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Volume 15 is titled "Straight Ahead!!!".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

Volume 15 Illustration

The illustration on page 3 of Volume 15.

The colored cover has a red background. The title logo is dark yellow (fading from light), turquoise, and cyan, and the author's name is printed in turquoise.

On the front, an excited Usopp stands in the center with Luffy underneath him flying facefirst towards the reader. Behind Usopp are Dorry and Brogy holding up their respective sword and axe, and light blue close-up portraits of the two are shown behind each giant. The image has a gold border.

On the spine, Usopp is featured, and the skull logo is colored turquoise.

For the volume illustration on page 3, a profile of Luffy with a serious look on his face is featured.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 015 Intro Image

A continuation from the previous volume.

"Kaaaaahhh!!" the ninja screamed, and "Baaaam!!" Shockingly, the upperclassmen suddenly became stiff all at once and fell to the ground. It was the world-famous "Jutsu of Binding"!! After that, he did things like stopping people's hearts and showing us pictures from back when he was still in training; there was no end to the levels of our excitement. Then the ninja says this. "To be honest, I can keep on standing upside-down on the ceiling of this gym for 5 hours straight, but since we do not have the time today, I will not do it."

I've seen a ninja. Dead serious.


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  • 127. Den Den Mushi (電伝虫, Dendenmushi?): Dorry wakes up due to Brogy's weapon being blunt. Sanji impersonates Mr. 3 when Crocodile calls him and provides him with an Eternal Log Pose for Alabasta, but Crocodile gets suspicious and sends Mr. 2 after them.
  • 128. Pride (Pirate Flag) (海賊簱, Hokori?): The Straw Hat Pirates head for Alabasta, and so does Smoker after intercepting their call.
  • 129. Straight Ahead!!! (まっすぐ!!!, Massugu!!!?): Dorry and Brogy assist the Straw Hats in battling a giant goldfish and the two groups bid each other farewell. Later, Nami collapses from a fever.
  • 130. Maximum Speed (最高速度, Saikō Sokudo?): Nami attempts to shake off her fever and navigate to Alabasta, but Vivi decides that Nami needs a doctor first. They enter a winter area, when Zoro spots something weird.
  • 131. Tin Plate Wapol (ブリキのワポル, Buriki no Waporu?): The Straw Hats battle the Wapol Pirates, whose captain, Wapol, can eat anything. However, Luffy manages to send Wapol flying away.
  • 132. See? (, Ne?): The Straw Hats reach a winter island, but are attacked by angry villagers. However, the Straw Hats are welcomed by their leader Dalton after they bow in submission to the citizens.
  • 133. Adventure in a Nameless Country (名もなき国の冒険, Na mo Naki Kuni no Bōken?): Dalton guides the Straw Hats around the island, revealing that the only doctor lived on top of a mountain and was inaccessible. However, Luffy and Sanji decide to climb the mountain with Nami on their back.
  • 134. Dr. Kureha (Dr.ドクターくれは, Dokutā Kureha?): Dalton reveals to Usopp and Vivi that Wapol was once their king, but he ran away when a pirate named Blackbeard attacked. Unbeknownst to him, Wapol and his crew are nearing Drum Island. As Sanji and Luffy battle Lapahns after unintentionally attacking a baby Lapahn, Dr. Kureha comes down to a village to treat patients.
  • 135. Lapahn (ラパーン, Rapān?): Sanji continues fighting the Lapahns to no avail, while Dalton as he travels with Vivi and Usopp to look for Dr. Kureha learns that Wapol has returned, forcing him to head back alone. Wapol intends to both take his kingdom back and get revenge on the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • 136. A Man Called Dalton (ドルトンという男, Doruton to Iu Otoko?): Dalton battles Wapol, but intercepts Chess's arrows to protect the citizens. The Lapahns cause an avalanche on the mountain.

SBS Notes[]

Main article: SBS Volume 15
  • Oda explains the "sailing ceremony" the Straw Hats did in Chapter 100.
  • The birthdays for Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji are revealed.

ONE PIECE Preview! Grand reveal of the rough drafts!![]

ONE PIECE Preview! Grand reveal of the rough drafts!! (ONE PIECE 予告!ネーム大公開!!) is an extra segment series that can be found in volumes between chapters, where a couple of pages from the author's rough drafts for the series are revealed. This volume includes part 17.

Part 17 (page 152)[]

This is a rough draft of page 9 from Chapter 139 of Volume 16. The final product looks nearly identical to this draft.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 172, 192, and 212-215.
  • Total number of fan submissions featured: 40 (+1 mailing address poster)
UGP Volume 015a
Page 172.
UGP Volume 015b
Page 192.
UGP Volume 015c
Page 212-213.
UGP Volume 015d
Page 214-215.

Grand Prize: A Hair's Breadth [紙一重] (Kyoto, Japan)

UGP VIZ Volume 015a
Page 172.
UGP VIZ Volume 015b
Page 192.

Volume Extras[]

  • Titled Coloring book segment [ぬりえコーナー], a self-colorable version of the cover for Chapter 107 is provided on page 48.


  • This is the first volume to have an inside cover completely different from the outside cover, followed by Volume 19, Volume 38, Volume 52, Volume 56, and Volume 62. It features Pandaman sitting below a cherry tree, having some tea and rice dumplings by himself. There is also a yawning frog near Pandaman. Instead of Usopp, Pandaman is featured on the inside cover spine.


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