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Volume 109 is titled "On Your Side".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

Volume 109 Illustration

The illustration on page 3 of Volume 109.

The cover has a pink background, with the title in a pale yellow. The author's name is written in magenta.

The cover depicts Bartholomew Kuma standing with Bonney, in her actual form, hugging him and sitting on his shoulder. Kuma smiles as Gear 5 Luffy flies above him in the same pose as Nika. In front of him, Borsalino, Sentomaru, and Vegapunk walk back and forth in the same pose, with Stussy standing off to the side. Egghead's scientists mimic Nika's pose in front of Kuma.

Author's Note[]

Author's Notes
Volume 109 Intro Image


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  • 1101. To Bonney (ボニーへ, Bonī e?): While Kuma continues to work for the World Government, Bonney manages to defeat Alpha and set sail.
  • 1102. Kuma's Life (くまの人生, Kuma no Jinsei?): As Bonney begins her pirate career with the intention of finding her father, Vegapunk reluctantly erases Kuma's mind.
  • 1103. I'm Sorry, Daddy (ごめんね、お父さん, Gomen ne, Otō-san?): In the present day, Saturn reveals to Bonney that all the harm caused to his family was caused by him, but Kuma arrives to save his daughter just as Saturn was about to kill her.
  • 1104. Thank You, Daddy (ありがとう、お父さん, Arigatō, Otō-san?): Kuma attacks Saturn with a powerful punch, but the Elder recovers himself and orders a Buster Call on Egghead.
  • 1105. The Height of Folly (愚の骨頂, Gu no Kotchō?): As the Buster Call begins, Saturn orders the Pacifistas to kill Kuma and Bonney, while an unknown group heads towards Egghead.
  • 1106. On Your Side (きみの味方, Kimi no Mikata?): Bonney learns that Vegapunk has given her supreme authority over the Pacifistas, and Saturn impales the scientist in retaliation. While Luffy saves Kuma and Bonney from Kizaru, the Giant Warrior Pirates arrive on Egghead.
  • 1107. I've Been Looking for You!! (あんたを探してたんだ!!, Anta o Sagashitetanda!!?): While Luffy and Sanji fight Saturn and Kizaru, Caribou meets Augur and Devon and asks them to take him to Blackbeard.
  • 1108. Come In, World (応答せよ、世界, Ōtō seyo, Sekai?): As Saturn attacks Luffy and Sanji with his Beast Form, Kizaru manages to kill Vegapunk while a message promising to reveal the truth of the world begins to be broadcast.
  • 1109. Interception (阻止, Soshi?): While Vegapunk gives citizens around the world ten minutes to prepare to hear his message, Saturn decides to summon the other Elders at Egghead in order to stop the broadcast.
  • 1110. Starfall (降星, Kōsei?): While the Five Elders are fully assembled on Egghead in their Zoan forms, Zoro ends his fight with Lucci. Luffy is attacked by Ju Peter, but he is saved by Dorry and Brogy.

SBS Notes[]

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Volume Changes[]

Magazine Version Volume Version Explanation
Volume Change 1102a NoPicAvailable Chapter 1102, page 16
Change: Added more ellipses to Vegapunk's speech bubble.
Volume Change 1103a NoPicAvailable Chapter 1103, page 10
Change: Kanji in the word "look for" (sagashi) changed from 探しto 捜し, matching the title of Chapter 1107.
Volume Change 1104a NoPicAvailable Chapter 1104, page 7
Correction: Kuma's mouth is slightly opened to reflect his wheezing.
Volume Change 1106a NoPicAvailable Chapter 1106, page 1
Correction: Added inking to every other stripe on the awning.
Volume Change 1108a NoPicAvailable Chapter 1108, page 8
Correction: Added texture to Dorry's armor.


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