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Volume 54 is titled "No One Can Stop This Now".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

Volume 54 Illustration

The illustration on page 3 of Volume 54.

The colored cover has a burnt gold background with an indigo box in the center, and the title logo is peach (fading from white) and cerulean. The author's name is written in a peach color as well.

In the front cover, Magellan stands in the center background, with a Blue Gorilla on his right and Minotaurus to his left. Below, Luffy can be seen in the center foreground with his arms stretched out towards the reader, with a tear indicating he is flying out of the cover. To his right is Hannyabal and to his left is Sadi, and below Luffy stands Saldeath. Behind, two large chains form an X shape, and the Impel Down facility is shown in the background.

Magellan is featured on the spine, and the skull logo on the spine is colored sky blue.

For the volume illustration on page 3, an angry Luffy is about to throw a punch with his right arm. There is a dark spiral in the background.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 054 Intro Image

I hear that humans are supposed to be able to live until the age of 140. Then from there on, it's said that their lives get shorter as they put more stress onto their bodies. Mangakas always have way too much pressure in their lives, so I'll probably only get to live up to about the age of 135 (bummed).

Life is so short. Volume 54!! Starting now----!!


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  • 523. Hell (地獄, Jigoku?): Hancock realizes she is in love with Luffy as they head for Impel Down, which Garp is at. Nami lands in a Sky Island, Franky lands in a snowy mechanical island, and Sanji lands in an island filled with Okamas.
  • 524. No One Can Stop This Now (もう誰にも止められない, Mō dare ni mo tomerarenai?): The remaining scattered Straw Hat Pirates explore their new terrains while Luffy and Hancock move closer to Impel Down. As Marineford prepares for war, a meeting of the Shichibukai takes place and Garp visits Ace in Impel Down.
  • 525. The Underwater Prison Impel Down (海底監獄インペルダウン, Kaitei kangoku Inperu Daun?): Garp visits Ace in Impel Down and talks to him about the future he intended for him. Meanwhile, Boa Hancock approaches Impel Down with a hidden Luffy.
  • 526. Adventure in the Great Prison (大監獄の冒険, Daikangoku no bōken?): Luffy and Hancock arrive at Impel Down. Luffy manages to sneak past the guards and proceeds down the prison's levels, meeting Buggy along the way.
  • 527. Level 1 Crimson Hell (LVレべル1ワン 紅蓮地獄, Reberu wan guren jigoku?): Luffy and Buggy team up to save Ace. They face off against Blugori, guards, and enter Impel Down Level 1: Crimson Hell.
  • 528. Jinbe, Knight of the Sea (海侠のジンベエ, Kaikyō no Jinbe'e?): Luffy and Buggy fight their way through Level Two of Impel Down and meet Mr. 3 along the way. The Chief Warden of Impel Down, Magellan, appears to escort Hancock to Ace's cell, who is talking to the Shichibukai Jinbe.
  • 529. Level 2 Wild Beast Hell (LVレべル2ツー 猛獣地獄, Reberu tsū mōjū jigoku?): Jinbe informs Ace about the protection Whitebeard has given to Fishman Island and many other locations, and states his desire to escape in order to stop the war. Luffy, Buggy, and Mr. 3 encounter the sphinx and fall down into Level 3.
  • 530. From One Hell to Another (地獄へ地獄へ, Jigoku e jigoku e?): Luffy, Buggy, and Mr. 3 manage to defeat the sphinx and break through the floor to Level 3, and meet Mr. 2 there.
  • 531. Level 3 Starvation Hell (LVレべル3スリー 飢餓地獄, Reberu surī kiga jigoku?): Boa Hancock meets Ace while Luffy battles on to save Ace, meeting up with Mr. 2 Bon Kurei in the process.
  • 532. Jailer Beast Minotaurus (獄卒獣ミノタウロス, Goku sotsu jū Minotaurosu?): Luffy and Bon Kurei reunite with Buggy and Mr. 3 only to come face to face with one of the Jailer Beasts of Impel Down.

SBS Notes[]

Main article: SBS Volume 54

Number of fan-drawn SBS Headers featured: 8

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 208-215.
  • Total number of submissions featured: 56 (+1 UGP Header and 2 mailing address posters)
UGP Volume 054a
Page 208-209.
UGP Volume 054b
Page 210-211.
UGP Volume 054c
Page 212-213.
UGP Volume 054d
Page 214-215.

Grand Prize: Hashimura, Kyouki [橋村京樹] (Nara, Japan)


Volume 54 Inside Cover Back

Eastereggs on the alternate back cover of this volume.

  • On the bottom right corner of the inside back cover of this volume, Pandaman and Domo-kun can be found staring at Nnke-kun, who just arrived on a UFO. This is a continuation of an easter egg series that has been featured on the alternate back covers of volumes 25-70.


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