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Volume 0 is titled "Strong World". It is a free volume distributed to the first 1.5 million attendees of One Piece Film: Strong World. It includes Chapter 0 and focuses on Strong World characters, story, sketches, and backstage.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover features the Straw Hat Pirates in their Film: Strong World outfits. Luffy runs forward in the center, and the other crewmembers are in small boxes above and below him. They all react in shock to something above them except Nami, who faces away and speaks into a Tone Dial.

The background is gold, the title is a gold to white gradient, and the author's name is written in dark orange.

Author's Notes[]

STRONG WORLD Intro Image Chocolate cake, chocolate banana, chocolate muffin. What a cute and sweet sound. I wonder if saying this word has the power to make everything sound sweet. Chocolate yakuza, chocolate mafia, chocolate man-eating shark, it's cute, isn't it? Chocolate One Piece, chocolate Volume 0! It's starting!!


Chapter 1: The Story of One Piece[]

It contains a brief summary of the story of One Piece so far.

Chapter 2: Chapter 0 "STRONG WORLD" and The Story of Strong World[]

Main article: Chapter 0

Contains Chapter 0, followed by a few brief screenshots from One Piece Film: Strong World.

Chapter 3: Note of Eiichiro Oda[]

It contains sketches about the characters from One Piece Film: Strong World, as well as some of the works that went into the film.

Straw Hat Pirates' Outfits[]

Luffy Strong World Finale Outfit
Luffy when invading Shiki's base.
Zoro Strong World Finale Outfit
Zoro when invading Shiki's base.
Nami Strong World Finale Outfit
Nami's outfit when she joined Shiki.
Usopp Strong World Finale Outfit
Usopp when invading Shiki's base.
Sanji Strong World Finale Outfit
Sanji when invading Shiki's base.
Chopper Strong World Finale Outfit
Chopper when invading Shiki's base.
Robin Strong World Finale Outfit
Robin when invading Shiki's base.
Franky Strong World Finale Outfit
Franky when invading Shiki's base.
Brook Strong World Finale Outfit
Brook when invading Shiki's base.

One Piece Film: Strong World[]

Chapter 4: Goods of Strong World[]

Shows all the promotional items for One Piece Film: Strong World.

Chapter 5: Voice of Director & Message of Eiichiro Oda[]

Munehisa Sakai, the director of One Piece Film: Strong World, talks about the film.

Volume Changes[]

Magazine Version Volume Version Explanation
Volume Change 0a Volume Change 0b Chapter 0, page 12
Change : Add a sentence (お前との勝負ならー奴の勝ち逃げだ) about Roger victory in case of a fight with Shiki, and typeset change in the bubbles to fit the text.
Volume Change 0c Volume Change 0d Chapter 0, page 18
Correction : Addition of the missing quotation mark, "Golden Lion Shiki (“金獅子のシキ) becomes "Golden Lion" Shiki (“金獅子”のシキ)


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