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Volume 5 is titled "For Whom the Bell Tolls".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

The cover is eggshell white, the title is bright blue and the author's name is dark blue.

Luffy, Nami, Usopp and Zoro stand in front, in their debut outifts, while the Usopp Pirates and Kaya stand in the background. The location appears to be Syrup Village.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 005 Intro Image [\/]

In volume 4, since it said you wanted to scribble on a dog, if it's fine with my dog('s picture), please feel free to scribble on him to your heart's content! He's called 「Charmy」(Original name Tome).

(from the Shizuoka Area, I love monkeys♡ san)


Thank you very much. With much responsibility, I've turned Tome into one sexy dog. In this world, there are various animals with exotic colors to match their surroundings. For example, it's possible that a dog who grew up in a field of sunflowers may evolute like this in order to protect itself from outer enemies, isn't it. Living things are just so mysterious. U mad? I love monkeys♡ san.


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  • 036 After Them!! (追え!!, Oe!!?) Zoro defeats Buchi, and escapes with Usopp to save Kaya and the boys. Kuro and Luffy begin their fight. Meanwhile due to Kaya's illness affecting her, Jango is able to catch up with them.
  • 037 The Pirate "Kuro of a Hundred Plans" (海賊「百計のクロ」, Kaizoku "Hyakkei no Kuro"?) Luffy and Kuro fight and reminisce about why they are fighting as Kuro's past is revealed.
  • 038 Pirate Crew (海賊団, Kaizokudan?) Luffy and Kuro continue their fight. As Kuro unleashes his ultimate attack, Kuro reveals his true motives, as he threatens to kill everybody. Meanwhile the Usopp Pirates make a vain attempt to bring down Jango where the noise allows Usopp and Zoro to locate them.
  • 039 For Whom the Bell Tolls (誰が為に鐘は鳴る, Taga Tame ni Kane wa Naru?) Angered by Kuros disrespect for his own crew, Luffy restrains Kuros movements and successfully defeats him. Meanwhile with Zoros help, Usopp saves Kaya from Jango.
  • 040 The Usopp Pirates (ウソップ海賊団, Usoppu Kaizokudan?) Usopp decides to keep the battle a secret believing it is better for Syrup Village. He also decides to become a real pirate, and officially disbands his crew.
  • 041 To the Sea (海へ, Umi-e?) To reward the Straw Hat Pirates, Kaya with her servant Merry gives them a new ship, the Going Merry. Though initially planning to travel alone, Usopp is unexpectedly recruited to the crew.
  • 042 Yosaku and Johnny (ヨサクとジョニー, Yosaku to Jonī?) After their Jolly Roger is completed, the crew meets Zoro's former partners Johnny and Yosaku. After help curing Yosaku of his scurvy illness, the Straw Hats realize the importance of recruiting a cook for the crew, and Johnny points them in the direction of the restaurant Baratie to help find one.
  • 043 Introducing Sanji (サンジ登場, Sanji Tōjō?) The crew arrive at the Baratie. Luffy starts trouble with some Marines which damages the Baratie. Their leader Fullbody later tries to impress his date inside the restaurant, but after being humiliated by the sous chef Sanji, his revenge attempt ends in disaster
  • 044 Three Cooks (三人のコック, Sannin no Kokku?) Luffy has to work as a chore boy to pay his debt, a prisoner named Gin manages to get loose on the Baratie, but is easily beaten due to being hungry. Sanji later secretly provides Gin with food. Seeing this, Luffy decides that Sanji should join his crew as their cook.

SBS Notes[]

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  • Benn Beckman's and Lucky Roux's names are revealed.
  • The writing on Morgan's chin is explained.
  • It's explained how Zoro can talk when using his three-sword-style.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

(Note: This is the first Volume to feature the Usopp Gallery Pirates.[2])

UGP Volume 005

Volume Extras[]

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