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Volume 48 is titled "Adventures of Oars".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The outside colored cover is light blue, with white and blue logo text. The author's name is written in white and blue.

Luffy is in the middle of the cover, yelling upwards to the camera. Behind him stands Oars, mimicking Luffy's position.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 048 Intro Image [\/]

Who are you calling invaders, dude. A heavenly punishment to the Mangaka that doesn't trust his fans. Switch on. Click. 10 seconds before Kokoro's Bra drops, *DROP*... Please continue on with the Volume. by Shelltect-kun >゚)##)彡 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! VOLUME 48 IS STARTIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!!


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  • 460. Get Back Before Dawn!! (夜明け前に取り返せ!!, Yoake Mae ni Torikaese!!?): The Straw Hats set out across Thriller Bark. Perona mobilizes her ghosts, and Oars begins to explore.
  • 461. Ghost Buster (ゴーストバスター, Gōsuto Basutā?): Usopp starts to fight Perona.
  • 462. Adventures of Oars (オーズの冒険, Ōzu no Bōken?): While Usopp battles Perona, Brook is defeated by Ryuma. He is saved by Franky and Zoro, with the latter preparing to challenge Ryuma himself. Absalom continues his wedding with Nami, and Oars shakes the island, defeating all the General Zombies.
  • 463. Pirate Sanji vs. Mysterious Absalom (海賊サンジ vs 怪人アブサロム, Kaizoku Sanji Bāsasu Kaijin Abusaromu?): Luffy challenges Moria in an attempt to recover the stolen shadows, but is fended off by Doppelman. Meanwhile, Sanji saves Nami, angry at Absalom for his treatment of both her and Robin.
  • 464. Sanji's Dream (サンジの夢, Sanji no Yume?): Absalom is beaten hopelessly by Sanji for stealing his dream, which was to eat the Suke Suke no Mi so he could become be an invisible man and sneak into women showers.
  • 465. Pirate Usopp vs. Princess Perona (海賊ウソップvsバーサス怪人ペローナ, Kaizoku Usoppu Bāsasu Purinsesu Perōna?): Usopp battles with Perona, but his arsenal proves ineffective. Upon Kumashi re-entering the fight, he dons the persona of Sogeking, restoring his confidence.
  • 466. Conclusion (決着, Kecchaku?): Usopp has finally seen through Perona's tricks, and uses a fake hammer that weighs 10 tons to beat Perona. Zoro challenges Ryuma, and their battle begins in earnest.
  • 467. Pirate Zoro vs. Samurai Ryuma (海賊ゾロvsバーサス侍・リューマ, Kaizoku Zoro Bāsasu Samurai Ryūma?): Zoro battles Ryuma using both One Sword Style and Two Sword Style, destroying Hogback's laboratory. Zoro manages to defeat the samurai, restoring Brook's shadow and acquiring a new katana, the Shusui.
  • 468. Pirate Chopper vs. Mysterious Hogback (海賊チョッパーvsバーサス怪人ホグバック, Kaizoku Choppā Bāsasu Kaijin Hogubakku?): Chopper continues to argue with Hogback about human life. Chopper and Robin engage in battle with Cindry and Hogback, while Zoro and Sanji's zombies are defeated.
  • 469. Come Out Here, Straw Hat Pirates!!! (出て来い麦わらの一味!!!, Dete Koi Mugiwara no Ichimi!!!?): Hogback flees, but Chopper and Robin are interrupted from chasing him by Oars. He destroys a building that Usopp and Sanji were in, causing Absalom to kidnap Nami again.
  • 470. Oars vs. Straw Hat Pirates (オーズvsバーサス麦わらの一味, Ōzu Bāsasu Mugiwara no Ichimi?): The Straw Hats, minus Nami, face off against Oars. However, his strength and speed seem to be too much, seemingly defeating each of them without exerting any effort.

SBS Notes[]

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  • Oda reveals there is a Devil Fruit Encyclopedia that contains info on all the known Devil Fruits. He also implied Vegapunk knows the origins of Devil Fruits.
  • Absalom's lion mouth came from the lion with a human face, however it is unknown if the human face on the lion is Absalom's face.
  • Ace's height and weight are revealed.
  • Oda states what positions the Straw Hats would have if they were an actual family.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 226-231.
UGP Volume 048a
Pages 226-227
UGP Volume 048b
Pages 228-229
UGP Volume 048c
Pages 230-231


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