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Volume 25 is titled "The Hundred Million Man".

Cover and Volume Illustration

The cover has a red background, with the title in a blue spectrum gradient. The author's name is written in light purple.

The cover features Monkey D. Luffy and Marshall D. Teach alongside each other while shouting (Luffy is standing on a pair of barrels). The background features Shanks to the right, Buggy doing a flashy pose to the left and Sengoku's pet goat in the center. The digger Buggy meets in a mine can also be found behind Shanks, giving a thumbs up gesture.

Author's Notes

Author's Notes
Volume 025 Intro Image.png There is a reason why Chapter 233 in this volume's cover is black. By doing this, I have memorialized my mangaka buddy named「Shingagin」who recently passed away. According to a certain person, even if a Mangaka dies, the characters that the Mangaka created live on in place of them. I really think we have a great career.


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SBS Notes

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