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The Vodka Kingdom is a World Government affiliated kingdom[1] located in the Grand Line.[2]

It was the homeland of Kaidou of the Four Emperors.

General Information

Nothing is known about the current state of Vodka, but around 40–50 years ago, the kingdom was very poor and worn down. In order to pay the Heavenly Tribute, Vodka was forced to wage wars against other countries and loot them, which it managed to accomplish thanks to the strength of its most powerful military asset, the young soldier Kaidou.[1]

46 years ago, the kingdom attempted to gain the right to attend the Levely in exchange for Kaidou's forceful drafting into the Marines, but it is unknown whether they ever did due to Kaidou's subsequent escape.[1]


The buildings in the Vodka Kingdom mainly consist of worn-down fortresses made of stone and bricks.[1]



49 years ago, a ten-year-old Kaidou was considered the ultimate soldier of Vodka and fought many battles in the name of the kingdom.[1]

46 years ago, the kingdom attempted to gain the right to attend the Levely by enlisting Kaidou into the Marines against his will. However, it is unknown whether they received that right as Kaidou subsequently escaped from the Marine ship.[1]


  • Vodka is an alcoholic beverage of Eastern European origin. This fits in line with Kaidou's love for alcohol. In addition, the Japanese pronunciation of "vodka" (ウォッカ wokka?) ties in with Kaidou's laughing style "worororo" (ウォロロロ worororo?) and the "uo uo" (ウオウオ?) in the name of his Devil Fruit.


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