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Volume 65 is titled "To Zero".

Cover and Volume Illustration[]

Volume 65 Illustration

The illustration on page 3 of Volume 65.

The colored cover background yellow, and the title logo is maroon and yellow. The author's name is printed in maroon.

On the front, Luffy floats in the center, ready to throw his "Red Hawk" punch. Fukaboshi stands behind him, arms spread and crying. Hody's angry face looms in the background, and in the foreground stand Dosun, Hyouzou, Ikaros Much, Zeo, Daruma, and Vander Decken IX, all in a line.

On the spine Fukaboshi is featured, and the skull print on the spine is colored cyan.

For the volume illustration on page 3, Luffy excitedly points in the direction of the reader.

Author's Notes[]

Author's Notes
Volume 065 Intro Image

It goes in the bunker because you think you don't want it to. In fact, if you aim for the bunker, you'll have a better chance of missing it. My favorite type of iron is... a 5-iron. I feel like these days, my putting skills are going down the drain---... Though I'VE NEVER EVEN PLAYED GOLF BEFORE~~!!! I wanna try it out when I'm all grown up-- Volume 65 is starting~~!! Good up!!


See also the associated category: Volume 65.
  • 637. The Ancient Ark (古の方舟, Inishie no Hakobune?): Luffy overwhelms Hody, as Shirahoshi begs Decken to spare Fish-Man Island. Hody and Luffy then come aboard the Noah.
  • 638. Escape-Hoshi (にげほし, Nigehoshi?): The Fish-Men attempt to stop the Noah as Shirahoshi is saved from Decken. However, Hody stabs Decken.
  • 639. Protect Everything (全部守る, Zenbu Mamoru?): Hody defeats Decken and chases after Shirahoshi. Wadatsumi defeats Surume and Nami, but is confronted by Sanji and Jinbe. Zoro clashes against Hyouzou.
  • 640. Above Fish-Man Island (魚人島直上, Gyojintō Chokujō?): The Straw Hat Pirates and Jinbe fight the New Fish-Man Pirates as Shirahoshi escapes from Hody. However, Decken passes out, causing Noah to fall straight toward Fish-Man Island.
  • 641. What Are You? (お前は何だ, Omae wa Nanda?): Hody defeats Fukaboshi and attacks Luffy, who is trying to get in Noah's air bubble. Fukaboshi contacts Luffy, revealing he knows Hody's true motives.
  • 642. Lost All Face (面目など丸潰れ, Menboku nado Marutsubure?): The Fish-Men evacuate Fish-Man Island as the Straw Hats and Jinbe overwhelm the New Fish-Man Pirates.
  • 643. Phantom (ファントム, Fantomu?): Robin defeats Hammond. Fukaboshi reveals that Hody's hatred toward humans was based on "nothing" and was a monster created by the grudge between the two races.
  • 644. To Zero (ゼロに, Zero ni?): Hody's past and adopted hatred is revealed, and Luffy tells Fukaboshi to leave a new start for humans and Fish-Men, hitting Hody with a strong punch.
  • 645. Death Is Another Form of Revenge (死もまた復讐, Shi mo Mata Fukushū?): Luffy defeats Hody as he prepares to destroy the Noah. The other Straw Hats (minus Nami and Robin) prepare to finish their battles.
  • 646. Frog (カエル, Kaeru?): The other Straw Hats along with Jinbe defeat the remaining officers of the New Fish-Man Pirates and Wadatsumi.

SBS Notes[]

Main article: SBS Volume 65

Number of fan-drawn SBS Headers featured: 6

  • The contents of Camie's backpack are revealed. (Soy sauce and butter [for Pappag's clams] and "dreams")
  • Hatchan and Hyouzou used to take sword fighting classes at the same dojo. According to Hatchan, Hyouzou is the "No. 1 swordsman on Fish-Man Island", and Hatchan comes second to him.
  • Each of the Straw Hats' official personal New World Jolly Rogers are introduced.
  • Oda explains why he gave Luffy his "ridiculous, weak-sounding" rubber powers.
  • The names and species of the girls who work at Mermaid Café are revealed.
  • Oda explains why he makes his Fish-Man Island characters always say the word "Sun" in Katakana [タイヨウ] rather than in Kanji [太陽]. (Katakana is the writing system used in Japanese to convey a feeling of "foreignness" in concepts or ideas, which accurately portrays how the Fish-Men feel about the sun.)
  • Readers find more of Oda's "Situation-Explination Shirts"
  • Shirahoshi's birthday is decided on. (April 4)
  • Sengoku, Garp, Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru are drawn as children.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 166, 186, and 206-211.
  • Total number of submissions featured: 45 (+2 mailing address posters)
UGP Volume 065a
Page 166.
UGP Volume 065b
Page 186.
UGP Volume 065c
Page 206-207.
UGP Volume 065d
Page 208-209.
UGP Volume 065e
Page 210-211.

Grand Prize: Sugar [砂糖] (Toyama, Japan)

Volume Changes[]

Magazine Version Volume Version Explanation
Volume Change 640a Volume Change 640b Chapter 640, page 12.
Correction: Added Zoro's eye scar.
Volume Change 644a Volume Change 644b Chapter 644, page 6.
Correction: Shyarly in the flashback changed from a young woman to a prepubescent girl.

K15R Corner[]

K15R Corner Header

"K(otoshi,) 15(Shuunen) R(ashiiyo.) Corner" (lit. "Apparently this year marks the 15th anniversary. segment") is located on page 212. Here, the author reveals 3 series-related events that will be taking place in celebration of One Piece's 15th anniversary, including:

  • Bandai's release of the Figuarts Zero Artist Special, a set of 9 figures sculpted by Toshio Asakuma, who is an artist specialized in figures representing animals behaving like humans
  • The release of One Piece: Pirate Warriors, a PS3 game
  • A One Piece-specific exhibition opening in Roppongi.

These events were all going to take place in 2012, and the following 3 pages of the volume (213-215) are poster advertisements of each specific event with additional details.


Volume 65 Inside Cover Back

Eastereggs on the alternate back cover.

  • The easter egg series that has been featured on the alternate covers of volumes since Volume 25 returns this volume after a short hiatus. On the inside back cover of this volume, Pandaman can be found in the air, about to jump onto the back of a stretched out version of the unnamed easter egg introduced on the alternate cover of Volume 52.


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