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Volume 7 is titled "The Crap-Geezer".


The outside colored cover is red, and the title logo is black. The author's name is in black as well.

The cover features Luffy and Sanji on the Going Merry, with Luffy eating food, and a table prepared with food in the background. A pandashark can also be found eating a piece of meat in the upper left corner.

Author's Note[]

Author's Notes
Volume 007 Intro Image

You can't see the side of your face with one mirror. Now I wonder if this is true. Like this... really fast... SWSH!! ... like this... look at the mirror real fast and...! Maybe you could see an afterimage for a second!! SWSH!! SWSH!! CRACK!! ..................!!


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  • 054. Pearl-san (パールさん, Pāru-san?) The Baratie chefs wage war on the Don Krieg pirates. Both asserting to be more powerful. Sanji fights one of Don Krieg's men claiming to be invincible, Pearl.
  • 055. JUNGLE BLOOD (JUNGLEジャングル BLOODブラッド, Janguru Buraddo?) After receiving his first nose bleed, Pearl is driven crazy with anger, and attacks with fire, putting the Baratie at risk. However, Sanji continues to fight him and manages to stop him from accidentally burning the restaurant. To prevent this from happening again, Gin has taken Zeff hostage.
  • 056. I Refuse (やなこった, Ya na Kotta?) Sanji decides to sacrifice himself in order to save Zeff. While doing that, Sanji remembers 9 years ago when he first met Zeff.
  • 057. If You Have a Dream (夢在るがゆえ, Yumearu ga Yue?) Sanji's past is revealed where Zeff saves him after learning the two share the same dream and they wind up on an island when a huge tidal wave destroyed both of their ships, killing everyone onboard.
  • 058. Crap-Geezer (クソジジイ, Kuso Jijī?) Sanji's 85 foodless days. He learns that Zeff sacrificed his right leg so they both could survive and learns that Zeff's new dream is to open an oceangoing restaurant so sea travelers would not have to grow hungry now that Zeff has lost his pirate crew.
  • 059. Obligation (義務, Gimu?) Sanji is overpowered by Pearl now that he refuses to fight back. Luffy decides he has to destroy the Baratie so Sanji would no longer be bound to it. Gin defeats Pearl, deciding he'll defeat Sanji personally.
  • 060. Propriety (ケジメ, Kejime?) While Sanji begins his fight with Gin, Luffy begins his fights with Don Krieg.
  • 061. The Demon (, Oni?) The fights continue. However due to his injures from fighting Pearl, Sanji is no longer capable of fighting Gin. However just before Gin finishes him off, he has a change of heart because of the kindness Sanji showed him.
  • 062. MH5 (MエムHエイチ5ファイブ, Emu-Eichi-Fuaibu?) Enraged by Gin's change of heart, Don Krieg unleashes his MH5 gas. While working on stealing gas masks to protect themselves with, Gin ultimately sacrifices the one he was given to save Luffy from the gas.

SBS Notes[]

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  • Sanji's age is revealed.
  • Kuro's speed is specified.
  • More details on the limits of the Bara Bara no Mi.

Usopp Gallery Pirates[]

  • Located on pages 204-209.
UGP Volume 007
Page 204.
UGP VIZ Volume 007
Page 170.

Volume Changes[]


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