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Volume 55 is titled "Okama in Hell".


The outside colored cover is pink, and the title logo is gray fading from white, dark gray, and purple. The author's name is written in purple.

Luffy stands in the center in a fighting pose. Behind him are Buggy, Galdino, and Bentham, who strike various other fighting poses. Behind them, from left to right, are Minokoala, Minozebra, and Minorhinoceros. The bottom half of the background is torn away, revealing part of Ace's face.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 055 Intro Image I heard that when you don't have enough oxygen in your body, your body says "gimme oxygen" and makes you yawn. When you yawn and the person next to you yawns as well, I personally think it's because the earth's oxygen suddenly decreases when you yawn. You know, the Law of Conservation of Mass and all. Thinking back, I yawned that day. ...yes, that day of the dream of all humanity, the space shuttle went to space. Half of that was a lie. Volume 55 is starting-!!


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  • 533. Level 4 Inferno Hell (LVレべル4フォー 焦熱地獄, Reberu fō shōnetsu jigoku?): Luffy and his allies fall into Level 4 of Impel Down, and Magellan confronts Luffy.
  • 534. Chief Warden Magellan vs. Pirate Luffy (監獄署長マゼランvs.バーサス海賊ルフィ, Kangoku Shochō Mazeran Bāsasu Kaizoku Rufi?): Magellan's poisonous ability overwhelms Luffy, but the pirate presses on in order to save Ace.
  • 535. Friend (ダチ, Dachi?): Magellan defeats Luffy and throws him into Level 5, but Bentham prepares to rescue him.
  • 536. Level 5 Frozen Hell (LVレべル5ファイブ 極寒地獄, Reberu faibu gokkan jigoku?): Bentham breaks into Level 5, finds Luffy, and looks for Ivankov, the only person who could treat Luffy. However, he is attacked by wolves and the brutal cold and passes out.
  • 537. Okama in Hell (地獄に仏, Jigoku ni okama?): Bentham and Luffy are treated by Emporio Ivankov in a secret location as the prison staff recovers from the chaos.
  • 538. Level 5.5 Newkama Land (LVレべル5.5番地ニューカマーランド, Reberu faibu ten faibu banchi Nyūkamā Rando?): Ivankov uses his Devil Fruit to give Luffy a chance of survival and talks about Level 5.5 and Level 6. Suddenly, Luffy emerges after not even one day, despite the treatment being supposed to take much longer.
  • 539. Emporio Tension Hormone (エンポリオ・テンションホルモン, Enporio Tenshon Horumon?): Luffy regains his strength and proceeds to Level 6 with Ivankov and Inazuma. Meanwhile, Ace is brought out to be taken to Marineford.
  • 540. Level 6 Eternal Hell (LVレべル6シックス 無限地獄, Reberu shikkusu mugen jigoku?): Luffy, Ivankov, and Inazuma reach Level 6 but find that Ace is not there. They break Jinbe and Crocodile out of their cells to help all of them escape.
  • 541. The Likes of Which It Has Never Seen (未だかつてナッシブル, Imadakatsute nasshiburu?): Luffy's group and Buggy's group breaks out of Impel Down, freeing more prisoners in the process. Shiryu, the former head jailer, offers to help stop the breakout if he is freed.

SBS Notes[]

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Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 194-199.
UGP Volume 055a
Pages 194-195
UGP Volume 055b
Pages 196-197
UGP Volume 055c
Pages 198-199


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