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Volume 29 is titled "Oratorio".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

Volume 29 Illustration

The illustration on page 3 of Volume 29.

The colored cover uses a white background with a bluish tint in the front, and a light blue color for the back. The title logo is printed in  blue (fading from light blue), dark blue, blue-grey. The author's name is printed in white on the bottom left corner.

On the front, Luffy runs, with Aisa clinging onto him, alongside Gan Fall and Pierre. Conis is in the background with Su on her shoulder, and all of them are surrounded by Nola.

On the spine, Conis and Su are featured, and the skull on the spine is colored light blue.

For the volume illustration on page 3, Luffy is wearing a typical "pirate captain coat" over his usual outfit and munches on a lobster with his hand in a saluting/lookout position.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 029 Intro Image I hear that you need to eat hot food when it's still hot, or else it'll taste nasty. The thing is, I feel like the vast majority of us out there have tongues sensitive to heat. Since we call them "cat-tongued" in Japanese, I think there should also be a name for people with non-sensitive tongues.

"Perverted Tongues".

I was jealous, so I gave them an embarrassing name.


See also the associated category: Volume 29.
  • 265. Pirate Robin vs. Divine Soldiers Commander Yama (海賊ロビンvs神兵長ヤマ, Kaizoku Robin vs Shinpeichō Yama?): Robin fights and defeats Yama.
  • 266. Pirate Chopper vs. Priest Ohm (海賊チョッパーvs神官オーム, Kaizoku Choppā vs Shinkan Ōmu?): Robin discovers the Shandora ruins, while Chopper confronts Ohm. However, he is defeated.
  • 267. March (行進曲, Māchi?): Aisa tries to run off onto the Upper Yard, but Nami stops her, however both end up in the forest. Luffy is still in the "cave", seeking an exit. Zoro, Wiper, Gan Fall and Ohm prepare to face off in the upper ruins.
  • 268. Suite (組曲, Suwīto?): Gan Fall, Wiper, Zoro, Holy, Ohm, and Nola battle, Nami is chased by the Birkans, and Robin discovers Shandora.
  • 269. Concerto (協奏曲, Koncheruto?): The battle between the Birkans and Shandia continues as the Straw Hats are caught between both sides. Gan Fall, Pierre, Nami, and Aisa are swallowed by Nola.
  • 270. Serenade (小夜曲, Serenāde?): The battle in the Upper Ruins stops as Enel joins the battle.
  • 271. Pirate Zoro vs. Priest Ohm (海賊ゾロvs神官オーム, Kaizoku Zoro vs Shinkan Ōmu?): Zoro battles Ohm and defeats him.
  • 272. Play (戯曲, Purei?): Robin learns some important things and talks to Enel. Conis learns that Enel is planning to kill everyone and goes to warn the villagers. Enel sends the Upper Ruins crashing down.
  • 273. Quintet (五重奏, Kuintetto?): The people in the Upper Ruins fall to the Main Ruins, and Nami, Gan Fall, and Pierre escape Nola, but Gan Fall sends Pierre back to aid Luffy and Aisa. Enel declares one more person needs to die for him to have five winners, but the others agree that he should be the one to die.
  • 274. Oratorio (聖譚曲, Oratorio?): The remaining people fight Enel, but he defeats Gan Fall and Robin.
  • 275. Divina Commedia (神曲, Dibīna Komeidia?): As the attack progresses, Wiper manages to kill Enel, but Enel uses his Devil Fruit powers to restart his heart.

SBS Notes[]

Main article: SBS Volume 29

Manga de GO (A.K.A. Ngago)[]

  • In this section located on page 210, Oda reveals the supplies he uses to draw One Piece.


O: I get many questions about manga supplies, but since I don't know a whole lot about them myself (whoa), I decided I would simply talk about the supplies that I use personally and know about from experience. To be honest, it doesn't really matter, though.

Paper: It's called "Muse Manga Manuscript" paper.

40 in a pack. I get them plain, so they're totally blank. For beginners, try looking for those that have outlines already drawn on them.

Pen: "Zebra G-pen" (L) "Zebra Round Pen" (R)

These are just tips, so you have to insert them onto pen handles that they sell in stores.

Ink: "Pilot Securities Ink"

This depends on your taste. I know that most people use "drawing ink" instead.

Tones: "I-C Screen"

These are screentones. When you read manga, you see places that look like they've been lightly shaded or colored, but those are actually transparent sticker-like things that you cut out and affix onto the page. It's probably a pain for people who use them a lot. There's various handy tricks to using them well.

Right. This is all you need to become a manga artist. The rest depends on skill.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 66, 128, 168, and 230-231.
  • Total number of submissions featured: 32 (+1 mailing address poster).
UGP Volume 029a
Page 66.
UGP Volume 029b
Page 128.
UGP Volume 029c
Page 168.
UGP Volume 029d
Page 230-231.

Grand Prize: Toyotori [豊鳥] (Tokyo, Japan)


Volume 29 Inside Cover Back

Pandaman on alternate back cover.

  • To the right, near the center of the inside back cover of this volume, you can find Pandaman. This is a continuation of an easter egg series that has been featured on the alternate back covers of volumes 25-70.


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