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One Piece Volume 1000 "Z" is a free volume distributed to One Piece Film: Z's attendees. It focuses on Film Z, Episode of Luffy, and Z's Ambition Arc's characters, story, sketches, and backstage, as well as Z's history.

Chapter 1: The World of Film Z

It contains sketches about the storyline of the film, some screenshots and the relationship map of the film's characters as well as some of the works that went into the film.

Chapter 2: Eiichiro Oda Presents Film Z Design Works

It contains sketches about the characters from One Piece Film: Z, Episode of Luffy and the Z's Ambition Arc, as the Straw Hat Pirates' outfits.

Straw Hat Pirates' Outfits

One Piece Film: Z

Episode of Luffy

Z's Ambition Arc

Chapter 3: Chronicle of Z

Further information: Z

It is a detailed description of Zephyr's history, from his childhood to his defeat at the hands of Luffy. It is narrated through images and captions.


  • Volume 1000 is one of four volumes were released for free to a film's attendees (Volume 0 was given to Strong World's attendees, Volume 777 to Gold's attendees, Volume 10089 to Stampede's attendees and Volume 1000 to Z's attendees).
  • The Armani outfits aren't listed in the book, but just shown in the page of merchandising.

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