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Volume 52 is titled "Roger and Rayleigh".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

Volume 52 Illustration

The illustration on page 3 of Volume 52.

The colored cover has a cotton candy pink background, and the title logo uses blood orange (fading from white), red, and orange in its colorscheme. There is an orange panel behind the characters, and the author's name is also printed in a blood orange color.

On the front cover and for the volume illustration, the Straw Hat Pirates party in the background with Silvers Rayleigh in front.

On the spine, Rayleigh is featured, and the skull on the spine is colored pink.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 052 Intro Image

Vending machines during the winter have these labels that say "wa~rm" on them, so when I go with that flow and say "shoot, deadline's coming clo~se", it feels


In the first chapter, if Luffy had said "I'll become the Pirate Ki~ng!" instead, something would feel slightly off. Just a little. Volume 52!! "I want to sta~rt it".


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  • 503. Aggravated Island (荒立つ島, Aradatsu Shima?): Sabaody is thrown into panic after Luffy punches Saint Charloss. As the remaining Straw Hats arrive and help fight off the guards, Rayleigh meets Luffy for the first time.
  • 504. Pirate Front Line on the Move!! ((海賊前線移動中!!, Kaizoku Zensen Idōchū!!?): After Rayleigh removes Camie's explosive collar, the Supernovas battle against the Marines as an Admiral prepares to go to Sabaody.
  • 505. Kuma (クマ, Kuma?): Luffy, Law, and Kid confront several Marines before the Rosy Life Riders arrive to retrieve the Straw Hats, Rayleigh and their other friends. Later Bartholomew Kuma appears and attacks the Kid Pirates.
  • 506. Roger and Rayleigh (ロジャーとレイリー, Rojā to Reirii?): The Kid Pirates confront Bartolomew Kuma as the battle across Sabaody rages on. Back at his home, Rayleigh reveals to the Straw Hats his past with Gol D. Roger.
  • 507. Kizaru Arrives (黄猿上陸, Kizaru Jōriku?): The Straw Hat Pirates converse with Rayleigh and Shakky. Admiral Kizaru arrives in response to the assault on the Celestial Dragons. Elsewhere on the Sabaody Archipelago, several of the Supernovas are confronted by Marine forces, and they reveal their abilities.
  • 508. Island of Carnage (修羅の島, Shura no Shima?): The Supernovas battle Kizaru, Pacifistas, and Marines.
  • 509. Kizaru vs. Four Captains (黄猿vs.バーサス4人の船長, Kizaru Bāsasu Yonin no Senchō?): The Straw Hat Pirates and other Supernovas struggle against the Pacifistas, while Hawkins, Drake, Urouge, and Apoo confront Kizaru and a Pacifista.
  • 510. Straw Hat Crew vs. Combat Weapon (麦わらの一味vs.バーサス戦闘兵器, Mugiwara no Ichimi Bāsasu Sentō Heiki?): Kizaru defeats the four Supernovas that confront him, and after a large effort the Straw Hats finally manage to defeat a Pacifista.
  • 511. Axe-Carrying Sentomaru (鉞かついだ戦桃丸, Masakari katsuida Sentōmaru?): After PX-4 was defeated, Sentomaru appeared with another Pacifista and Kizaru. The Straw Hats were outclassed, and are forced to flee by dividing into three groups. Before Kizaru could kill Zoro, Rayleigh arrives to help.
  • 512. Zoro, Gone (ゾロ、音沙汰なし, Zoro, Otosata nashi?): Overwhelmed, the Straw Hats resort to desperate tactics with Chopper having to use Monster Point again. However, the real Bartholomew Kuma appears and makes Zoro disappear.

SBS Notes[]

Main article: SBS Volume 52
Number of fan-drawn SBS Headers featured: 8
  • The helmets worn by the Celestial Dragons are actually the bubbles that are common in Sabaody.
  • The real-life pirate inspirations of the Supernovas are revealed.
  • The first voice actor SBS is released, with Mayumi Tanaka, the voice of Luffy, answering questions.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 208-215.
  • Total number of fan submissions featured: 53 (+2 mailing address posters).
UGP Volume 052a
Page 208-209.
UGP Volume 052b
Page 210-211.
UGP Volume 052c
Page 212-213.
UGP Volume 052d
Page 214-215.

Grand Prize: Jyakimen [ジャキ面] (Kanagawa, Japan)


Volume 52 Inside Cover Back

Pandaman on the alternate back cover.

  • The inside front cover of this volume, along with Volume 15, 19, 38, 56, and 62, is completely different from the outside cover. It features Pandaman, Pandawoman, Domo-kun and Nnke-kun, Tomato Gang, and Unforgivable Mask along with several other unnamed Easter eggs in a single panel. Instead of Rayleigh, Unforgivable Mask is featured on the inside cover spine.
  • A small Pandaman can be seen on the bottom of the inside back cover of this volume. This is a continuation of an Easter egg series that that has been featured on the back of alternate covers for volumes 25-70.
  • This is the only volume where the main front cover is used for the volume illustration on page 3.


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