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Volume 45 is titled "Understanding Your Feelings".

Cover and Volume Illustration

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Author's Notes

Author's Notes
Volume 045 Intro Image.png The days of war with 10 year old young men. Kids that were 10 when the series started are now 20. The hair in that place must be already going wild by now. Just saying, but by that place, I meant armpits. Armpit hair. It's become real long by now (not the armpit hair; I'm talking about the series) but I still have many scenes I want to draw. Hairless boys and Hairy boys, please bear with me for a bit more.


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SBS Notes

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  • Kumadori's name is explained.
  • The round guy from the Franky Family is revealed to be named Tamagon.
  • Chimney is revealed to be 1/4th mermaid.
  • Every Devil Fruit has a swirl pattern on it.
  • The Straw Hats' favorite food is revealed.
  • It is revealed that there is an incomplete encyclopedia about Devil Fruits.


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