hundred years, Vira expanded into a country, but it was no longer the merry town it used to be. By as early as two years ago, Vira became a dangerous country in the midst of rebellion.[2]

Two years ago, a coup d'état incited by the Revolutionary Army occurred in Vira.[1][3]

Translation and Dub Issues

Vira has also been spelled as Villa by some scanlators and translators.


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