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Volume 10 is titled "OK, Let's STAND UP!".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The colored cover uses a deep blue background, while the title logo is yellow and light blue. The author's name is colored golden.

On the front, Luffy is firmly putting on his hat. Behind him is a menacing shot of Arlong at the upper right corner, with Momoo at the lower right. In the background are the three officers of the Arlong Pirates: Kuroobi, Hatchan, and Chew, from left to right.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 010 Intro Image

It's Volume 10. Already 2 years since the series launched. 2 years huh... 2 years would mean Sazae-san would turn from age 24 to 24... ah, when I think about it, I'm the same age as Sazae-san right now. I somehow feel like I remember a time when I was the same age as Katsuo-kun. Who's next. Ah, Norisuke-kun. Or Taiko-san. Or Tara-san. Hah Tara-san makes me laugh a little. Or maybe Ikura-san. What am I talking about. Well, as usual I am always drawing my manga without even trying to get a proper job.

(Translator's Note: For those of you that have no idea of what Oda is talking about, click here.)


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  • 082.OK, Let's STAND UP! (OKオーケー, Let'sレッツ STANDスタン UPダップ!, Ōkē, Rettsu, Sutan Dappu!?) The Straw Hats go to face the Arlong Pirates. Not taking them seriously, Hachi summons Mohmoo to fight. Despite initially not wanting to fight after recognizing Luffy and Sanji, Luffy thwarts the attack and uses Mohmoo to take down most of the Arlong Pirates.
  • 083. Luffy IN BLACK (ルフィ INイン BLACKブラック, Rufi In Burakku?) The last attack leaves Luffy's feet stuck in the ground. As the other Straw Hats prepare to deal with Arlong's three officer members, Arlong decides to throw the stone Luffy's feet is encased in into the water knowing the Devil Fruit User's weakness.
  • 084. Zombie (ゾンビ, Zonbi?) As Genzo and Nojiko prepare to help Luffy, Sanji notices the wounds from Zoro's battle against Mihawk have not fully healed yet, leaving Zoro barely able to stand.
  • 085. Three Sword Style vs. Six Sword Style (三刀流対六刀流, Santōryū tai Rokutōryū?) Despite his handicap, by borrowing Johnny and Yosaku's swords, Zoro is able to overcome Hachi's six-sword style with his three-sword style and defeat him. Sanji decides to go underwater to help Luffy as Zoro is in no condition to do so with Kuroobi following him as Nojiko and Genzo figure out a plan to help Luffy survive longer.
  • 086. Chivalry vs. Fish-Man Karate (騎士道VSバーサス魚人空手, Kishidō Bāsasu Gyojin Karate?) Sanji finds his kicks aren't as strong underwater, and is losing to Kuroobi with no chance to surface for air. As Genzo and Nojiko pull Luffy's head above water to resuscitate him, after Kuroobi mocks his chivalry, Sanji forces Kuroobi to surface allowing him to easily defeat the Fish-Man on land.
  • 087. It's All Over!! (終わったんだ!!, Owattanda!!?) Though given a chance to fake his death so Chew could leave him alone, Usopp works up the courage and manages to outsmart Chew and defeat him.
  • 088. Die!!! (死んで!!!, Shinde!!!?) Nami decides to confront Arlong, as Arlong is easily overpowering Zoro and Sanji. Nami refuses to rejoin Arlong and is willing to die with the villagers. Noticing that Nojiko and Genzos efforts are paying off, Zoro decides to hold off Arlong so Sanji can free Luffy.
  • 089. Trade-Off (交替, Kōtai?) Zoro and Usopp hold off Arlong where Arlong learns about Zoro's serious injuries and is surprised how he survived. Despite Hachi's attempt to stop Sanji, the wounds from his earlier fight with Zoro open up and render him unconscious. Sanji then destroy the rock, freeing Luffy's feet and with his head above water Luffy's body ricochets, allowing him to quickly enter the fight.
  • 090. What Can You Do? (何ができる, Nani ga Dekiru?) Ignoring Arlong's claims about the weakness of relying on others, Luffy begins the battle between them to prove he can beat him. Luffy smashes Arlong's teeth, but as Arlong is a shark Fish-Man, they grow back.

SBS Notes[]

Main article: SBS Volume 10
  • More on Fish-men is revealed and the first acknowledgement of Fish-women is made.
  • The crew's heights are revealed
  • An explanation of Zeff's tall chef's hat.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 188-191.
UGP Volume 010a
Pages 188-189
UGP Volume 010b
Pages 190-191


  • So far, this volume is the only volume that contents a chapter title as "EPISODE 82" in Japanese version.


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