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Volume 4000000000 is titled "RED". It is a free volume distributed to the first three million attendees of One Piece Film: Red.[1] A second version, with an alternate cover, was limited to two million copies.[2]

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The first version of the volume cover uses the same illustration by Eiichiro Oda that is used as a poster for the film. It depicts Shanks and Luffy at the top facing in the opposite directions, and Uta at the bottom with some structures of Elegia behind her.

The second version depicts Luffy in his Film: Red outfit, with a giant, red-tinted portrait of Shanks behind him.

Author's Notes[]

Authors note 4 bill It's Volume 4 Billion!! That's a huge number!! The number is based on Shanks' bounty. When I went to a Takoyaki shop in Osaka, it said "4,000,000 Yen" for six Takoyaki. When I gave the waitress 500 Yen, she said "Yes, your change is 100 Yen" and gave me 100 Yen. Osaka is a special town, which is rarely acknowledged in the world, isn't it? This is "HYPER INFLATION"!!! This means, Volume 4 billion begins!!


  • Volume 4000000000, Volume 4/4, and Volume 4000000001 are the first instance of a movie receiving three different volumes.
  • Volume 4000000000 is the first special volume to be released multiple times, and the first to have multiple covers.
  • The volume number is a reference to Shanks' bounty of Beli4,048,900,000.
  • In Spanish cinemas, a Spanish-translated version of Volume 4000000000 was given to the first attendees of One Piece Film: Red.[3]


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