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Volume 31 is titled "I'm Right Here".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover is of a dark brown color, with the title logo utilizing a lighter shade of brown. The author name is written in black.

The cover's foreground features Monkey D. Luffy in the middle, Sanji on the left and Tony Tony Chopper on the right, all of them reading a page of Liar Noland. The background features Mont Blanc Noland to the left and Kalgara to the right, with a smiling Nola in-between them resting atop some vines and a pair of crossed spears. Further in the background, the full island of Jaya before it split off is partially visible.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
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  • 286. The Monster of Shandora (シャンドラの魔物, Shandora no Mamono?): As the citizens of Angel Island try to escape, Enel's lighting continues to destroy the land. Meanwhile, Luffy continues to climb the beanstalk, and Wyper thinks back to his ancestor's story of Mont Blanc Noland.
  • 287. God Killing (神殺し, Kamigoroshi?): The famous explorer Mont Blanc Noland voyages to Jaya and discovers that its people are plagued with Tree Fever. The villagers try to sacrifice Mousse, but Noland intervenes to save her, slaying Kashigami. Noland and Kalgara meet for the first time.
  • 288. Curse (祟り, Tatari?): Kalgara challenges Noland to a duel as retribution for killing the Shandian god, and Noland is struck in the chest by Kalgara's spear. Noland offers to cure the village's plague, and is given until sunset to find the cure.
  • 289. Full Moon (望月, Bōgetsu?): Noland is swallowed up by the land, and is nearly killed by Kalgara. However, he has a change of heart and saves Noland instead, who is able to save the tribe from Tree Fever.
  • 290. The Light of Shandora (シャンドラの灯, Shandora no Hi?): Kalgara brings Noland to the Golden City, Shandora. Noland finally sees the bell he's been hearing. The two make up, and Noland's group remains on the island. However, a month into their stay, new tensions arise, and Noland decides to leave the island.
  • 291. I'm Right Here (ここにいる, Koko ni Iru?): Noland leaves Jaya, setting sail towards the North Blue. Mousse tells her father why Noland cut down the trees of their ancestors, and Kalgara feels guilty for driving them out; he runs to shore, promising to ring the bell every day until Noland returns.
  • 292. To Meet, like the Half-Moon Hidden by Clouds (あふことは片われ月の雲隠れ, Afukoto wa Katawaredzuki no Kumogakure?): Noland returns to Jaya with the king of Lvneel, but finds Shandora missing. Unknown to him, the entire city had actually been shot into the sky by the Knock Up Stream.
  • 293. Bolero (舞曲, Borero?): Wyper learns of Noland's fate and Kalgara's dying wish, reaffirming his desire to stop Enel. Meanwhile, Enel continues to destroy the land, setting his sights on the Golden Bell. Luffy continues to climb the Giant Jack, aiming to reach the Bell before Enel.
  • 294. Raigo (雷迎, Raigō?): Enel reaches the top of the beanstalk, finding nothing there. Luffy arrives as well, and after a short scuffle, is knocked partway back down; he informs Nami that intends to ring the Bell to send a message to Mont Blanc Cricket, telling him that Noland wasn't a liar.
  • 295. Giant Jack (Raigō, Jaianto Jakku?): Luffy tries to board the Maxim, but Enel stops him. Enel finds the Bell, and Luffy and Nami tell those at the bottom of the beanstalk to cut it down. The Straw Hats, Wyper, and Gan Fall begin attacking the stalk so it will collapse westward.

SBS Notes[]

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Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 206-213.
UGP Volume 031a
Pages 206-207
UGP Volume 031b
Pages 208-209
UGP Volume 031c
Pages 210-211
UGP Volume 031d
Pages 212-213


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