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Volume 35 is titled "Captain".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover is of a teal color, with the title logo and author's name printed in solid blue.

The foreground shows the duel between Monkey D. Luffy and Usopp for the Going Merry. In the background, Franky is wearing his disguise, with Kiwi to the left, Mozu to the right, and the Franky House behind him.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 035 Intro Image There is something called the "Nanba walk". Like when they say the Japanese people before the Meiji era walked by setting out their left leg and left arm together, and then right leg and right arm together. If this is true, I think the people of ancient Japan were always very nervous. The reason for the tenseness is of course, because of the piano concert that is coming up tomorrow, and for that concert, your secretly beloved Mariko is going to come watch. Takashi has very short fingers, and he is not able to reach the black keys of the piano, so in order to dismiss that weakpoint, he locks himself in the mountains once again, and fights the big bad bear!!! Now!! Volume 35, start!!!


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  • 328. The Pirate Abduction Incident (海賊誘拐事件, Kaizoku Yūkai Jiken?): Luffy and Nami learn the fate of the Going Merry and realize Usopp has been taken by the Franky Family along with Beli200,000,000.
  • 329. My Name Is "Franky" (おれの名は「フランキー」, Ore no Na wa "Furankī"?): Nami informs the other members of what happened while Usopp tries to retrieve the money on his own.
  • 330. It's Decided (決めた, Kimeta?): The Straw Hat Pirates attack the Franky Family to get revenge for Usopp and finally decide it is time to say goodbye to the Going Merry.
  • 331. The Big Argument (大喧嘩, Ōgenka?): Luffy and Usopp argue over what to do with the Going Merry, with Usopp wanting to keep repairing it and Luffy wanting to get a ship.
  • 332. Luffy vs. Usopp (ルフィ vsバーサス ウソップ, Rufi Bāsasu Usoppu?): Usopp and Luffy fight for the Going Merry.
  • 333. Captain (船長, Kyaputen?): The duel between Usopp and Luffy continues with a victor finally emerging in the end.
  • 334. Big Trouble in the Secret Room (密室の大事件, Misshitsu no Daijiken?): It is the morning after Usopp and Luffy's duel and the Straw Hat Pirates learn that Iceburg was shot.
  • 335. WARNING (WARNINGウォーニング, Wōningu?): An angry Franky searches for the Straw Hats, while it is revealed that Aqua Laguna is due to hit the island. Iceburg finally regains consciousness and reveals that there were two attackers, one being Nico Robin.
  • 336. Luffy vs. Franky (ルフィ vsバーサス フランキー, Rufi Bāsasu Furankī?): Franky and Luffy begin to fight outside the shipyard while the Galley-La Company conclude that the Straw Hats are involved in the attack on Iceburg and go to confront them.

SBS Notes[]

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Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 186-191.
UGP Volume 035a
Pages 186-187
UGP Volume 035b
Pages 188-189
UGP Volume 035c
Pages 190-191


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