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Volume 108 is titled "Better Off Dead in This World".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

Volume 108 Illustration

The illustration on page 3 of Volume 108.

The cover has a teal background, with the title in a light green-pink gradient. The author's name is written in blue.

The cover depicts Luffy in his Gear 5 form, with his limbs spread open. Jewelry Bonney runs behind him, and Admiral Kizaru stands behind her, shooting lasers forward. Below Luffy, the Vegatank-08 rolls forward, piloted by Vegapunk and occupied by Franky, Atlas, and Sanji. To the right of the Vegatank-08, Sentomaru looks upwards and to the right while bleeding.

The inside illustration in this volume is based on Weekly Shonen Jump 2023 #45's cover.

Author's Note[]

Author's Notes
Volume 108 Intro Image


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  • 1089. Hostage Situation (立てこもり事件, Tatekomori Jiken?): An earthquake occurs across the planet, raising the sea level by a meter. Meanwhile, a fleet of Marines surround Egghead, where they learn that York has been taken hostage by the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • 1090. Kizaru (黄猿, Kizaru?): The Straw Hats make their demands of the Five Elders and begin preparing to flee to Elbaf. However, Rob Lucci leaks information to the Marines, and Kizaru uses the opportunity to head to the island.
  • 1091. Sentomaru (戦桃丸, Sentōmaru?): Kizaru defeats Sentomaru and regains the Marines' control of the Pacifista Mark III. He heads to the Labophase, where he is confronted by Luffy. Lucci attacks Vegapunk, but is blocked by Stussy, severely injuring her.
  • 1092. Kuma the Tyrant's Holy Land Rampage (暴君くま聖地暴走事件, Bōkun Kuma Seichi Bōsō Jiken?): Kuma causes destruction at Mary Geoise, but is forced to retreat by Sakazuki. On Egghead, Kizaru and Luffy begin their battle, and Luffy enters Gear 5.
  • 1093. Luffy vs. Kizaru (ルフィVSバーサス黄猿, Rufi Bāsasu Kizaru?): Atlas heads to regain control of the Pacifista Mark III while Vegapunk, Franky, and Sanji go check on Bonney.
  • 1094. Five Elders, Warrior God of Science and Defense, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn (「五老星」科学防衛武神ジェイガルシア・サターン聖, "Gorōsei" Kagaku Bōei Bushin Jeigarushia Satān Sei?): St. Saturn arrives on Egghead, taking back control of the Pacifista from Atlas. Kizaru and Luffy continue to fight, but Luffy tires out, his transformation reverting. Bonney takes advantage of Saturn's presence to stab him.
  • 1095. Better Off Dead in This World (死んだ方がいい世界, Shinda Hō ga Ii Sekai?): St. Saturn heals from his stab wound, capturing Bonney and incapacitating Sanji. As Bonney recalls her father's life, it flashes back to his childhood as a slave, where he was forced to participate in a human hunting tournament.
  • 1096. Kumachi (くまちー, Kumachī?): As the hunting tournament begins, God Valley is attacked by the Rocks Pirates, triggering the God Valley Incident. In the chaos, Kuma, Ivankov, and Ginny are able to escape the island, saving groups of slaves in the process.
  • 1097. Ginny (ジニー, Jinī?): Kuma and Ginny live in the Sorbet Kingdom for eight years. Eventually, the king implements a law turning half the country into a lawless area, to Kuma's anger. He is arrested, but is saved by the Freedom Fighters, prompting the duo to join their ranks. Eight years later, as a Revolutionary Army commander, Ginny is kidnapped by an unknown assailant.
  • 1098. Bonney's Birth (ボニー誕生, Bonī Tanjō?): Kuma learns that Ginny has been forced into marriage with a World Noble, but is unable to help her. Two years later, Ginny returns, afflicted with a disease that will soon kill her. Kuma adopts her daughter, Bonney, but five years later she too contracts the disease. A year later, Bekori returns to the Sorbet Kingdom.
  • 1099. Pacifist (平和主義者, Heiwa Shugi-sha?): After Bekori is driven away, he returns with the support of the World Government. Kuma becomes a criminal in the process of fighting them off, so he travels the world to find a cure for Bonney's disease. He eventually finds Vegapunk, who agrees to cure her, but only in exchange for Kuma donating his blood for research.
  • 1100. Thank You, Bonney (ありがとうボニー, Arigatō Bonī?): Kizaru arrives at Kuma and Vegapunk's meeting, and the two are blackmailed by St. Saturn, who significantly increases the conditions for Bonney to be cured. Kuma accepts the new conditions, and after Bonney's treatment is complete, she begins living on Sorbet with a CP8 agent. Meanwhile, Kuma begins his life as a Warlord, subservient to the Government in exchange for the cure.

SBS Notes[]

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Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 180, 198, and 216-219.
UGP Volume 108a
Pages 180 & 198
UGP Volume 108b
Pages 216-217
UGP Volume 108c
Pages 218-219

Volume Changes[]

Magazine Version Volume Version Explanation
Volume Change 1089a Volume Change 1089b Chapter 1089, page 12
Change: The Frontier Dome sphere is drawn slightly larger.
Volume Change 1090a Volume Change 1090b Chapter 1090, page 17
Correction: Added the missing stroke to the character 義 on Sentomaru's coat.
Volume Change 1094a Volume Change 1094b Chapter 1094, page 2-3/1
Change: The quotation marks for "Five Elders" in the title are changed to brackets 「」.
Correction: Changed the furigana for the kanji 神 in Saturn's title from "Jin" (じん?) to "Shin" (しん?).
Volume Change 1094c Volume Change 1094d Chapter 1094, page 11
Correction: Robin's hair and outfit inked.
Volume Change 1097a Volume Change 1097b Chapter 1097, page 1
Change: Pockets added to Ginny's shorts.
Volume Change 1097c Volume Change 1097d Chapter 1097, page 12
Change: Kuma now refers to Dragon as "Dragon" (ドラゴン?) instead of "Dragon-san" (ドラゴンさん?). Added white vertical stripes to the black sails of the Revolutionary Army ship.
Chapter 1098 Magazine Chapter 1098 Chapter 1098
Correction: The unfinished art across the chapter is completed. The text on Brook's pants on the cover apologizing for the unfinished art is removed accordingly.
Volume Change 1099a Volume Change 1099b Chapter 1099, page 8
Change: Changed the font on the newspaper and removed the furigana.
Volume Change 1099c Volume Change 1099d Chapter 1099, page 16
Correction: Added the sapphire scale on Bonney's face.
Volume Change 1100a Volume Change 1100b Chapter 1100, page 14
Correction: Changed Alpha's self-introduction from 看護士 (an old term for "male nurse") to 看護師 (a generic term for "nurse")
Volume Change 1100c Volume Change 1100d Chapter 1100, page 15
Change: Changed the font on the newspaper.


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