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Volume 13 is titled "It's All Right!!!".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The background cover is brownish-grey, with the title in a red spectrum gradient. The author's name is written in dark blue.

The cover features an inflated, sleepy Luffy in the foreground. The split up cover box has Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine above and below Luffy respectively, while Mr. 8, Miss Monday, Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday are in the corners, striking fighting poses, plus Mr. 13 and Miss Friday staring at each other in small panels of their own.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 013 Intro Image There is a sacred Dragon in Enoshima. The being that is closest to God. That is the Dragon. I WONDER IF YOU CAN EAT DRAGONS.

(Translator's Note: Enoshima Enoshima)


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  • 109. Responsibility Problem (責任問題, Sekinin Mondai?): Zoro defeats Mr. 8, Mr. 9, and Miss Wednesday, and so emerges victorious over the 100 Baroque Works bounty hunters.
  • 110. The Night Isn't Over (夜は終わらない, Yoru wa Owaranai?): Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine come to kill Miss Wednesday and Mr. 8, who are actually Princess Vivi and Igaram of the Arabasta Kingdom acting as undercover operators in Baroque Works.
  • 111. The Secret Criminal Organization (秘密犯罪会社, Himitsu Hanzai Gaisha?): After the Straw Hats wake up, Igaram commissions their help in protecting Vivi from the Baroque Works agents.
  • 112. Luffy vs. Zoro (ルフィVSバーサスゾロ, Rufi Bāsasu Zoro?): Luffy attacks Zoro for attacking the bounty hunters that had befriended them, and Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine are inadvertently caught in their crossfire.
  • 113. It's All Right!!! (大丈夫!!!, Daijōbu!!!?): Nami puts a stop to Luffy and Zoro's fight. The Straw Hats then prepare to go with Vivi to Arabasta, which is under threat of a coup by Baroque Works' leader Mr. 0, who is Crocodile of the Seven Warlords.
  • 114. The Course (進路, Shinro?): Miss All Sunday of Baroque Works unexpectedly appears on the Going Merry and offers the Straw Hats an Eternal Pose showing a secret route to Arabasta, but the Straw Hats reject her offer and head for Little Garden instead.
  • 115. Little Garden of Adventure (冒険のリトルガーデン, Bōken no Ritoru Gāden?): The Straw Hats land on Little Garden.
  • 116. Big (でっけェ, Dekkē?): The Straw Hats meet the giants Dorry and Brogy, who have been dueling on Little Garden for 100 years.
  • 117. Dorry and Brogy (ドリーとブロギー, Dorī to Burogī?): Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek decide to go after the Straw Hats. Meanwhile, Dorry is injured after the rum the Straw Hats gave him explodes, causing him to attack Luffy.

SBS Notes[]

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  • Tashigi is revealed to be nearsighted.
  • A further explanation of the Wazamono-grade swords.
  • Oda explains how Usopp got his new goggles in Loguetown.
    • A different explanation is made in the anime regarding the goggles.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 186-189.
UGP Volume 013a
Pages 186-187
UGP Volume 013b
Pages 188-189


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