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Volume 38 is titled "Rocketman!!".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover is of an orange color with the title logo being in a brown spectrum gradient. The author's name is printed in brown.

The cover features Monkey D. Luffy atop the Rocketman while biting down a large chain. Behind him, Kokoro is posing with Chimney and Gonbe, who are happily jumping around her, and Sodom and Gomorrah, who are roaring in the background. In the foreground, Sanji is delivering a kick while Usopp strikes a pose in his "Sogeking" disguise.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 038 Intro Image When you buy stuff like singles CDs, around the 3rd song or so there's a singing-less song you can find that's written "Instoormentar". Mothers who forget to buy the ingredients of the miso soup they were going too make for the dinner of their families could say this. "Today's miso soup is Instoormentar". During a test, if you can't think of an answer then everyone should write next to the blank space. "It's Instoormentar". I frequently get pointed out by my readers that I forgot to draw something, but that is obviously also "Instoomentar".

(Translator's note: The first Instoormentar (written インストゥルメンタル for all of them)refers to "Instrumental". The second is probably some pun on INSTRUmental and instant. The third has something to do with instruMENTAL but I am not sure how that works out. The last use of Instoormental is probably just random.)


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  • 358. Revival (復活, Fukkatsu?): After Tom's death, CP9 prepare to take Franky away.
  • 359. Bingo (ビンゴ, Bingo?): Iceburg explains Robin's true motive for causing so much trouble.
  • 360. Departing Soon (まもなく出航, Mamonaku Shukkō?): Paulie informs the citizens of Water 7 that the Straw Hat Pirates are not the culprits. Nami rushes to the Sea Train, but Sanji arrives before her, and begins approaching the train.
  • 361. P.S. (追伸, Tsuishin?): The Sea Train leaves Water 7 with Robin, Usopp, Franky, and the CP9 agents on board.
  • 362. Ebb Tide (引き潮, Hiki Shio?): Sanji makes his way to the 7th cart, defeating Jerry. Meanwhile, on Water 7, everyone searches for Luffy and Zoro before Aqua Laguna arrives.
  • 363. Aqua Laguna (アクア・ラグナ, Akua Raguna?): Nami and Chopper make their way towards the stuck Luffy and Zoro as the Aqua Laguna arrives.
  • 364. Kokoro (ココロ, Kokoro?): The Straw Hat Pirates escape from the Aqua Laguna and are determined to go save the others at Enies Lobby.
  • 365. Rocketman!! (ロケットマン!!, Rokettoman!!?): Sanji defeats everybody in the next cart, reaching Franky and Usopp. The other Straw Hats prepare to leave Water 7 on the second Sea Train, the Rocketman.
  • 366. Sortie!! (出撃!!, Shutsugeki!!?): The Rocketman leaves with the Straw Hat Pirates, Franky Family and Galley-La Company as Sanji finally contacts Nami.
  • 367. Sogeking (そげキング, Sogekingu?): The Rocketman passes through the Aqua Laguna while Sanji and Franky are saved by a mysterious masked man named Sogeking.

SBS Notes[]

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  • Water 7 is based off the city of Venice, Italy.
  • Oda explains the connection of "Davy Jones" to the "Davy Back Fight".
  • Paulie, Mozu, Kiwi and Zambai are revealed to have been in Franky's flashback. It is revealed that they were inspired by the Puffing Tom to become Shipwrights, but only Paulie passed and the others became criminals.
  • The Straw Hat's favorite types of islands are revealed.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 206-209.
UGP Volume 038a
Pages 206-207
UGP Volume 038b
Pages 208-209


  • Even though Sogeking appears on the cover, he only appears on the last page of the volume.


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