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Volume 57 is titled "Summit War".


The outside colored cover is sky blue, though white clouds cover much of it. The title logo is red and yellow, with flames appearing in the letters. The author's name is written in red.

Luffy is running in the foreground, and behind him are the division commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates, all in a blue tint. Behind them is Whitebeard's smiling face, and behind Whitebeard is his Jolly Roger.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 057 Intro Image I'm the type of guy who doesn't feel right if I'm not reading something; in other words I have an addiction to books. I lied. JUST WANTED TO TRY SAYING IT. Volume 57 is starting---!!


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  • 552. Ace and Whitebeard (エースと白ひげ, Ēsu to Shirohige?): As Whitebeard begins his attack on Marineford, Ace remembers how he joined the Whitebeard Pirates.
  • 553. Summit Battle (頂上決戦, Chōjō Kessen?): The Whitebeard Pirates begin their attack and come into conflict with the Marines and Shichibukai.
  • 554. Admiral Akainu (大将赤犬, Taishō Akainu?): Admirals Kizaru and Akainu fight the division commanders as the giant Little Oars Jr. arrives.
  • 555. Oars and the Kasa (オーズと笠, Ōzu to kasa?): Little Oars Jr. rides a path of destruction to save Ace, but is ultimately brought down.
  • 556. Justice Will Prevail!! (正義は勝つ!!, Seigi wa Katsu!!?): The Battle of Marineford continues as Luffy and the other Impel Down prisoners fall from the sky.
  • 557. Luffy and Whitebeard (ルフィと白ひげ, Rufi to Shirohige?): The arrival of the prisoners throws the battle into chaos as Luffy and Whitebeard make an alliance to save Ace.
  • 558. Little Brother (, Otōto?): Luffy fights his way through hordes of Marines as it is announced to the world that he is Dragon's son.
  • 559. Destiny (天命, Tenmei?): Whitebeard forms an alliance with Buggy, Luffy receives assistance from Hancock, and Ivankov confronts Kuma.
  • 560. Prisoners of Impel Down (インペルダウンの囚人達, Inperu Daun no shūjin-tachi?): Ivankov battles Kuma as Crocodile attacks the Whitebeard Pirates, though Doflamingo intervenes. Meanwhile, Mihawk confronts Luffy.
  • 561. Luffy vs. Mihawk (ルフィvs.バーサスミホーク, Rufi Bāsasu Mihōku?): Luffy uses Buggy to escape Mihawk as Sentomaru arrives with a Pacifista army.
  • 562. Pirate Maelstrom Spider Squad (海賊大渦蜘蛛スクアード, Kaizoku Ō Uzu Gumo Sukuādo?): The Pacifista throw the Whitebeard Pirates into chaos as Squard, a pirate allied with Whitebeard, unexpectedly stabs Whitebeard.

SBS Notes[]

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  • Whitebeard's birthday is decided.
  • The actors the admirals are based on are revealed: Aokiji is based on Yusaku Matsuda, Kizaru is based on Kunie Tanaka, and Akainu is based on Bunta Sugawara.
  • Hiroaki Hirata, Sanji's voice actor, gives a voice actor SBS.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 208-213.
UGP Volume 057a
Pages 208-209
UGP Volume 057b
Pages 210-211
UGP Volume 057c
Pages 212-213

Volume Changes[]

Magazine Version Volume Version Explanation
Volume Change 556a Volume Change 556b Chapter 556, page 8
Change: Details on Akainu's face.
Volume Change 557a Volume Change 557b Chapter 557, page 12
Change: Details on Akainu's face.


  • VIZ Media originally were going to print Volume 57 using the "Impel Down" header. However it was changed to "Paramount War" before printing. Soon after, they switched to the "New World" header and kept it until "Wano" for volume 90.
Viz Volume 57 Original
Original 57 with "Impel Down".
Viz Volume 57
Volume 57 with "Paramount War".


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