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Volume 106 is titled "A Genius' Dream".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

Volume 106 Illustration

The illustration on page 2 of Volume 106.

The cover has a light blue background, with the title in a clear purple gradient. The author's name is written in magenta.

The cover features the Straw Hat Pirates in their Egghead Arc outfits. They fly through the Fabiriophase, with Luffy in front, pointing his fist forward and towards the viewer. The Labophase is visible in the sky behind and above them.

Author's Note[]

Author's Notes
Volume 106 Intro Image The top of the captcha box says "Select all squares containing Chopper"

Artificial intelligence is progressing at an incredible speed.
It is often said that the evolution of the human species goes hand-in-hand with lies,
because they allow people to live together.
Therefore, we'll probably experience a real historical turning point
when robots become capable of lying to humans!
They'll tell us "I am not a robot."
At any rate, the future has a lot of surprises in store!
Onwards to volume 106 and the Future Island Arc!


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  • 1066. The Will of Ohara (オハラの意志, Ohara no Ishi?): Shaka recounts the Ohara Incident, explaining how a giant recovered books from the island. Meanwhile, Luffy's group encounters Vegapunk.
  • 1067. Punk Records (PUNK RECORDSパンク レコーズ, Panku Rekōzu?): Vegapunk and Shaka explain the history of the Iron Giant, and Vegapunk asks Luffy to take him off Egghead. Word of CP0's arrival is received, and Shaka prepares for battle.
  • 1068. A Genius' Dream (天才の夢, Tensai no Yume?): CP0 arrive on Egghead, with Luffy and Lucci running into each other. On Momoiro Island, Kuma teleports away, to the Revolutionary Army's shock.
  • 1069. All Things Are Brought Into This World With Hope (万物は望まれて、この世に生まれる, Banbutsu wa Nozomarete, Kono Yo ni Umareru?): Luffy and Lucci begin to battle, but are interrupted by Sentomaru, who's hijacked control of the Seraphim, though he's defeated by Lucci.
  • 1070. The Strongest Form of Humanity (最強の人類, Saikyō no Jinrui?): Vegapunk explains the secret of Artificial Devil Fruits. In the Fabiriophase, S-Snake allows Luffy's group to escape, but CP0 regains full control of the Seraphim.
  • 1071. The Hero Deploys (英雄出撃, Eiyū Shutsugeki?): Kuma arrives at the Red Line. Luffy's group arrives at the Labophase, but the security system mysteriously goes down. The Kid Pirates reach Elbaf's seas, and Garp arrives at G-14, intent on leading a mission to rescue Koby.
  • 1072. The Weight of Memory (記憶の重さ, Kioku no Omosa?): Bonney begins chasing Vegapunk, demanding that he return her father to normal. Kuma begins to climb the Red Line, while the Straw Hats and Satellites attempt to regain control of the Seraphim. Meanwhile, Stussy betrays CP0, knocking Kaku unconscious.
  • 1073. Miss Buckingham Stussy (ミス・バッキンガム・ステューシー, Misu Bakkingamu Sutyūshī?): Stussy takes out Lucci, revealing herself as Vegapunk's spy. On Sphinx, Marco learns that the Marines invaded while he was in Wano Country, but were fought off by a now captured Weevil. Approaching Egghead, Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Five Elders, meets with Kizaru.
  • 1074. Mark III (マークスリー, Māku Surī?): An awakened Sentomaru sends Pacifista Mark III to deal with the World Government agents. The Straw Hats split up to look for Vegapunk, while Bonney begins watching Kuma's memories. Elsewhere, Morgans is revealed to be hiding Vivi and Wapol aboard his airship.
  • 1075. Labophase Death Game (研究層ラボフェーズ DEATH GAMEデスゲーム, Rabofēzu Desu Gēmu?): Shaka notices someone is taking out the surveillance across the Labophase. The groups begin getting attacked by the Seraphim, causing CP0 to suggest a temporary alliance with the Straw Hats.
  • 1076. Old Friends (旧友, Kyūyū?): Luffy agrees to Lucci and Kaku's proposal, freeing them. Vegapunk is confined deep in the lab, and is shocked to see the events occurring under his nose. On Elbaf, the Red Hair Pirates confront the approaching Kid Pirates.

SBS Notes[]

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Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 198-203.
UGP Volume 106a
Pages 198-199
UGP Volume 106b
Pages 200-201
UGP Volume 106c
Pages 202-203

Volume Changes[]

Magazine Version Volume Version Explanation
Volume Change 1067a Volume Change 1067b Chapter 1067, page 12
Change: Added Vegapunk's verbal tic "Quasar" (クエーサー, Kuēsā?).
Volume Change 1070a Volume Change 1070b Chapter 1070, page 1
Change: The young Vegapunk now has his tongue out.
Volume Change 1071a Volume Change 1071b Chapter 1071, page 7
Correction: Added details to Lilith's Bubble Gun and added "Punk 02" to her shirt.
Volume Change 1072a Volume Change 1072b Chapter 1072, page 17
Correction: Added "former" (, moto?) in front of "Rocks Pirates" in Stussy's information box.
Volume Change 1074a Volume Change 1074b Chapter 1074, page 4
Correction: Added blood to Sentomaru's clothes.
Volume Change 1076a Volume Change 1076b Chapter 1076, page 13
Change: Changed the color of the giant berries near the Red Hair Pirates to a lighter tone. This is possibly to indicate that they are not blueberries, which is Shanks' least favorite food.


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