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Volume 71 is titled "Colosseum of Rascals".


On the bottom is the SMILE Factory destruction team running in their disguises. From right to left: Luffy, Zoro, Franky, Sanji, and Kin'emon. In the background are portraits of the colosseum gladiators. From left to right, top to bottom: Bellamy, Cavendish, Sai, Bartolomeo, Elizabello II, Jesus Burgess (in his Mr. Store disguise), Rebecca, Boo, and Chinjao. Suleiman and Dagama are shown, but are obscured. At the top is the statue of Kyros.

On the inside cover, Bartolomeo's face is replaced with Pandaman's.

Author's Notes

Author's Notes
Volume 071 Intro Image.png When a product sells really well, they say it's a "hit".

They go "Successful hit!!" "Major hit!!" "Ground-Breaking hiiiit!!!". And recently, I've been thinking. JUST CALL IT A HOME RUN AT THIS POINT!!! Volume 71 begins now-kakiin!!


  • 701. Adventure in the Country of Love, Passion, and Toys (愛と情熱とオモチャの国の冒険 Ai to Jōnetsu to Omocha no Kuni no Bōken?): The Straw Hats arrive at Dressrosa and split into groups. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Franky, and Kin'emon go to a diner, where they meet a blind man who is exceedingly powerful.
  • 702. Corrida Colosseum (コリーダコロシアム Korīda Koroshiamu?): Zoro's sword is stolen, and he and Sanji run after the thieves. Luffy and Franky confront a Donquixote servant, who reveals Doflamingo is holding a tournament at the Corrida Colosseum, and the prize is the Mera Mera no Mi.
  • 703. Waiting Room (控室 Hikaeshitsu?): Luffy signs up for the Colosseum tournament, while Sanji meets a woman named Violet, who asks him to protect her.
  • 704. Lucy and the Statue of Kyros (ルーシーとキュロスの像 Rūshī to Kyurosu no Zō?): Luffy meets fellow gladiators Cavendish, Rebecca, and the Chinjao Family, and learns there will be four block battles. Rebecca shows him the statue of Kyros, a legendary gladiator. The Block A battle concludes very quickly, with Jesus Burgess claiming victory.
  • 705. Maynard the Pursuer (追撃のメイナード Tsuigeki no Meinādo?): Franky meets Thunder Soldier, and Maynard, a Marine, goes undercover in the Colosseum. However, he gets into a scuffle with the Barto Club and is taken out by their captain, Bartolomeo. The blind man is revealed to be the Marine Admiral Fujitora.
  • 706. I Won't Laugh at You (お前を笑わない Omae o Warawanai?): The Block B battle begins as Bartolomeo is introduced. Luffy and Bellamy talk to each other for the first time since Jaya.
  • 707. B Block (Bブロック Bī Burokku?): The Block B battle rages on, and Chinjao exposes Luffy's identity, revealing that he intends to kill Luffy.
  • 708. Colosseum of Rascals (曲者達のコロシアム Kusemono-tachi no Koroshiamu?): Chinjao attacks Luffy, but is stopped by his grandsons. The B Block battle continues, and somehow no one is able to touch Bartolomeo.
  • 709. King Punch!! (キング・パンチ!! Kingu Panchi!!?): Elizabello II finally unleashes his devastating King Punch, knocking everyone out except Bartolomeo. Bartolomeo reveals that he can create barriers with his devil fruit, and defeats Elizabello, winning B Block.
  • 710. To Green Bit (グリーンビットへ Gurīn Bitto e?): Law's group battle their way across the bridge to Green Bit. They then find the mysterious force believed to be fairies, which Robin reveals are actually dwarves.
  • 711. Adventure in the Land of Dwarves (小人の国の冒険 Kobito no Kuni no Bōken?): Robin and Usopp are captured by the dwarves, but are easily freed due to the dwarves' gullability. At the exchange site, Sanji contacts Law and reveals that Doflamingo never quit the Shichibukai, as Doflamingo and Fujitora head toward Law.

SBS Notes

Main article: SBS Volume 71

Number of fan-drawn SBS Headers featured: 5

  • It is revealed that Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji are the Straw Hats which can use Haki, with Luffy specializing in Haoshoku, Zoro specializing in Busoshoku, and Sanji specializing in Kenbunshoku.
  • Law's sword is named Kikoku, and is an unranked sword.
  • Caesar Clown's and Monet's birthdays are revealed.
  • Absa is confirmed to be Absalom.

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