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Volume 1000 is titled "Z". It is a free volume distributed to One Piece Film: Z's attendees. It focuses on Film Z, Episode of Luffy, and Z's Ambition Arc's characters, story, sketches, and backstage, as well as Z's history.

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover depicts the Straw Hat Pirates in their Film: Z outfits, battle-ready and facing forward. Luffy stands at the center, pointing his sword ahead.

The background is grey, the title is a white to grey gradient, and the author's name is written in light purple.

Author's Notes[]

Volume 1000 Intro Image The Mexican Axolotl of the order Caudata is a creature with the ability to remain in the larval stage without ever métarmophoser in adults (neoteny).

That is why it is so cute. Nevertheless, it remains an adult in the horns of a child, it surely tends to tell bad jokes to his senior. For example, when he went into a tavern, it should not keep out run: << Directorate, if crossed! Ouhéhéhé! >>. Unable to hide his true nature ... Let's go for the 1000 tome!

Chapter 1: The World of Film Z[]

It contains sketches about the storyline of the film, some screenshots and the relationship map of the film's characters as well as some of the works that went into the film.

Chapter 2: Eiichiro Oda Presents Film Z Design Works[]

It contains sketches about the characters from One Piece Film: Z, Episode of Luffy and the Z's Ambition Arc, as the Straw Hat Pirates' outfits.

Straw Hat Pirates' Outfits[]

One Piece Film: Z[]

Episode of Luffy[]

Z's Ambition Arc[]

Chapter 3: Chronicle of Z[]

Further information: Z

It is a detailed description of Zephyr's history, from his childhood to his defeat at the hands of Luffy. It is narrated through images and captions.


  • The Armani outfits aren't listed in the book, but just shown in the page of merchandising.

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